Review of Ryanair flight Toulouse London in Economy

Airline Ryanair
Flight FR296
Class Economy
Seat 26F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 09 Jul 19, 10:40
Arrival at 09 Jul 19, 11:40
FR   #21 out of 22 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 265 reviews
By GOLD 301
Published on 22nd August 2019

Welcome on this Flight Report, today  I am going to bring you with me to London.

I already visited the city of London, that's why the objective is not clearly fixed and I do not plan anything to do. I would like to visit the things I did not visit the last times, shop, and practice my English.

I will stay in London during 48 hours, so it will be a short stay. I chose to fly to London Stansted on a Ryanair flight, the routing is the following:


  • FR296 - Economy - Toulouse → London - Boeing 737-800 You are here
  • FR281 - Economy - London → Toulouse - Boeing 737-800 Coming soon

Flight plan and some information find on flightradar24 after the flight.

photo plan-de-volphoto parametres-de-vol

Flight video

I prepared a video going with this Flight Report with the main moments of the flight. The video is written in French but you can activate the enclosed captions.

If you do not have the time to watch the video, you can add this video to your playlist watch later.

Booking of flights & transfers

I consult the fares 2 months before departure thanks to an alert from Holiday Pirates for a round-trip in May for 12€ and I found that:

photo screenshot_2019-05-09-ryanair1

Oh my good! Ryanair offers 2 daily flights and the round-trip costs less than 30€ at the beginning of the summer holidays.

I can not resist to this interesting offer, I choose the following itinerary with the inbound flight in the morning which allows me to go to the airport by public transport and enjoy the afternoon in London. And the outbound flights allows me to leave the city around midday.

photo screenshot_2019-05-09-ryanair2

Ryanair offers different luggage allowances, I chose the standard one because the size of my hand luggage fits into the allowed size.

photo screenshot_2019-05-09-ryanair3

After that, Ryanair also offers the Fast Track at Stansted but the last time it was smooth.

photo screenshot_2019-05-09-ryanair4

Then, I need to book the transfers to the city and to my mind the best solution is the bus. I always book my tickets on when I go to Stansted.

I tested some bus companies and I prefer National Express because the seats are comfortable, there is an entertainment system and the fare of £1.99 is cheap.

photo screenshot_2019-05-09-book-your-trip-with-easybus2

This is my selection for the round-trip, if I book directly, I will pay £8. And on easybus I only paid £3.98.

photo screenshot_2019-05-09-book-your-trip-with-easybus-2

Toulouse-Blagnac airport

I arrive at Toulouse-Blagnac by tramway at 8:53 for a departure at 10:40, I am on the time. I shot the usual picture of the pediment of this airport but I note something different.

photo tls-stn-2019-005

Zoom in!

photo 20190711_193950

Indeed, the signature of Dominique Baudis, who was a mayor of Toulouse, was fixed on the pediment the day before.

Then, I do directly to the D hall from the outside in order to avoid the crowd.

photo tls-stn-2019-006

First take-off on this day

photo tls-stn-2019-007

Landing at the D hall, it is here where Air France and some other Star Alliance airways (TAP Air Portugal & Iberia) do the check-in for their passengers. There is a lot of people here because it is the begining of the summer holidays.

photo tls-stn-2019-008

I do not have any check luggage to drop-off, and I did my check-in online. That's why I go to the boarding zone at end of this hall.

photo tls-stn-2019-009

Some instructions are displayed before the security control, I find a plastic bag for carrying the liquids here.

When I arrived in front of the security control, we were dispatched between the different lines by an agent dressed with a neon blue jacket from Gucci which seems be the uniform in this airport.

photo tls-stn-2019-010

I discover the Flight Information Display System (FIDS) after passing through the security control which was not too long. My flight going to London depart at 10:40 just after the both flights to Fez operated by Ryanair and Air Arabia Maroc, actually, I tested the both.

My flight will be controled too even if it is not an international flight.

photo tls-stn-2019-011

Now, we need to pass through the Duty Free. It might disturb some passengers but it is not a problem for me. The store is well decorated and the aisle is large.

photo tls-stn-2019-012photo tls-stn-2019-013

After passing through the Duty Free, I arrive in this new part of the airport. This part was arranged with some seats, a piano and some new stores such as Victoria's Secret, Prêt à manger opened recently.

photo tls-stn-2019-016


Before going to the boarding gate 57, I stay in the Schengen zone in order to spot some planes here.

photo tls-stn-2019-018

Let start with this Airbus A319 operated by Germania before the bankruptcy, and now this aircraft is operated by Hi Fly Malta and operate a direct flight between Toulouse and Hamburg (XFW). However the registration 9H-LOL is not serious!

photo spotting-tls-001

Lufthansa caming from Francfort or Munich on an Airbus A320.

photo spotting-tls-003photo spotting-tls-004

Air France is landing from Paris, at the background there is an aircraft for Cathay (Dragon or Pacific) at the delivery center.

photo spotting-tls-005

Profusion of Airbus aircrafts near to the production sites.

photo spotting-tls-006

It is here where Toulouse-Blagnac airport put his toys.

photo spotting-tls-002

La Croix du Sud lounge

Will I go to the lounge today? No, it will be for the return, sorry!

photo tls-stn-2019-019

Actually not this time

I decide to go to the international zone because the clock is ticking, and I would like to see the Air Transat Airbus A330 caming from Montréal.

