Review of Emirates flight Oslo Dubai in Economy

Airline Emirates
Flight EK160
Class Economy
Seat 47A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 06:50
Take-off 26 Jul 19, 14:30
Arrival at 26 Jul 19, 23:20
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By 2839
Published on 10th August 2019


Welcome to my first flight report. This is the first time I am flying with Emirates. I am interested to know if Emirates can compare to Qatar Airways 5 star airliner. This flight is a part of the two flights to Bangkok. On this flight, I am flying on Emirates B777-300 and on the flight from Dubai to Bangkok I am flying Upper Deck Economy on Emirates A380. (Review of the flight coming soon) Testing both the 777 and A380 is the ultimate way to see and test Emirates fleet. 


  • A380 Emirates Upper deck Economy DXB-BKK Coming soon

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Last time I travelled I was placed randomly in the plane since I didn,t opt for online check-in. This time I used the Emirates website and opt for Online Check-In. Here I chose the duo seats at the back of the plane. These seats are known as better seats than the normal 3-4-3 seats. The best of all is that I can choose every seat in Economy for free 48 hours before departure. I chose seat number 47A since it is a Windows seat and my family could be seated in two rows. The only drawback could be the lack of cabin crew service since we are at the end of the plane. I hope that this isn't the case on this particular flight.

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Gardermoen Airport is the main national airport in Norway and has the airport code "OSL" On this particular flight I am travelling through the old concourse. The airport is divided into three concourses. Domestic, International and International "Non-schengen" The Domestic and international terminal is the most modern being quite modern, whilst International "Non-Schengen" is the old International concourse.

 Since I have checked-in online through Emirates websites, I did only need to send the luggage before proceeding to security. To my surprise, there was no queue since we used the online check-in counter. In comparison, the economy queue for non-online .check-in passengers was long with about a 20 min wait time. Glad I'm am checking-in online today. Afterwards, I proceeded for the security check. Today I passed through the Fast track since there were so many passengers in the normal security check. Since I was lucky to go through the Fast Trak I was through in 5 minutes. That's quite fast in high season. (I'm sorry for no picture since I forgot it. This was my first time making a Flight Report)

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After proceeding security. I walked thru the dutyfree store to some of the cafes. Since I did,t have a business class ticket or special loyalty cards I could not use the OSL LOUNGE. After reading some TripAdvisor reviews about the lounge, It was not a big letdown. I settled in a restaurant and ordered some salted peanuts and a cup of fresh orange juice. Overall it was quite expensive to pay 87 Kr for some snacks when paid lounge access is 250 Kr at OSL LOUNGE. If you are going to eat and relax and would like a more chill experience I would have opted for the OSL LOUNGE.

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Boarding began 45 minutes before departure. But the passengers were only placed in a high-security area without a toilet. I chose to go through the security area 15 minutes before departure time. The queue was so long that we needed to wait for the business class passengers to board the plane so that more space could be made for other economy class passengers in the high-security waiting lounge. After getting inside I boarded the plane in the last group. Making it difficult to take pictures.


photo 20190726_115128816_ios-20356photo 20190726_122611255_ios-97491photo 20190726_123518996_ios-96593

While wainting to board the aircraft I met Hainan Airways HU770 A330-200 bound to Beijing (PEK) taxing to the runway

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First impression

On today's flight, I flew with Emirates 777-300 ER. A 4-year-old bird, that still keeps up with today's standards. I am on today's flight flying with A6-ENT, which was flying the inaugural flight from Oslo to Dubai. What's the odds of flying the same plane as the inaugural, with all of emirates planes in the Emirates fleet. The cabin felt fresh and new, but I would have liked to see a more modern IFE display. Luckily I managed to have a 2 person seat that has more storage and legroom than the 3-4-3 seats. If you are booking an Emirates flight chose the 2 person seats at the back of the plane when checking in online. 

photo 20190726_123836956_ios-40941

Emirates standard economy configuration 3-4-3

photo 20190726_124249518_ios

Todays Seat. I was lucky to switch to the window seat. (I.m sorry that I forgot to take a picture of the seat itself) A modern IFE display with ICE entertainment was installed on this fight. A nice bonus with a remote with an IFE screen. Nice for viewing the map while watching a movie on the larger screen.

photo 20190726_125005584_ios

Menus where distributed after boarding was completed. Look like a nice selection of food on today's flight. Kudos to Emirates for distributing paper menus in economy.

photo 20190726_131531908_ios

Bye Bye Oslo. Look at the windows. B773 is not a small plane by any means


photo 20190726_133607187_ios

Going up in the air with the roar of the GE90. A quieter engine would have been better. Luckily I got WF1000X with me. (B777=Noise Canceling Headset is a nescesaty) 

photo 20190726_165523699_ios

Sunset somewhere over Turkey


photo 20190726_150015627_ios

For Lunch, I chose Tuscan Chicken. It tastes better than it looks. The Lunch was amazing 8/10 but I would have like,d to see some fresh hot bread instead of plastic-wrapped bread. My favourite was the Strawberry & Redcurrant Crumble. 

photo 20190726_164050365_ios

Mid-flight I pressed the crew call button since I was a bit dehydrated. I ordered a cup of orange juice and a pack of savoury biscuits. I got what I ordered with a cabin attendant with no smile just a nasty order "Turn of the light" This isn´t the emirates experience I have dreamed about. I hope this was a one time experience. The juice and pretzels tasted good and were a nice mid-flight snack.  

photo 20190726_175328647_ios

In-flight over Baghdad, I was served a chicken sandwich and a cup of water as a before landing snack. The sandwich tasted okay (average at best)  


But a trip to the lavatory I got a suprise. (Click the bonus button to read my experience

Bonus : Click here display

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We landed 23:20 Local Time in Dubai which is on schedule. The pilot landed on runway 30L whit a "smooth as silk landing". Ending my experience on Emirates 777. Ready to connect to my flight bound for Bangkok 3:40 am. On my flight to Bangkok, I am flying the superjumbo A380 on the upper deck. Stay tuned for more reviews. I am sorry if the flight report missed some pictures. Thank you for reading. Please leave a like or write a question. 

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photo img_1063

EK 160 Playback. Tracing source Flightradar 24. Courtesy of

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Cabin crew2.0

Oslo - OSL


Dubai - DXB



Ground Experience - Fast and nice airport, but quite expensive
Boarding - Chaotic and un-systematic. At the end of the boarding, the Emirates service manager took control of the boarding process
Plane - Nice and clean but the standard configuration looks quite narrow
Crew - Without the lady that gave me icecream, the crew was unattentive and had no smile. Not the service that I had expected for an airline like Emirates
IFE - Nice selection of movies and music with nosewheel camera.
Meal - Nice and tasty
Deboarding - Fast and easy with a wide aisle.

My total conclusion:
A good flight with lacking crew service. Nice two-person seats at the back with lots of personal storage which made a comfortable journey. Overall I prefer Qatar Airways over Emirates. Qatar does not collect headsets and blankets before landing, better crew and modern plane like B787 Dreamliner



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