Review of Condor Flugdienst flight Palma De Mallorca Düsseldorf in Economy

Airline Condor Flugdienst
Flight DE1515
Class Economy
Seat 35A
Aircraft Boeing 757-300
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 15 May 19, 09:15
Arrival at 15 May 19, 11:35
DE 25 reviews
By GOLD 1214
Published on 11th January 2020

Hello and welcome on board this second report regarding my av-geek travel to try the Boeing 757. As always this is the translation of a french publication a good way to improve my English skills.


I've got a job with different shifts and I also use to work on bank holidays or week-end. That's allows me to get some days offs during the week. A nice opportunity for cheep traveling and trying to catch some new airplane into my logbook. I've never had the chance to fly on board the Boeing 757 and they unfortunately starts to leave the European sky slowly.

Few airlines still use the 757 on European network mainly for holidays destinations with airlines like TUI, Jet2 or Condor and that's on this airlines that i will fine a good opportunity to catch a B757-300 as Condor fly a lot of routes every day from Germany to Palma de Mallorca with these birds and for a very cheap price in my case only 20€ !
But I need to go to Mallorca and 3 airlines share the line from Toulouse. Easyjet, Vueling and the smallest one Volotea. I will choose the last one because the schedule and the price where the better just 20€ for this morning flight.


Once again it's quiet easy to introduce you new airlines products on the English part of the website. This report is a new line for database and the Condor Boeing 757-300 as been reported a single time flight-report on a Thomas cook flight.
A bit of context we will speak about one of the busiest line (1,3 million passenger/year) in Europe by served 6 airlines flying 150 flights/week during the summer period.

Connection at Palma Airport

Arriving from my Volotea flight from Toulouse with a 2 hours connection. Not really a problem to be on short connection because the arrival and departure are on the same corridors at PMI you didn't need to pass threw security checks or identity controls if you stay inside Schengen area.

photo p1

There is large showcases inside the corridors showing a large collection of aircraft models, mainly from old/disappeared airlines

photo p2

Mallorca airport in on the top 20 of European busiest airport just behind Zurich Kloten, without surprise there is plenty of shops and services for leisure passengers

photo p3

The FIDS is of course well supplied, with many flights to Germany. A necessity for carrying the 3 million of Germans coming to grill on Balearic beaches.

photo p4

My flight is already displayed on the gate C62

photo p5

Our aircraft is ready for duty and docked to our gate, he came from Dusseldorf this morning and without surprise it's a Boeing 757-300

photo p7photo p8

Other side of our plane of the day, who still wear the old livery of Condor. Our aircraft was 20 old years flying with all different versions of Condor/Thomas Cook with a short period with the British counterpart of the leisure airlines.

photo p9

Passengers starts to reach the gate, but there is still plenty of time before boarding. So I get threw the end of the building where I can enjoy a pretty nice view on the runway and aircraft. Here you can see an Airbus A319 of Brussels Airlines.

photo p6photo p20

Few aircraft arriving like this Airbus A320 from Eurowings Europe (based in Palma) this one comes from Munich.

photo p10

For this Airbus A320 of Vueling a return flight is scheduled to Paris CDG.

photo p11

But Germans are place master's, with TUI and is flashy Boeing 737-800 wearing "Magic Life" livery coming from Basel.

photo p12

Another special livery with this partnership with Hertz car rentals who will do one of the flight to DUS.

photo p13

With partnership TUI is doing pretty well. This Boeing 737-800 start is journey to Stuttgart.

photo p19

Another TUI with the classical livery arrives from Frankfurt

photo p15

If you have read the previous report, you should recognize him. This is the A319 who brought me here. He's getting back to Toulouse.

photo p14

Unfortunately there no just colorful livery at PMI, You can see much more discreet aircraft like this Airbus A320 of Gowair (Spanish charter airline) flying for TUI Netherland during the 737MAX crisis.

photo p18

Time is flying, I must go back to my gate

photo p17

Just few meters backtracking into corridors.

photo p16-17844

And now our aircraft is now ready for boarding ! It was impressive to see how many newspaper were offloaded from the cargo hold, mostly for the 30.000 German resident of the Island.

photo p22photo p21

Boarding pass was send in Pdf file but it can be used as an e-ticket

photo p81

View from the jetbridge, as you can see our left trust reverser as been swapped with another aircraft.

photo p23

Need to wait a bit before climbing into the aircraft

photo p24

On board condor 757-300

Fuselage shoot on one of the longest single aisle aircraft in the world

photo p25

I was welcomed on board by an entirely feminine crew very friendly and smiley (far from their Lufthansa colleagues). I was surprise by the high load factor on this morning flight and I've got difficulty to find and empty row to take this picture.

photo p26

View from the rear of my seat, Condor use the UK made Acro XC, he is pretty slim but is still equipped with an unusual music channel panel (didn't tried it sorry). 