During the waiting for the passport control, an agent is looking for delayed passengers, it is not my case. I will pass this control in 5 minutes exactly as expected. After the control, there is a little Duty Free store selling mainly tobacco and alcohol.

The flight going to Fez is boarding at gate 59 like the last time I took this flight.

photo tls-stn-2019-024

I arrived at the boarding gate 57, our boarding gate. At this time, nothing is hapening here, it too early.

photo tls-stn-2019-025

Oh, there are some works at the airport.

photo tls-stn-2019-023

Germania Hi Fly Malta, Lufthansa, Air France

photo tls-stn-2019-027

We are in front of Airbus production sites, we can catch sight of the first Airbus A350s for British Airways and Virgin Atlantic and some others aircrafts for the Asian market.

photo tls-stn-2019-028

For the curious, there is a frontier door at the end of the international zone.

photo tls-stn-2019-026

Airbus A320 registered as CN-NMI of Air Arabia Maroc caming from Fez, Morocco.

This aircraft get a special story because it was severely damaged at Amsterdam after a bird strike in december 2018. The pilots did an emergency landing at Amsterdam.

photo tls-stn-2019-029photo tls-stn-2019-033

I need to go to the toilets and it was not possible at this floor, I go downstairs (near to the gates 60 and 61). The toilets were clean.

photo tls-stn-2019-036

Then, I discover this oasis of calm. While there is a lot of people upstairs, here there is nobody. That's why I stay here before the boarding starts.

photo tls-stn-2019-037

This aera is located at the tarmac level and offers a good view on ground operations. Especially, on this Boeing 737-800 Next Generation which have just ended his fueling.

photo tls-stn-2019-041

And on the other side there is the Aviapartner logistics.

photo spotting-tls-008


Our boarding is announced, I am going to the boarding gate 57 which is located on the upper floor.

photo tls-stn-2019-042

Priority passengers are invited to board first.

photo tls-stn-2019-043

I pre-board with the last passengers, we will arrive at London at the same time.

photo tls-stn-2019-045

Meanwhile, the weather changed and our aircraft arrived at the gate. Yes, Ryanair prepare its boardings before the arrival of the aircraft in order to not lost any time.

photo tls-stn-2019-046

In a few minutes, all the passengers leave the aircraft and the queue moves forward. Now, I have a better view on our aircraft and an Airbus A321 landing from London Heathrow.

Today, our aircraft is a Boeing 737-800 Next Generation registered as EI-ENW which is 8 and half years old. It means that the cabin is the old one.

photo tls-stn-2019-047

On the left, there is our aircraft going to London and on the right there is the one going to Fez.

photo tls-stn-2019-048

The queue moves slowly but at this time, the passengers can not go on the tarmac.

photo tls-stn-2019-049

Because the last passengers caming from London are still on the tarmac.

photo tls-stn-2019-050

The aircraft going to Fez wear a special livery.

"Katowice So many reasons to fly"

photo tls-stn-2019-051

An Airbus 321 from British Airways arrives from London Heathrow. It is registered as G-NEOU, and it is a new aircraft because it was delivered in May, 2019 but it was manufactured at Hamburg, not Toulouse.

photo tls-stn-2019-052

The first passengers are boarding, and fortunately the rain has stopped.

photo tls-stn-2019-053

Air Arabia Maroc is pushing back while I wait my turn.

photo tls-stn-2019-054

The enchanted harp

photo tls-stn-2019-055

It might be difficult to work in theses conditions. One time there is a heatwave, on the other time it is raining.

photo tls-stn-2019-056

Fuselage shot

photo tls-stn-2019-057

Back door

photo tls-stn-2019-058

The first contact with the cabin crew was not as expected, they do not answer to my greeting. I do to my seat directly.

photo tls-stn-2019-059-99647

The legroom is limited and the seat is not comfortable as expected even if it is an old cabin that I usually prefer.

photo tls-stn-2019-060

Boarding almost ended

photo tls-stn-2019-062

Yeah, look at back!

photo tls-stn-2019-063photo tls-stn-2019-064-2

It is the Airbus A330 of Air Transat I wanted to see today!

photo tls-stn-2019-066

Beluga XL

photo tls-stn-2019-065

The boarding is now completed, we are going to taxi.

photo tls-stn-2019-067

The flight

F-OITN instant confirms that the cabin is old.

photo tls-stn-2019-068

We are pushed back at 10:49, a little bit delayed.

photo repoussage-1

The rain falls again during taxiing.

photo roulage-1


photo roulage-2

We rush forward on the runway at 11:02.

photo decollage-1

Thanks to the flowing air, the water get out.

photo decollage-2

We take-off in front of the internation boarding gates.

photo decollage-3

Economical parkings P5 and P6

photo decollage-4

We are flying over an Airbus parking area where are parked 2 A380, and a lot of A330, A330neo and A350.

