Review of easyJet flight Berlin Rome in Economy

Airline easyJet
Flight U25707
Class Economy
Seat 20A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 15 Sep 19, 17:25
Arrival at 15 Sep 19, 19:10
U2   #11 out of 19 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 749 reviews
Published on 18th September 2019


Hello FlightReporters
After finishing my university exams in mid-July I started to plan many activities for September
A dear friend and I decided to make a long weekend in Berlin around mid-September
He had never been there while I've visited it in 2014
For me it would have been an occasion to see the German capital with a different eye
A couple of days before my journey to Vietnam and Cambodia we booked the flight and the hotel
The best solution was with easyJet from FCO to TXL
Departure was set for Thursday 12nd September


photo fco-txl-1


After a very pleasant weekend in Berlin it's time to come back home
Our flight was scheduled for 17:10 of Sunday
In order to be at the airport with enough time we left by taxi around 15
It takes around 20 minutes to get from our hotel in Charlottenburg to Berlin-Tegel "Otto Lilienthal" Airport
Hexagon-shaped Terminal A-B

photo 1-txl-fco-2

Since our flight departed from Terminal C, we took a walkway from Terminal A-B
The apron from the walkway

photo 1-txl-fco-3

Neos Air Boeing 737 landing and Lufthansa A321 pushing back

photo 1-txl-fco-4

easyJet A320 in Berlin livery parked in front of Terminal C

photo 1-txl-fco-5

Mongolian Airlines Boeing 767
I've never seen this airplane

photo 1-txl-fco-6photo 1-txl-fco-7

Terminal C exterior

photo 1-txl-fco-8

The cramped warehouse-style departure hall was quite crowded

photo 1-txl-fco-9

The boarding gate, C42, was already showed

photo 1-txl-fco-10

Having a baggage to check-in we went straight to easyJet desks
Passengers with boarding pass could use automated bag drop
The machine is very easy to use and in about 5 minutes we had our baggage checked

photo 1-txl-fco-11

Time to proceed to gate area C38-51

photo 1-txl-fco-12

Security checkpoint was a bit messy
There was almost no space for the queue and some lanes were close
Moreover the control was made with a bodyscanner
It took around 20 minutes to get airside

photo 1-txl-fco-13

The departure lounge looked like a warehouse, it was full, cramped and dark

photo 1-txl-fco-14

Our gate area

photo 1-txl-fco-15

Even if there was no agent at the gate people started to queue
Boarding was scheduled to end at 16:40, but actually it started at 16:50

photo 1-txl-fco-17

easyJet-coloured apron

photo 1-txl-fco-18


photo 2-txlfco

Our aircraft:
easyJet Europe Airbus A320-200, OE-ICZ, delivered to Avianca Brasil in June '15 (4.3 years old)
It was later transfered to easyJet
The plane is equipped with 180 seats, all in Y, and winglets