photo p33

Pitch is pretty good for a leisure airline, but it's necessary regarding German's height.

photo p28

Overhead panel, is looking like an  old 737NG (before sky interior).

photo p42

View from my window seat.

photo p27

And from that point I got a nice view on control tower and traffic moving around

photo p30photo p31

Boarding isn't yet finished, boarding up to 261 passenger by on door and one aisle takes a bit of time.

photo p32

Safety procedure are broadcast on the screen located on the middle of the aisle in German and English.

photo p34

Passengers are now ready for takeoff, captain made is announcement she told us that she expect some turbulence during the first quarter of the flight. At Condor women's have the controls from cockpit to the tail!

photo p35

We're pushing back just after this announcement and shortly taxiing to runway 24R used for departures this morning.

photo p36photo p37

On the way we saw this Lauda Air A320, the new Ryanair group airline will follow us to Dusseldorf.

photo p38

On a remote parking this sistership wearing new colors will soon get back to Frankfurt.

photo p39

For the second time of this report we saw this flashy B737 of TUI departing to Basel.

photo p41

We stop few seconds at the holding point before getting on the runway.

photo p43photo p44

We're performing a rolling take-off and trust me the 2 Rolls RB-211 are really powerful. The Boeing 757 is well appreciate by pilots for this good weight/thrust ratio.

photo p45photo p46photo p47

We are rocketing above the small strip of land which separates the airport and Can Pastilla beach.

photo p48photo p49photo p50

In the middle of Palma bay we slightly start a 180° turn in order to face the north

photo p51photo p52photo p53

This turn allow me to show you the Palma de Mallorca harbor & city

photo p54

On the edge of the winglet, this is PMI where we took off few minutes before.

photo p55

On the other side of the city you can have a look on the seafront of Magaluf a famous place of nightlife.

photo p56

Now heading to North ready to reach our cruising altitude.

photo p57

still got a nice view on Palma de Mallorca, on the right side you can see the airport.

photo p58

We are now crossing the biggest Balearic island from South to North.

photo p59photo p60photo p61

We let the Cala Mendia beaches and the German tourists under our wings ready to cross a small part of the Mediterranean sea. 

photo p63photo p62photo p64

After few minutes of flight we flying over Menorca a smaller and less touristic island.

photo p65photo p66

It's quite inside the cabin and the loadfactor is really good for an off-season flight, i would say close to 90%. I was initially booked on the evening flight, but my morning flight from Toulouse was on time so I choose to buy another ticket for this flight for 19€ 2 hour and a half before the flight.

photo p67

As announced by our flight crew it's start to be cloudy when we are approaching the french coast.

photo p68

That let me some times to introduce you the content of the pocket in front of me 4 elements, the safety card, the Bob + Boutique books and the company magazine "Holidays".

photo p69

Detail of the corporates pages, for the fleet presentation & european network for all the 3 subsidiary's of Thomas Cook.

photo p70photo p71

Outside not many things to see at the moment.

photo p72

Hopefully flightradar24 got our track on the map.

photo p144

Luckily the cloud cover started to disappear as we are approaching the French Alps.

photo p74photo p75

We flew over the Serre-Ponçon artificial lake, it's the border between two french districts the "Haute-alpes" and "Alpes de Hautes Provence".

photo p76

And we start our Alpes crossing and the landscapes are just breathtaking

photo p77photo p78photo p80

The Maurienne valley 

photo p83

I can easily recognise the city of Grenoble few miles away, the city where I come from ! Always strange to see it from the air.

photo p84

For the third time we can see the eye catching Boeing 737-800 TUI Magic Life starting is descent to Basel. Sorry for the blurred picture due to heatwave comming from our engines.

photo p85

We are following our route to the North, now flying over the Tarentaise valley, in the middle of the picture the olympic city of Albertville

photo p86photo p87

After few minutes of flight we 're arriving to Switzerland border and Léman lake.

photo p88

Geneva and the single runway of Cointrin airport

photo p89photo p90

Detail picture from our winglet

photo p91

Of course Condor is a leisure airlines, it's not a surprise to find a buy on board service. The price are quite low (1€ cheaper than U2 or FR for the same products). So I bought a combo thea +  choco muffin there are big & tasty. It's possible to pre-order hot meals at the booking but also to buy some on board.

photo p99photo p73

The mountains high start to be smaller as we are approaching the Jura.

photo p92

Inside the cabin everybody is quiet, Collective IFE show humorist programs and some Condor advertises

photo p79

Besançon city on the far east of France

photo p93

Nancy Ochey air base one of the biggest in France, home of 3 strike squadron 1/3 Navarre, 2/3 Champagne and 3/3 Ardennes all flying on the Mirage 2000D.

photo p94

Moselle river somewhere between Nancy and Metz.

photo p95photo p96

We just need few minutes for crossing the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, from side to side.

