Review of Lufthansa flight Seattle Frankfurt in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH491
Class Business
Seat 84A
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 09:40
Take-off 19 Feb 17, 14:10
Arrival at 20 Feb 17, 08:50
LH   #70 out of 99 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1188 reviews
By GOLD 1676
Published on 24th November 2019

Hello, and welcome to another Flight-Report! After a bit of a pause, I've returned with another series. This one will be covering a trip to Bulgaria/Vienna, which I took in February/March 2017, while I was still living in the US. The routing of this series is as follows:


  • LH491 - Business - Seattle → Frankfurt - Boeing 747-400 You are here
  • LH1426 - Business - Frankfurt → Sofia - Airbus A320 Not available
  • FB409 - Economy - Sofia → Vienna - Airbus A319 Not available
  • OS121 - Economy - Vienna → Frankfurt - Airbus A321 Coming soon
  • LH490 - Economy - Frankfurt → Seattle - Boeing 747-400 Coming soon

I don't actually remember how many miles each sector of this trip cost, but I think it was 70K miles in Business Class to Europe and 30K in Coach coming back. An interesting thing about this series is that it's from before I became Star Gold, so there won't be any lounge reviews after the next flight. But, without further ado, let's head to SeaTac Airport, on the morning of February 19th, 2017.

I took an Uber from my apartment and found myself curbside around 30 minutes later. Lufthansa, along with all other international airlines (except Air Canada), uses the last entrance to the Terminal.

photo img_0112

Lufthansa's check-in desks are also at the very end of the terminal.

photo img_0113

Blue carpet for Business Class.

photo img_0115

The First Class line in the back, which I presume is only used for HONs, as Lufthansa doesn't fly First Class to Seattle.

photo img_0116

As is usual with SeaTac, security was quick and the agents were kind. If only all TSA agents were like the ones at SeaTac. I find my self airside around 20 minutes after I checked-in. Also, please forgive the fact that some of the pictures in this report are edited, and some are not. I just found these pics from an old stick and some were edited and some weren't.

photo img_0117-2

Delta A319.

photo img_0118-2

Most international flights from SeaTac depart from the South Satellite terminal, which is where I headed.

photo img_0119

After a short train ride, I found myself at Lufthansa's contract lounge, The Club at SEA.

photo img_0121photo img_0122

A look at afternoon departures. I like that SeaTac writes the codeshares in yellow, as it makes them less confusing.

photo img_0124

ANA 787-9.

photo img_0125-2

Delta 737-800.

photo img_0127-2

My flight's info. Scheduled 5 minutes early? Interesting.

photo img_0128

Business Class lane marker.

photo img_0129

Korean Air 777-200.

photo img_0130-2

Delta 737-800 and United A319.

photo img_0131

Hainan A330-300.

photo img_0132-2

Delta A319 taking off.

photo img_0133

Delta A330-200.

photo img_0134-2

My beautiful bird, D-ABVY, arriving from Frankfurt. This aircraft was manufactured and delivered to Lufthansa in 2000 and, until 2015, was named 'Nordrhein-Westfalen'.

photo img_0135-2

(Blurry) Tail of the queen.

photo img_0136

A peek inside the lounge. It's nice enough, though it's small and tends to get quite crowded, especially in the early afternoon.

photo img_0137photo img_0139-75302

My spotting station. The lounge has great views of the tarmac and runway.

photo img_0140

Horizon Dash 8-Q400.

photo img_0141

American A321.

photo img_0142-2

Horizon Dash 8-Q400.

photo img_0146

Delta Connection E170.

photo img_0147

Southwest 737-700.

photo img_0148

Hainan A330-300.

photo img_0149photo img_0150

Delta A330-200.

photo img_0151-2

JetBlue A320.

photo img_0152-2photo img_0154-2

Hainan taking off.

photo img_0155-2

Boarding was scheduled to begin at 1:25 PM, so around 10 minutes before that, I headed to the gate. When Lufthansa sends the 747 to Seattle, it always uses gate S15, which isn't a good gate for spotting.

photo img_0157-2

Boarding began around 5 minutes late, and I was the first on board the Jumbo.

photo img_0159

I was greeted by a friendly purser and made my upstairs. I was the first passenger upstairs, so I got to take a few pictures while the cabin was still empty.

photo img_0160-2

Facing forward.

photo img_0161-2

Row 85. The left side of this row is quite nice, as there is nobody behind you.

photo img_0162-2

Classy Business Class logo.

photo img_0165

Lufthansa logo on the rear bulkhead.

photo img_0166-2

Water as my pre-departure beverage.

photo img_0168

View from my seat.

photo img_0169

Drink tray.

photo img_0171

Good-sized screen, with a nice welcome photo of Frankfurt's Römerplatz (I think).

photo img_0172

Waiting at each seat (well, inside a compartment, to be more precise) was a Jil Sander Navy amenity kit, which was adequately stacked. Pardon my unfolded jacket and scarf on the ottoman.

