Review of Lufthansa flight Munich Tbilisi in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH2556
Class Business
Seat 2F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:50
Take-off 07 Jun 19, 22:15
Arrival at 08 Jun 19, 04:05
LH   #72 out of 99 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1188 reviews
Published on 7th August 2019

Hello, bonjour and gamarjoba everyone! This is the second flight of my summer trip 2019 to Georgia (the country)!  

Planning and Booking

For my summer trip 2019, I wanted to travel to a special place, a country that only few people know about and as I knew that WizzAir is offering cheap flights to Kutaisi, Georgia, I checked the price. The flights departing from Vienna were the most cheap ones, but when my companion received the confirmation of the holiday dates, the prices increased and travelling to Vienna by train and flight together were too expensive for us. Because of that, I checked other possibilities to travel to Georgia: Those were LOT, Baltic, Belavia, Lufthansa, Ukrainian and other. However, the schedueles were quite bad or my companion did not want to fly them (safety reasons). So I strated the search flights from other airports around my home town (MUC, PRG, NUE, SZG, LNZ)

But then, during December 2018, I found out that Lufthansa offers a Business Class ticket from NUE to Tbilisi via Munich for the same price as a direct economy class ticket from Munich. First, I was a bit afraid of the 75 min connecting time, but we booked the flight and I hoped that everything would work well. I also have to say, that it doesn't really make sense to drive to NUE (even if MUC is a bit closer) and fly 30 minutes to MUC, but I always wanted to try the CRJ and of course it is cheaper (= Business Class flight for free).

Regrettably, one week later, I saw that the flight back from TBS to MUC was cannceled. In that case you have 14 days to rebook or the new routing (one day later) will be automatically accepted. Normally, you get an email, but (I think) I did not. So I can be happy that I check the booking.

To rebook the flight, I had to call the hotline of Lufthansa. I did not wait really long for an agent. First, he said, he cannot do anything because this is the only flight. Because of that I asked him to rebook me on an other airline (he directly checked TK). However, he worked slowly and after 20 minutes the connection broke down. Second try. I directly told the friendly agent, to rebook me on an other airline. She told me, that I can fly with TK business class via IST or Georgian Airways (Economy) and Eurowings (Business) via Vienna. As I heard many good thing about TK and TK is much more expensive then LH or Georgian Airways on that route, I took TK and within minutes I got a new E-ticket. The second call took me 30 minutes.

Here is the routing:   


Transfer and the Lounge

I arrived on a CRJ900 from Nuremberg and my flight to TBS departes from a non-Schengen H-Gate in the main building of T2.
The queue at the normal passport control was quite long. 

photo p1040088

That would have ment that I had no time for the lounge. However as EU-citizen with a chiped passport, I can use the automatic control. It was easy to use and I was through within 3 minutes. I like that possibilty and I'm also happy that the minimum age is 12 (and not 18). That's good when you travel with children.

photo p1040089

Here are some pictures of the Lufthansa Business Lounge at H-Gates. It was a nice place with a good offer of meals.

photo p1040095photo p1040106photo p1040101

Later I realized that my gate was changed from H24 (next to the lounge) to H44.

photo p1040104

The flight

I arrived at the gate at around 10 o'clock, but I had to wait until around 10.20 for boarding.

photo p1040111photo p1040114

The plane: An A320 (D-AIZB)

photo p1040118

"Georgia, here I come!"

photo p1040123

The seat: 3-3 configaration with the middle seat blocked. The flight was long, but I found them comfortable enough. (Well, it could be better too, but we knew what we booked). Legroom was good for me (I'm around 172 cm tall). The flight was fully booked. The cabin crew were friendly.

photo p1040240photo p1040234photo p1040127

An A321 next to us:

photo p1040128

A blanket and a pillow were waiting at the seat. The pillow had  agood quality. The blanket could be better, but it was ok.

photo p1040129

We departed with a dealy of around 30 minutes (and landed with the delay). I don't have that much pictures of take off and landing due to the darkness. 