photo p97

We are now arriving in Germany, with another artificial lake in the Eifel national park

photo p101photo p100

As announced by our crew we are starting our descent, seat belt sign is now on.

photo p102

The flat terrain of Rhin plain start to grow up on the window near Düren

photo p103

Airbrakes to slowdown our aircraft

photo p105

When you come from France it's always a surprise to see a lot of wind turbines.

photo p104

But this huge hole reminds us that Germany is from far the biggest European coal user… The open air mine of Hambach has some of the saddest records like to be the worlwilde deeper (-253m) the and also the biggest source of CO² in Europe.

photo p106photo p107

Few turns in order to intercept the approach path to DUS airport, on your right the Borussia Mönchengladbach stadium.

photo p109

And the eponymous city.

photo p110

The small airport of Mönchengladbach doesn't look to get a lot of regular flight.

photo p111

On final, flaps fully extended.

photo p112

Crossing the Rhine river with a lot of barge on it just. Just seconds before touch down

photo p113photo p114photo p115

landing @DUS

The weather was quite good but the landing was bumpy.

photo p116

Airbrakes & reverses in order to slow our airliner.

photo p117

And we vacate the runways few seconds later without stopping before crossing the second one.

photo p118photo p119

We taxi to the south part of the airport, looking at some Dusseldorf parked aircraft like this Condor A321

photo p120

But the main airline here is Eurowings the low-cost subsidiary of LH group with of a lot of single aisle aircraft.

photo p121

But also few Airbus widebody like these A330/340

photo p122photo p123

A northern visitor comming, an A320 for Helsinki.

photo p124

We finally get stopped on a remote position, airbridge & bus where quickly available for emptying or B757.

photo p125

It's time for me to leave this comfortable cabin.

photo p126photo p127

I leave the plane by the left rear door after greeting the crew responsible for my row. What a long bird !

photo p128

Detail on the door, I know there is some addict on the site.

photo p129

Last view on our Renton sausage.

photo p130photo p131photo p132

I was on the last bus, with just few passengers time for a short trip on sunny DUS tarmac

photo p133

Hard to catch all the length of our airplane

photo p134

On the overside a squadron of Lauda's A320.

photo p135

We soon reach our destination, the arrival of the bus are directly on the baggage claim area.

photo p136

After few meters I'm ground side at the arrival level.

photo p137

But a wouldn't leave the airport without have a look at the wonderful terrace located on top of departure level

photo p138

Few automatic stairs, 2,20 € and enjoy a perfect airplane view (look at the bonus !

photo p139

After few hour of sunny spotting session it's time to reach the city to go to my hotel. For this you just need to go the Sbahn station located inside the airport.

photo p140

The train frequency isn't very high but the train are comfortable and ticket price are cheap…

photo p141-17267

BonUS DUS terrace spotting

As I told you I spend 2 hours looking the airplane at the terrace, surrounded by air spotters and few family's.

photo bonus1

A 350-900 Singapore Airlines destination Singapore.

photo bonus2

Condor A321 destination Tenerife Sur

photo bonus4

TUI fly Boeing 737-800 destination Hurghada

photo bonus5

Pegasus Boeing 737-800 Ada.E livery comming from Istambul Sabiha Gokcen (SAW)

photo bonus3

At the same time the Beech King Air used for runway instruments calibration do few low passes.

photo bonus7photo bonus8

Hop! ERJ 170 ready for departure to Nantes.

photo bonus6

Tunisair B737-500 retro livery landing from Monastir

photo bonus9

Ukraine Intl Airlines Boeing 737-800 destination Kiev.

photo p142

Eurowings A340-300 destination Miami

photo bonus10

It's time to get back to work for my Boeing 757-300 destination Gran Canaria

photo bonus14photo p143

TO close this spotting session a nice catch with this Icelandair B757-200 80 years special livery comming from Keflavik.

photo bonus11photo bonus12photo bonus13

Time to say goodbye to DUS

photo bonus15

See you soon and have safe, smooth and nice flights !

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Condor Flugdienst

Cabin crew9.0

Palma De Mallorca - PMI


Düsseldorf - DUS



Initially booked in order to discover the Boeing 757, I'vent got too much expectation regarding the on-board service from Condor. And I was really surprised by the nice service provided on this flight. Of course that was a kind of low-fare service but pretty well performed.

Condor :
Comfort: Cabin as been retrofitted few year's ago and it's still on trend for comfort & design.
Crews : Almost just women's on this flight from cockpit to cabin. Very friendly crew especially the asian girl who's responsible for my part of this long cabin.
Catering : Buy on board service but a large variety of product for small price included hot meal that can be both buy at the trolley or ordered on line.
Entertainment: Window seat with a breathtaking view all the flight + a shared IFE with moving map + some company brochures most of the time you have less on majors flights.

Information on the route Palma De Mallorca (PMI) Düsseldorf (DUS)


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