Review of Cathay Pacific flight New York Vancouver in First

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX865
Class First
Seat 2A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 06:00
Take-off 13 Jul 19, 21:50
Arrival at 14 Jul 19, 00:50
CX 465 reviews
By 1616
Published on 20th September 2019

Greeting Flight Report community and thanks for stopping by. I've always been intrigued by Cathay Pacific's "fifth freedom" route between JFK-YVR. The Avgeek community has long declared the flight as the best way to cross North America. (The fifth freedom allows an airline to carry revenue traffic between foreign countries as a part of services connecting the airline's own country.) I've had my eye on award availability on this flight from time to time. I even had it booked all the way to HKG a while back but a series of events led me to cancel. The combination of free time, award availability, and sufficient points balances all converged to allow me to fly the route. I booked with BA Avios as that was the currency I had available and a transfer bonus form AMEX padded the balance. Now that news of the service ending has come out I'm glad I checked it out when I did.

Positioning to JFK was the next decision. My ideal was to try JetBlue Mint for the first time but the fares were not within my budget. I turned to American Airlines as I was well stocked with gift cards from various credit card "incidental credits". (So bummed that loophole has been closed.) I saw an AA J fare on the day I needed for $649.00, which is as low as I have seen. Not one to leave well enough alone I upgraded the fare to F with $150.00 and 15,000 AA miles. An extravagant airplane ticket indeed but I rationalized good value as the price was still less than J on JetBlue, UA, or DL.

I had a day in New York to fill so I decided to catch a Yankee game at the new (to me) ballpark and also have a look around the TWA Hotel. Please visit the LAX-JFK report for the tourist bonus if you're so inclined.


AA Flagship first dining - breakfast edition

I started my morning by riding the hotel shuttle to JFK. I had checked in online and had a boarding pass via the CX app. My plan was to visit the Flagship First Dining for breakfast and then head out for my day of baseball and airport hotel touring.

photo 20190713_105142

Cathay Pacific has enrolled in TSA Precheck so i was airside quickly and I headed to the Flagship Lounge complex. I wasn't sure what kind of reaction would get showing up at the lounge 12 hours prior to departure but to the credit of American Airlines and the staff there was no pushback. I scanned my boarding pass and the agent was initially unsure if Flagship Dining was available to CX F passengers. She made a call, even gave the person on the phone my flight number and departure time, and I was presented with the invitation.

photo 20190713_103952photo 20190713_094433

On we go to breakfast.

photo 20190713_103827photo 20190713_103459

The lounge is very quiet at this hour.

I made my way straight to the dining room after taking a few snaps of the very nice J lounge.

photo 20190713_103422photo 20190713_103428

I was enthusiastically greeted at the entrance and I surrendered my lounge invite and selected a seat. There was only one other guest at the time, the John Waters look alike that I shared the LAX FFD with the day before. Small world. He knew everyone here too and made sure to tell them that he just took his medicine so he cannot eat for 30 minutes. Good to know.

I was presented with a breakfast menu.

photo 20190713_094656photo 20190713_094701photo 20190713_094705

I opted for a Bloody Mary cocktail and the Steak, Eggs, Frites menu item. I know it's the same dish as I ordered on my last breakfast visit. Predictable. I asked for the bacon cheddar biscuit from the pastry basket but it was not available.

photo 20190713_095323

The server took my order and returned with my cocktail nd water. She mentioned that the kitchen was testing out some quiches and asked if I would like to sample a few. I agreed to do so and thought that was a nice offer.

photo 20190713_100121

There were three flavors but I cannot recall the varieties exactly. One was a meat based and two were vegetable. They were not that pleasing. It seemed that it could be any frozen quiche that one could buy from Costco or any grocery. Perhaps they had been sitting in a warmer for too long or something. She asked for feedback and that is what I told her, in as polite a way as possible.

The Steak, Eggs, Frites (really it's a Benedict) was served and was far more enjoyable. I added a cappuccino (unfortunately from a machine and not made by the staff) to the order and had an enjoyable breakfast. I pointed out that the menu description says "crispy potato strings" and these were omitted. The server checked with the kitchen and agreed. She brought out some old sad looking hash brown as a replacement but that wasn't asked for or needed. I was just trying to be helpful so they could note that what was served was not as described on the menu.  I think I only noticed because I have had this dish here before and it was topped with  the potato strings.

photo 20190713_100305photo 20190713_100258

I thanked the staff and headed off into the city. I assumed that there would be a different crew when I returned that evening so I didn't bother to tell them that I would be back.