photo img_0173photo img_0175

Under the literature pocket is the compartment where the amenity kit was, as well as a bottle of water.

photo img_0177photo img_0176

Seat controls.

photo img_0178

Seat numbers.

photo img_0179

Under the seat control you can find the tray table and the remote for the IFE.

photo img_0180

Fleet page in the Lufthansa Magazin.

photo img_0181

Welcome message in the airshow.

photo img_0183

Spirit A321.

photo img_0184-2

Icelandair 757-200.

photo img_0185-2photo img_0186-2

We pushed back, started our engines, and began taxiing to Runway 16L. I think that the picture below represents what most people think about Seattle weather.

photo img_0187

As we taxied parallel to the runway, Captain Oliver added his welcome aboard, and indicated a flight time of 9 hours.

photo img_0188photo img_0189

Climbing out over Federal Way.

photo img_0190

Takeoff video.

Turning Northeast.

photo img_0191photo img_0192

Emerald Downs Race Track, Auburn, WA.

photo img_0193

SeaTac Airport.

photo img_0194photo img_0196

1 of our 4 CF6 engines.

photo img_0197

Reaching the blue skies.

photo img_0198

Time to take a look at the menu.

photo img_0199photo img_0200

Looks like this menu is only used on flights from Seattle and maybe Vancouver and California.

photo img_0201


photo img_0202


photo img_0204


photo img_0206

Express Service option, though I don't imagine that many passengers go for that on West Coast - Germany flights.

photo img_0207


photo img_0208

Not for me, but I would like to visit some time.

photo img_0209

Somewhere near the US-Canada border.

photo img_0210

Oshibori before the meal service.

photo img_0211

I also grabbed some of the traditional Lufthansa wipes from the restroom.

photo img_0212

Cashews before the meal service.

photo img_0213

Orange tea for my beverage.

photo img_0214photo img_0215


photo img_0216

Solid cloud layer over British Columbia.

photo img_0217

My appetizer, served approx. 1 hour after takeoff. I chose the Chilled Ratatouille Parcel. It was quite tasty.

photo img_0220

Making our way East.

photo img_0222

The main course was served around 1 hour 25 minutes after takeoff. I went for the Mild Goat Cheese Tortelloni, which also tasted good, though it was a little burned on the edges, and the presentation left a bit to desire.

photo img_0223photo img_0226

And for dessert, the delicious Berry Crumble.

photo img_0227

After dinner, I went downstairs to take a walk. Here's the Lufthansa logo at the purser's office.

photo img_0228

The view from 2L…

photo img_0229


photo img_0230


photo img_0231

…and 5R.

photo img_0232

Forward Economy Cabin and Premium Economy.

photo img_0235

A beautiful sunset.

photo img_0236

When I came back to my seat, a box of 2 chocolates was waiting for me.

photo img_0237photo img_0238

Flying towards darkness.

photo img_0239photo img_0240


photo img_0241

I watched some of my favorite show until it was fully dark, and I went to sleep.

photo img_0242

I managed to sleep for around 5 hours, and woke up as the sun was beginning to rise and breakfast was being served.

photo img_0244photo img_0246

It consisted of Scrambled Eggs…

photo img_0247

…and fresh cold cuts.

photo img_0248

Water to start off the day.

photo img_0251

Beautiful skies as we began our descent.

photo img_0258

Cabin during descent.

photo img_0261-15175

Turning towards Frankfurt while over the town of Fulda.

photo img_0265

A nice day in Europe!

photo img_0268

Slats down.

photo img_0275

Final approach.

photo img_0281

A REWE storage facility.

photo img_0283

Almost down.

photo img_0290

Welcome to Frankfurt!

photo img_0294

Landing Video.

Lufthansa A319.

photo img_0295

Lufthansa A340-300.

photo img_0299-2


photo img_0302

This morning's Lufthansa lineup.

photo img_0314

Blurry Croatian Airbus.

photo img_0321

Pulling into our gate.

photo img_0322

One last look at my seat.

photo img_0323-38199

Thanks for the ride!

photo img_0324-2

After that it was a short walk to the Business Lounge and my connecting flight to Sofia, of which unfortunately there won't be a report of, as I couldn't find the pix from that flight. See you for the next installment, VIE - FRA, soon!

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Overall an enjoyable TATL hop with Lufthansa in Business Class.

+ Cozy upper deck cabin
+ Great entertainment system
+ Friendly Flight Attendants
+ Good food
- Overcrowded small lounge in Seattle
- Outdated Business Class seats

I wouldn't hesitate flying LH Business Class longhaul again, especially on the 747. But there are definitely better products out there.



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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5399 Comments

    It's always a special ride being on the upper deck of the Queen of the Skies! Yes, you're right, there are definitely better J products out there, but honestly I don't mind LH's configuration, as long as it's not too hard to get out of the window. But I'm weird because I don't often travel alone, so I prefer duo seats. So yeah, it's not a 5* hard product, but a nice cabin nonetheless.

    Thanks for sharing!

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