Review of Lufthansa flight Munich Dubrovnik in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH1710
Class Economy
Seat 6F
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 20 Sep 19, 12:44
Arrival at 20 Sep 19, 14:09
LH   #66 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1598 reviews
Published on 18th October 2019


Welcome back! This is report 3 of my trip to Europe. This is my first flight on Lufthansa, and also on an A321. Enjoy!


photo screen-shot-2019-10-13-at-95315-am

The route for todays flight, Munich to Dubrovnik aboard Lufthansa's A321

MUnich airport - check in and departures

Welcome to the amazing Munich airport. This airport has the skytrax best airport award in europe. It is so open, light and clean. It has a great passenger experience, and Lufthansa has great passenger technology to make it even easier. I had checked in online the night before, which was easy on the Lufthansa app. Another bonus, seat reservation is free! I found seat 6F and immediatly chose it. Once at the airport, all I had to do was scan my boarding pass at the baggage tag machine and it was automatically printed. Once the bag tag was attached, I walked along the line to the automated bag drop. I simply scanned my boarding pass and placed my bag on the belt. In just 30 seconds, it was sent off to my plane. I walked through to the restaurants and had some lunch. Before long, I headed to security. Once throug, there was passport control and another security check, before I made it to my gate.  

photo img_7805

Munich Airport's Terminal 2

Boarding and cabin

Before long, I was called for boarding. Lufthansa call Business Class passengers and frequent flyer members with status first, and everyone else after that. To say the least, it was a scramble to the boarding gate. I was one of the last to get onboard, but my seat was reserved, so I had nothing to worry about. Boarding was done through a very long jetbridge. Once onboard, I found my seat, 6F. This was right behind the movable partition between 'Business Class' and Economy. Business class on this flight was the economy cabin with the middle seat with a cup holder installed and nice meals and service etc. This is the same as on many european airlines. I found my seat and sat down. Seat 6A had duct tape holding the tray table closed as the latch had broken. This meant the person in this seat could not use their table. This was dissapointing as the aircraft had been on the ground for nearly 2 hours and the cabin crew did not make up for this or let anyone know. Other than this little dissapointment, the Lufthansa Airbus short haul cabin is very nice with tons of leg room. The seats are very comfortable although they are very thin. There was also plety of space in the overhead bins, aswell as under the seat.

photo img_7891

The A321 that will take me to Dubrovnik today, Rego - D-AIRK, Age - 25 years

photo img_7895

The wing view from seat 6A.


Departure was a few minutes late even though boarding was completed on time. We taxied for a few minutes and made a very swift departure. The climb was very steep but we reached our cruising altitude very quickly. Just 5 minutes after takeoff, the crew started service.

photo img_7913

Departing Munich

photo img_7920

Wonderful views of Austria and Germany as we depart!

InFlight Service

Just a few minutes after reaching our cruise altitude, service started with the business class cabin. With only 5 rows of business class on todays flights, service in economy started quickly. To start, I was offered drinks. I was expecting water and coffee, but on this flight, they had everything. Alcohol, Soft drinks, water and coffee! I choose a sparkling water. Right behind the drinks cart was food. I was offered either a Chicken or Chicken and Cheese Sandwich. I had lunch in the terminal so I passed. I used the free time to edit some photos for my time in Munich. I finished my drink and the crew came back and offered another drink. In total the crew offered drinks 4 times throughout the 1 hr 15 min flight wich felt more like an international flight. Before I knew it, we were descending into Dubrovnik. 


The arrival into Dubrovnik was amazing! Landing was great and we were the only flight at Dubrovnik airport that luckily got a jetbridge. Other airlines including the nations flag carrier Croatia Airlines did not even get a jet bridge. Disembarking was quick due to my place at the front of the aircraft. The airport seemed extremely old and dark. Once at passport control, we were straight through to baggage claim which took a very long time. After waiting over 15 mins for my bags, I left the airport into the 29 degree heat of Dubrovnik Summer! I took my airport transfer to my hotel in the old town. 

photo img_7936

The amazing arrival into Dubrovnik over a few of the thousands of Croatian Islands!

photo img_7948

My plane parked at Dubrovnik Airport!

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Cabin crew6.0

Munich - MUC


Dubrovnik - DBV



In conclusion this flight was pretty good. The cabin was great, the only dissapointment was the tray table and some of the cabin being dirty. The cabin crew were okay, not as friendly as I have heard but they did their job. The meal and drinks service really surprised me. Munich airport is a great airport but Dubrovnik is not somewhere you would turn up 5 hours early and hang out at. Overall this flight was good. My first experience with Lufthansa did not dissapoint.

Thanks for reading!
Happy flying!



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