I had a great time roaming about the TWA hotel and catching a ballgame at the new Yankee Stadium. I was short on time so I took an expensive Uber back to my hotel from The Bronx, picked up my luggage, and scampered back to JFK to enjoy some dinner and cocktails before the flight.  

photo 20190713_110315photo 20190713_132806

The CX check in counters before opening.

photo 20190713_151304

AA Flagship first dining - Dinner edition

photo 20190713_152244

Back up tot he Flagship lounge, about 8 hours after my first visit of the day.

photo 20190713_152312

I scanned my boarding pass, as I did this morning and was offered the invitation to dine again. I don't know why I expect to be hassled but I was pleasantly surprised that the lounge agents were not concerned, or even aware of, my odd lounge usage patterns. I had not taken a meal since my lounge breakfast so I was ready to wine and dine. I was again shown to the table of my choosing and I opted to start with a glass of the Krug Grand Cuvee.

photo 20190713_152949

I really enjoy the full window views from the FFD facility.

photo 20190713_153220photo 20190713_152856

The AA lineup of 777 aircraft departing to Europe were in full view.

photo 20190713_152841

Food and beverage menus for the evening service. The wines first.

photo 20190713_154125photo 20190713_154133photo 20190713_154139


The Korean-style beef carpaccio caught my eye so I requested this to start. The beef was lovely in texture. I think thedish should have some spice if we're calling it "Korean-style". Either way very enjoyable. A good quality protein makes for a good quality crudo. The portion is way too large for a single diner so I have to assume that there is some pre-plating that happens so they are reluctant to change it for a solo diner.

photo 20190713_155435photo 20190713_155439

The TWA theme continues today.

photo 20190713_155541

The serive was excellent this afternoon with unsolicited refills of the Champagne and some nice chatting. It's a really large glass.

photo 20190713_155952

Up next from the small plates section was the Muscovy Duck Bacon. The thin duck breast slices are very flavorful and well seasoned. The soft egg yolk is delightful. I'm sort of impressed with this one. It's so easy and yet still feels elevated. The kitchen didn't serve the Pecorino cheese on the dish as described in the menu. I can't help my vigilance and pointed this out to Salma.

photo 20190713_160402photo 20190713_160135

Watching the evening rush with great wine and tasty bites. I'm quite content here.

I made time to grab a shower as we're still a couple of hours until boarding.

photo 20190713_171248photo 20190713_171255

The showers are clean, well appointed, and readily available.

photo 20190713_171258photo 20190713_171308

I make my way back to the FFD after showering and am greeted with by the same friendly faces. Salma immediately delivered a glass of the Krug, unsolicited. A really excellent service trait to remember what I had been enjoying and bring it over without asking.

photo 20190713_185600

I resumed my tour of the starters section of the menu with the Spring Pea Salad. A nice arrangement of textures. The macadamia nuts( listed on the menu) turned into pecans but still add a flavorful note. I also requested the "Flagship Lemonade" cocktail but found it was made too sweet for my liking.

photo 20190713_190109photo 20190713_190126

Salma tempts me with the dessert menu.

photo 20190713_194918photo 20190713_194922

I request the cheese but I implore her to request a small portion. No such luck.

photo 20190713_194936

As the sun sets over the airfield I am treated to a lovely sky.

photo 20190713_201823

The FFD never got busy during my visit, maybe reaching 50% capacity at one point.

photo 20190713_211700photo 20190713_211706

After a nice chat and some more of the Krug it was time to make the walk down to the gate.


I was greeted at the door by Lesia, the IFSM and shown to my seat by Tracy. I about fell over when I saw Tracy who is among the most stunning examples of our species I have ever made acquaintance with.  Ken was the other excellent flight attendant in the F cabin. Interesting that Ken is YVR based and Tracy is based at HKG.

I'm in 2A for tonight and with the light 3/6 load I have the 1A / 2A side to myself.

photo 20190713_213817photo 20190713_213831

Tracy inquired as to my beverage preference and I opted for the delicious 2007 Comtes and a glass of water.

photo 20190713_215452photo 20190713_214127

The travel kit and pajamas were delivered. I asked Tracy if I might exchange the male kit for the female but she insisted I keep both.

photo 20190713_213811photo 20190713_213957

Pajamas by PYE.

photo 20190713_214134

Getting situated with the Bose noise canceling headphones.

photo 20190713_222642photo 20190713_222647

The cabin lights are dimmed for taxi and takeoff. The Captain gave his welcome aboard announcement and he could be a voice double for the late, great Alan Rickman. Is Hans Gruber flying the plane?!?! After a short taxi we depart from 22R.

photo 20190713_220458

Once the seatbelt sign is turned off, which is much sooner than it would be on a US based carrier, I head to the loo to don the lounge wear.

photo 20190714_001432

Fantastic Aesop amenities are stocked. There is an Aesop store not too far from home and I was wandering by and saw it for the first time. I popped in thinking it was funny, knowing the brand form CX, but once I saw the prices I wasn't laughing.

Cathay offers a supper service on this flight, similar to long haul midnight departures, except the caviar is omitted. It appears in my inebriated state I neglected to capture any pictures of the menu but I did partake in the service.

