Review of Vietnam Airlines flight Nha Trang Hanoi in Business

Airline Vietnam Airlines
Flight VN1556
Class Business
Seat 2G
Aircraft Airbus A321neo
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 02 May 19, 11:20
Arrival at 02 May 19, 13:15
VN   #92 out of 131 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 165 reviews
By GOLD 1022
Published on 12th August 2019

Greetings Flight Report community and thanks for stopping by this report. This is the continuation of our trip to Vietnam that became a reality after a Cathay Pacific "mistake" fare that was honored. Feel free to visit the SNA-ORD report for more background on the planning, etc.


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Vietnam Airlines Lotus Lounge - Nha Trang

After several spectacular days in Nha Trang (check out the "Tourist Bonus" if you're interested) it was time to start the trek back home. We're not taking the most direct routing as a result of the Cathay mistake fare so we have to position to HAN to pick up that ticket. This ticket was originally booked as ICN-CXR-HAN in Y but when we arrived at CXR I stopped by the VN ticket desk and asked about a cash upgrade. It was a very reasonable fee so we thought it would be fun to have a go in VN J having flown VN Y several times to date.

Security was a breeze at this small airport and we were airside quickly. The Lotus lounge is at the far end of the terminal and is clearly marked.

photo 20190502_095422photo 20190502_093453

I have to say it's a fairly spacious and well appointed lounge for domestic flights. The interior décor is a bit dated or a least in a style I cannot relate to.

There are a variety of soups on offer with appropriate garnishes.

Also hot foods and cold cuts.

Fruits, sweets, and tea.

Having eaten breakfast at the hotel we just sampled a dew snacks. The only cups I could find were coffee.

photo 20190502_094000photo 20190502_102247

Not much in the way of views. or natural light.

photo 20190502_101810

They have a cabinet for passenger. I thought that was simply economy class….

photo 20190502_102432

There is a smoking room in the lounge as well.

photo 20190502_102452


As boarding time arrived we made our way to gate 6.

photo 20190502_104711

It was only after our boarding passes were scanned and we started walking to the jetway did I realize I would have my first ride on the A321-200neo. I thought it odd that the flights between CXR-ICN-CXR, almost 5 hours in duration, are operated with the A321-200ceo and the 90 minute ride to Hanoi would be on the A321-200neo.

photo 20190502_110000photo 20190502_105301

There is a small 8 seat J cabin on this configuration with no hard bulk head separating the cabins. The J seats are rather basic. The look like a larger version of a typical Y slim line seat.

photo 20190502_110158photo 20190502_111340

The lack of bulk head provides some good legroom for the first row of economy.

photo 20190502_110317photo 20190502_110310

The J eats have a storage compartment presumably where you could stow IFE monitors if the aircraft is so equipped. 

photo 20190502_110327photo 20190502_110337

Tray table is on the other side.

photo 20190502_112631

Bare seatback, safety card, and wifi info.

Cold towels were offered as well as water or juice.

photo 20190502_110458photo 20190502_110639

The safety video was aired on fold down monitors that had excellent resolution and aspect ration. A moving map was aired during the flight.

photo 20190502_111550

My IFE of choice as we taxi to 2R.

photo 20190502_112508

Beautiful views of Cam Ranh coastline and Cam Ranh Bay on departure

The flight attendant working the cabin asked if we would enjoy a snack and of course I took her up on the offer. The other J passenger didn't partake.

Tablecloth placed.

photo 20190502_114242

A tray with open-faces sandwiches is served along with a beverage. There is no bar service on this short flight but beer is provisioned.

photo 20190502_114343photo 20190502_114349

There was a dessert on the tray that looks like Bánh Flan Dừa but I didn't taste it to confirm.

photo 20190502_114353

The sandwiches were not very appetizing so I only nibbled. The meats were OK but the bread was stale.

Small lavatory with basic amenities.

The front of the airplane has arrived in Ha Noi.

photo 20190502_114602

Curtains drawn and another round of beers before landing.

photo 20190502_124227photo 20190502_124324

Hazy day in Ha Noi.

photo 20190502_130326

We parked on a remote stand next to a 757. The symmetry is perfect as the 321neo is as close to a 757 replacement as we're going to get.

photo 20190502_130840photo 20190502_130848

I am happy to do air stairs and bus any time. The neo is gorgeous in the VN livery.

photo 20190502_131225photo 20190502_131239

Looking back from the bus.

photo 20190502_131307photo 20190502_131315

We were dropped into a deserted baggage claim area and proceeded to catch the shuttle bus tot eh International Terminal to leave our bags and explore the city a bit. Until next time.

photo 20190502_131732

Tourist bonus - nha trang dining and sights

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Vietnam Airlines

Cabin crew7.5

Vietnam Airlines Lotus Lounge


Nha Trang - CXR


Hanoi - HAN



The Ground Service: Check in took a bit of time on account of upgrading at the airport. Once we completed the ticketing and walked over to the check-in counter there were many radio call back and forth to get us actual boarding passes.

The Lounge: I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the lounge, in particular the food selection. I didn't really sample much of it but it appeared plentiful and varied.

The Cabin: A very basic configuration. I would have guessed the NEO would be doing longer routes thus be equipped with better IFE and perhaps even a larger J cabin. I would be incorrect in those assumptions.

The Crew: The flight attendant was perfectly fine. She only had two of us to look after as the other passenger slept the entire way.

The Food and Beverage: Not much positive to say here. No bar service and stale bread are not excellent features.

Overall: The upgrade was not something I would do again but I have no regrets. I got value from the experience and education on VN's domestic J offering.



  • Comment 516584 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 331 Comments

    VN is not an Asian airline that is commonly reported, but they seem to provide you with an ''passable'' product if I read through your meal. Though they should have done a better job at their seat colour for J, it looks awful.

  • Comment 516698 by
    LostLuggage 47 Comments

    Thanks for the report - good to see another one from this part of the world! VN seem to struggle with interiors and decorating in both cabins and lounges. Even their 787/350 fleet are covered in garish yellow/green inside. I'm assuming later neo deliveries will be configured differently for international routes as so far they've nearly exclusively been used on domestic routes. Glad you got experience their J product, even if it hasn't convinced me to ply for an upgrade on the same route next week!

    Best of luck with the CX trip with the current situation in Hong Kong.

  • Comment 516962 by
    airlineflyer 15 Comments

    There wasn't even a power or USB port in Business?

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