After take off we got an amenity kit.

photo p1040144

And that's inside:

photo p1110285photo p1110289photo p1110288

Later, they even distributed a hot towel. Nice!

photo p1040146

The meal service started with something to drink and some nuts. What I like about Lufthansa, is that the glass is made really close to my hometown.

photo p1040151

Then the meal arrived. I could chose between pasta and an indian chicken with rice. A funny moment was when I ordered the chicken and the flight attendant said: "You have to know it is spicy!" Later, it was not tht spicy, but it is friendly that she informed the passengers.

The aluminium cover was still on the hot meal. The sense is that it does not get cold too fastly.

photo p1040153photo p1040156

Here is the pasta:

photo p1040162_1

The chicken was really good. The pasta was average.

As we were flying during the night the lights were turned off for the rest of the flight

photo p1040225

In the seat pocket was the Lufthansa magazine and some other stuff. The plane is equiped with wifi. You can pay for the internet or get some information about your destination on the main page of Flynet. Regretabbly, only when you use the Lufthansa App, you can get your aproximate position (within Europe).

photo p1040168

Flying over the capital of Romania: Bucharest

photo p1040177

Here is a picture of the toilet for those who want to see it

photo p1040172

After passing Batumi, (the Las Vegas of the eastern world), the light were turned on again and water was distributed for those who wish.

With a delay of 30 minutes we landed and parked next to a plane of Georgian Airways. 

photo p1040232

Thanks to the cabin crew and D-AIZB for the great flight.

photo p1040250

The arrival

Tbilisi: The city that loves you… I just say: Gamarjoba Tbilisi da Sakartwelo!

photo p1040252

Passport control was fast (7 minutes), but the officer was quite unfriendly (not the only one). However, the other staff at the airport was firendly.

photo p1040253

Getting the baggage

photo p1040255

The arrival hall:

photo p1040256

There you can change your money (good exchange rates) or get a sim-Card for your phone. 
At this point I want to say thank you the the lady at the magti-shop. I forgot my camera there and she kept it until I came back.

When you want to go to the city centre you can take a bus (0,50 Lari = 0,17€), a train to the railway sation (only two times per day. Realy cheap too) or a taxi. I took a taxi to the railway station to leave my baggage there (next to platform 1). The price was 30 Lari (= 10€). When I took a taxi back to the airport from the Freedom Square, I paid 25 Lari. But take care.
Do not take the white taxis in front of the airport (you might pay really much). Go right to the deapture hall and wait there. Taxis in Georgia do not have a special look and you have to agree the price before depature.

photo p1040259

When I ledt the airport started to rise and I started my 15 day travel through Georgia (or should I say Sakartwelo). The communication with the people was not difficult as most of them speak English. I even learnt to read the Georgian letters. I just fell in loove with the language.

If you like read my travelling bonus.

Didi madloba for reading and in a few days, the flight back home on TK will be published.


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Cabin crew8.5

Lufthansa Business Lounge H - H


Munich - MUC


Tbilisi - TBS



Lufthansa offers a good product on this 3.30-4.50 hours flight. I'm impressed by the meals they offer, the amenity kit, the hot towel and the pillow/blanket. This is one of the longest flights Lufthansa operates with there narrow-body planes and in my opinion it is the maximum because the seats might not be the most comfortable for a flight over night.

Lufthansa Business Lounge Gate H: Nice lounge with good offers of food and drinks.

MUC: Large and efficent (exept the manuel passport control)

TBS: Nice little efficent airport. Staff at passport control not that friendly, but other staff is.



  • Comment 515397 by
    fiftytwo GOLD 962 Comments


    thanks for the report and bonus

    you remind me that i havent been in georgia for a while , tbilisi is nice city but i need to visit other places in country side

    TBS is small but clean and good airport , you will see when you will return

    Most flights to the west leaves during the night , so airport is a bit crowded

    I hope you tried the lounge . it was one of the best independant lounge i've tried in europe

    have a nice day

    • Comment 515437 by
      Simply-Travel AUTHOR 14 Comments

      Great that you liked it! I tried the lounge when I traveled back and I have to say that the most impressing thing was the staff at the reception and at the bar. They even went back for me to the passport control because the officer stamped the invitation card and not the boarding pass. Something else what I loved was the Georgian food they offered. I thing I have to stop telling you everything now. You will see everything in the next FR. Regards!

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