Tracy laid the table complete with bread basket and tantalizing garlic bread.

photo 20190713_224630

Searching for a video program to enjoy during the meal I stumbled upon one of my favorite Christopher Guest movies, Best In Show. He gets so much out of this cast, it's no wonder he goes back to them time after time.

photo 20190713_224914photo 20190713_225832photo 20190713_230846

I opted to start with the soup. A  delicious mushroom soup garnished with chive oil.

photo 20190713_224714photo 20190713_224735

Oops, the garlic bread hopped out of the basket during turbulence and landed in the soup. Guess I have to eat it now.

photo 20190713_224809

For the main dish I opted for the stir flied beef from the "Chinese Favorites" section. I selected the sublime Lynch Bages to accompany the dish. I very much enjoyed the dish. the meat was very tender and the seasoning was spot on.

I opted for a sweet next, uncharacteristically, rather than the cheese. It was a lovely raspberry cake.

photo 20190713_234118photo 20190713_234124

Dinner was quick and efficient with friendly exceptional service. After the meal was cleared and the table stored I lounged for a few minutes with the Glenmorangie Signet, a fantastic rich dram.

photo 20190713_235452

I gave into the urge to sleep around Madison Wisconsin. The good dent I made in the Comtes and the Lynch Bages are certainly co-conspirators in this desire to sleep.

photo 20190714_001000photo 20190714_001055

I requested the turndown service and Ken did the honors. The CX bed is legendary. A spacious sleep surface with quality bedding.

photo 20190714_001229photo 20190714_001239

I slept well enough that the sound of arrival announcements was my wake up call. We touched down at YVR around 1:00.

photo 20190714_033632photo 20190714_033644photo 20190714_033840

The aircraft resting at YVR before the continuation to HKG. Interesting that it has the new livery yet not he refreshed interior. 

photo 20190714_010017photo 20190714_005921
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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew8.5

American Airlines Flagship First Lounge


New York - JFK


Vancouver - YVR



The Ground Service: N/A. I arrived before the check in counters were open and used a mobile boarding pass.

The Lounge: I've opined on the AA Flagship First Dining several times now and it really is a strong feature. The food was acceptable even if they were out of various items or simply neglected to plate them. The service in the lounge was truly impressive and whatever was lacked in polish and precision was more than compensated for with kindness and good intentions.

The Cabin: It's a timeless layout that still feels special after all these years. The 6 seat cabin is both open and private. The bed is legendary and truly very comfortable.

The Crew: Ken and Kelly were perfect. Friendly, efficient, very conscientious. Truly assets to the CX organization.

The Food and Beverage: A fine meal for the late departure. The Comtes and the Lynch Bages are world class wines and make for a special experience whenever you take them.

Overall: I'll agree with the Internet that this is the best way to traverse North America. Especially if YVR is your final destination. I arrived at 1am and slept on the floor of the check in area until security opened at 4:30am. Oh the glamor of first class travel!

Thank you very much for reading and happy flying.

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The average flight time is 5 hours and 47 minutes.

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    ChrisB GOLD 1688 Comments

    Thanks for this comprehensive flight report!

  • Comment 523294 by
    757Fan 611 Comments

    Got to fly this route sometime. Looks like an amazing cross country flight!

  • Comment 523316 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5759 Comments

    The eggs benedict look great! Flagship lounge and Flagship FIrst offering a good experience as usual.

    Again a consistently good experience on the fanciest way to do a transcon in North America, despite getting the older interior.

    Searching for a video program to enjoy during the meal I stumbled upon one of my favorite Christopher Guest movies, Best In Show.

    One of my faves as well. I loved the whole mockumentary genre when it was a thing in the late 90's/early 00's.

    Only on CX can you have that kind of wine list on a North American flight.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 523615 by
      socalnow AUTHOR 978 Comments

      Hi Kevin and thank you for the feedback. I had forgotten that term, mockumentary. Christopher Guest does it so well. I hope he's not finished.

      Only on CX can you have that kind of wine list on a North American flight.

      -So true. Quite a treat.

      Thanks again Kevin and happy flying.

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    Another amazing report as always, socalnow! Even I agree, this is perhaps one of the best transcontinental routes in North America, and that on one of the best airlines too! However, it's a shame that this route will be discontinuing this March. On the bright side, you got the chance to take this extraordinary flight, and that in first class, before it was too late!

    Glad you also had a good time at the Flagship First Dining at the lounge!! Both the food and beverages looked amazing!!

    Thanks once again for sharing and happy travels! ;)

    • Comment 523619 by
      socalnow AUTHOR 978 Comments

      Greetings Rbix, I appreciate the feedback form our resident CX expert.

      Even I agree, this is perhaps one of the best transcontinental routes in North America, and that on one of the best airlines too!

      -Yes, it just seems like 5th freedom flying in general is not as profitable as it once was.

      Glad you also had a good time at the Flagship First Dining at the lounge!!

      -The FFD facilities are fantastic. Never crowded and generally attentive service.

      Thanks again RBIX and happy flying.

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