photo 1-txl-fco-19photo 1-txl-fco-20

Being in row 20, we boarded from the rear door

photo 1-txl-fco-21

I gave the Flight Report form to the Purser and walked to my seat, 20A

My passport and BP

photo 1-txl-fco-22

The view from my seat, with Ryanair Boeing 737

photo 1-txl-fco-23

Inside the cabin, while boarding ended

photo 1-txl-fco-24

Around 17:20 pushback started

photo 1-txl-fco-25

easyJet tails in the distance

photo 1-txl-fco-26

Taxiing to RWY26L for take off
Flaps down

photo 1-txl-fco-27

Just landed Lufthansa A320

photo 1-txl-fco-28

Swiss Airlines A220 departing

photo 1-txl-fco-29

easyJet A320 taking off

photo 1-txl-fco-30

Our turn to go…

photo 1-txl-fco-31

SAS A320 queuing behind us

photo 1-txl-fco-32


photo 1-txl-fco-33

Auf Wiedersehen Berlin

photo 1-txl-fco-34photo 1-txl-fco-35photo 1-txl-fco-36

And in the air…

photo 1-txl-fco-37photo 1-txl-fco-38

Terminal A-B

photo 1-txl-fco-39

Berlin city in the distance

photo 1-txl-fco-40photo 1-txl-fco-41

Kraftwerk Reuter Power Plant below us

photo 1-txl-fco-42


photo 1-txl-fco-43

Spandau Zitadelle and Olympiastadion in the background

photo 1-txl-fco-44

Banking over Berlin countryside

photo 1-txl-fco-45photo 1-txl-fco-46

Krafwerk Reuter and Olympiastadion with Berlin-Tegel Airport in the background

photo 1-txl-fco-47

Olympiastadion, built for Berlin Olympic Games in 1936

photo 1-txl-fco-48

Berlin-Tegel Airport

photo 1-txl-fco-49

Berlin city with Tiergarten in the middle

photo 1-txl-fco-50

Reichstag Building, Tiergarten, Sony Center and Brandeburg Tor

photo 1-txl-fco-51

Museum Insel and Alexanderplatz, with Fernsehturm Television Tower

photo 1-txl-fco-52

Old Tempelhof Airport
Really sad to have no possibility to land there anymore

photo 1-txl-fco-53

German countryside scrolling below us

photo 1-txl-fco-54photo 1-txl-fco-55

Entering the layer of clouds

photo 1-txl-fco-56photo 1-txl-fco-57

Since I started feeling tiredness due to Berlin nights I felt asleep
I woke up while approaching Italy and Adriatic Coast

photo 1-txl-fco-58

Central Italy below us

photo 1-txl-fco-59

Perugia, capitol town of Umbria Region

photo 1-txl-fco-60

Perugia San Francesco d'Assisi - Umbria International Airport (IATA: PEG - ICAO: LIRZ)
The cozy airport terminal was designe by Italian famous architect Gae Aulenti

photo 1-txl-fco-61

Corbara Artifical Lake

photo 1-txl-fco-62

Corbara's Dam

photo 1-txl-fco-63

15 minutes before landing we started our descent

photo 1-txl-fco-64photo 1-txl-fco-65

Orte A1 motorway's toll plaza

photo 1-txl-fco-66

Countryside north of Rome

photo 1-txl-fco-67photo 1-txl-fco-68

Bracciano Lake

photo 1-txl-fco-69photo 1-txl-fco-70

Flaps down

photo 1-txl-fco-71photo 1-txl-fco-72photo 1-txl-fco-73

Crossing A12 motorway

photo 1-txl-fco-74

Almost on land

photo 1-txl-fco-75

As it happens with most European flights at FCO, we would land on RWY16L

photo 1-txl-fco-76

Perfectly ontime, at 19:10, we touched down at Roma-Fiumicino "Leonardo Da Vinci" International Airport
Landing was very smooth

photo 1-txl-fco-77

Vacating the runway

photo 1-txl-fco-78photo 1-txl-fco-79

Mistral Air Boeing 737 parked in front of the Cargo City

photo 1-txl-fco-80

Mistral Air ATR72-500

photo 1-txl-fco-81

Alitalia Embraer E-190 in SkyTeam livery

photo 1-txl-fco-82

Pier A under construction
Along with the new departure lounge it will host domestic and Schenghen flights

photo 1-txl-fco-83

Pier B and D, used for domestic and Schenghen flights

photo 1-txl-fco-84

Alitalia A320 and Embraer E-175, and KLM Boeing 737 parked at Pier B

photo 1-txl-fco-85

We would park at Pier D
Boarding area C and ATC tower in the background

photo 1-txl-fco-86

Lufthansa A320 next to us

photo 1-txl-fco-87

Desembarking I asked the Purser for the Flight Report
The form was not particulary filled

photo 1-txl-fco-88

Last pic of our plane

photo 1-txl-fco-89

Finally at R(H)ome

photo 1-txl-fco-90photo 1-txl-fco-91

The arrivals mezzanine

photo 1-txl-fco-92

Heading to Terminal 3 baggage reclaim

photo 1-txl-fco-93

Definitely the best airport in Europe
Well done FCO!

photo 1-txl-fco-94

Getting downstair for the baggage reclaim

photo 1-txl-fco-95photo 1-txl-fco-96

The baggage reclaim hall
Belt 11 for us

photo 1-txl-fco-97

Baggages took around 5 minutes to be delivered

photo 1-txl-fco-98

We proceeded immediately to the exit
My dad was waiting me with car
It took around 45 minutes to get home since there was a bit of traffic on the motorway

Thank you for the attention!

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Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Berlin - TXL


Rome - FCO



As for the inbound flight EZY service was decent

TXL is a really creepy airport, I hope the situation will change with Brandeburg's opening

FCO demonstrates always to be a good airport. It really deserves Best in Europe award!



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