photo decollage-5

The building with the wavy roof is the Final Assembly Line (FAL) of the A380. You should visit it if you are in Toulouse.

photo tls-stn-2019-069

Bye bye Toulouse 👋

photo tls-stn-2019-070

Between 2 cloudy layers

photo tls-stn-2019-071

The meal I bring on-board

photo tls-stn-2019-072-57753


photo tls-stn-2019-073

The flight continues and we are now flying over Angers.

photo tls-stn-2019-078

We are not alone in the sky, there are 3 others trails. I ask myself where these planes are going.

photo tls-stn-2019-075

We are flying over the French costs, at the back you can see Ouistreham.

photo tls-stn-2019-087photo tls-stn-2019-092

The sky become cloudy again, it is a good sign for the destination.

photo tls-stn-2019-107

An announce is made in English by the crew for selling scratch cards. And the announce is translated to French (voice record), but it was the wrong record because the announce says that we just take-off and we should read the Buy on Board (Bob) and relax. It was funny  because the crew do not understand the mistake.

We are now approaching London Stansted airport which located between London and Cambridge, in the countryside.

photo tls-stn-2019-108

We land at 11:38 at London Stansted airport.

photo tls-stn-2019-109

London Stansted airport is a primary operational base of Ryanair and also a maintenance base as you can see the maintenance shed on the picture.

photo tls-stn-2019-110

The freight activity at Stansted is intensive due to the simplicity instead of the others airports near to London.

photo tls-stn-2019-111

A splendid Boeing 747-8F operated by Atlas Air for Panalpina (livery), registered as N850GT, is waiting.

Dealing with jumbo jets, did you know that London Stansted airport welcomes the Airbus A380 operated by Hi Fly Malta for 2 charters flights to Buka for the Champions League?

photo tls-stn-2019-113

Little control tower

photo tls-stn-2019-112

Second to last turn

photo tls-stn-2019-114

Last turn

photo tls-stn-2019-115

Our aircraft is parked at area 61 left (61L).

photo tls-stn-2019-116

Fuselage shot

photo tls-stn-2019-080

London Stansted airport

I shoot a picture before the entrance inside of the terminal.

photo tls-stn-2019-082-62275

At Stansted, ground operations for Ryanair are managed by Ryanair Blue Handling in order to reduce the costs.

photo tls-stn-2019-081

The inconvenient at London Stansted airport is that you need to walk a lot because of the rectangular structure.

After few minutes of walking which can summarize by going up and down and up and down… I pass through the UK border.

There is an automatic passport control on the left if you get a European Union (EU) passport.

photo tls-stn-2019-090

Then I arrive at the lugage livery area, the only thing I note here is that the belts speak english before they starts in order to warn the passengers.

photo tls-stn-2019-093

There also some ATM and others vending machines for the train and the buses.

photo tls-stn-2019-095

I need to withdraw some pounds for my stay in London, the rate is so bad. I refuse the rate, and the good news is that there are no fees if you refuse it.

photo tls-stn-2019-096

There are also some water fountains here and it works.

photo tls-stn-2019-097

I pass through the customs, the only thing you need to be aware with is that the doors can close sudenly and unexpectedely. I do not understand this concept, the last time I went at this airport a door closed in front of me.

I join the main hall of the airport, and now I need to go to the bus station. I leave the terminal by the exit on the left.

photo tls-stn-2019-098

I need to go down like if you want to take the train.

photo tls-stn-2019-099

Do not forget to turn on the right, the bus station is not well indicated.

photo tls-stn-2019-100

Going to the City!

At the bus station I locate the bays were the buses operated by National Express are. The buses going to London Victoria depart at bay number 26 as expected.

I booked a ticket for the bus leaving at 12:45, I ask to take a bus before and it was granted. I leave the airport at 12:15 instead of 12:45, the ride takes 1 hour and 50 minutes (about 1 hour to the city and 1 hour inside of the city).

photo tls-stn-2019-101

The bus is comfortable and half full, there is an entertainment system on-board functioning with an application. Last year, I watched a moovie (Deadpool) during the ride but I forgot my cell phone charger at home.

Finaly, I was so tired and I decide to leave the bus at Waterloo instead of Victoria, I will arrive earlier at my acommodation.

photo tls-stn-2019-117

I hope you enjoyed this Flight Report, you can put a like if you want. You can also leave a comment in the section below.

Se you soon for the return flight! 😊

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Cabin crew5.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Toulouse - TLS


London - STN



Toulouse-Blagnac proves with the fluidity on this big departure day that it is able to welcome a lot of passengers without any problems. There were not so much waiting before the both controls (security & passport). The access is good and cheap thanks to the tramway. The services are goods too and the airport was clean.

On-board, the old cabin, which I usually prefer, does not convince me on this day. I feel that it was less comfortable than usually and the legroom was bad. The cabin crew was mediocre, they did their job but they were not well-communicative. The only entertainment on-board was the magazine, which is good-looking, and the window.

I appreciate London Stansted airport, except the fact that the airport is well-visited. It was smooth, clean and the access is good thanks to the different ways for going to the city. And the fare of £1.99 is exceptionally cheap.

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