Review of LATAM flight Porto Alegre São Paulo in Economy

Airline LATAM
Flight LA3163
Class Economy
Seat 7A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:14
Take-off 29 Jul 19, 06:11
Arrival at 29 Jul 19, 07:25
LA   #46 out of 73 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 154 reviews
Published on 7th November 2019

Hey everyone and welcome to my two-part report on LATAM's domestic service in Brazil.

I made this flights in July and since then, some things on the catering have changed. The "Mercado LATAM" buy-on-board service in Brazil was suddenly stopped until they find a better system.

Anyway, the itnerary was really simple. I had an appointment in São Paulo, the biggest city in the country, so it wasn't much of an issue to find flights!


  • TAM3163 - POA-CGH (A320) You are here
  • TAM3051 - CGH-POA (A320) Coming soon


Since TAM became officially LATAM, on early 2016, many changes on the airline product happened. In a general way, the airline that from the start had a "premium" domestic service needed to adequate itself to the reality of the market, in order to assure its survival. So LATAM started adopting a low-cost profile, increasing the number of seats and chargin for additional services, including food.
That's why I always wanted to try LATAM. The last time I had flown with them, still on TAM times – February 2016 –, I had a pretty interesting flight experience, with a free sandwich, soft drinks and coffee service, at a very interesting ticket price. From then on, obviously, everything changed.

At the end of July, I finally had the change, in a roundtrip between my hometown Porto Alegre and São Paulo/Congonhas Airport.  

check-in and boarding

I had already tried the LATAM app to test the online check-in service. The experience was very positive; the app worked perfectly and is really intuitive.

photo screenshot_20190727-135137_latamphoto screenshot_20190727-190607_latamphoto screenshot_20190727-190650_latam

I arrived early at the airport, since this was the first LATAM flight of the day and I would dispatch luggage. There was a separate line for my flight, so the wait was short and the dispatching was short as well.

photo 20190729_044026photo 20190729_044200

This was my first flight on Porto Alegre's expanded terminal and I got really impressed with the dimensions of the new building. It now requires a much longer walk from the check-in area to the gate.

photo 20190729_044256

Flights of the day

photo 20190729_045142

I got to the gate with some antecedence.

photo 20190729_045315

I had selected seat 7A, in the last row of the LATAM+ seats, which have some more space to the legs. Theoretically, LATAM+ passengers have priority upon boarding, being allocated on group 3. I was on group 4, but didn't know why; I believe it was some issue on the system.

At 5:12AM, eight minutes before the provided time, boarding was started, respecting the priorities by law. It was the first flight of the week to the economic hub of the country, so as far as I saw, some 40 passengers were priority by status.

I was one of the lasts to board, because after the boarding of the first groups – the priority ones –, they agglutinated everyone on a single line.

photo 20190729_053017

Later I discovered why – boarding would be on a remote position.

photo 20190729_054325

The funnniest part of this: the plane was parked in a boarding bridge position. I suppose the bridge was not operating due to the expansion works on the old side of the terminal, which was closed for some updates after the expansion was opened.

photo 20190729_055206

I would fly on PR-MBZ, which was delivered to JetBlue on September 2002 as N546JB. On September 2008 it was transferred to TAM. Following the vast majority of LATAM Brasil's fleet, it was then yet to recieve the livery of the new airline, as well as the revamped cabin.

photo 20190729_055158photo 20190729_055418photo 20190729_055427


Since boarding was by bus, once everyone was in the aircraft boarding was ended. At 5:58AM doors were closed and pushback was started exactly on our STD, at 6:00AM. 

At 6:11 the aircraft lined on POA's runway 11 and took-off, still before dawn.

photo 20190729_061447

At 6:16 the seat belt sign was turned off and the FAs started the onboard service. 

Generaly speaking, LATAM's new proposal was that the passengers could choose what they would consume through a payment – that is, buy-on-board. The service was named "Mercado LATAM" (LATAM Market). There was a good number of options. I was particularly interested by the sandwiches, but I was told they didn't have it available in that particular flight, so they suggested I took the toast. To drink, I asked for a Coca-Cola.

photo 20190729_063859

It's important to mention the only courtesy item offered was water. The FAs were in a very good mood, treating everyone very well. A very positive and important point.

As I mentioned before, the "Mercado LATAM" was interrupted some months ago. Until they find a new solution, they distribute soft drinks, coffee and a small snack. However, it was already pointed that this "new solution" should be a mixed service with both paid and free options, just as GOL currently does.

The toast was really tasty. However, the inside of the bread was not as heated as the inside. 

"Mercado LATAM" menu cover

photo 20190729_070526

Soon the sun started appearing on the horizon. Fortunately I was on the opposite side of the aircraft, so I could let the window wide open. The aircraft was flying at 37,000 feet. 

photo 20190729_064533

The only entertainment option available was LATAM's magazine "Vamos", on which I was not very interested.

photo 20190729_070543

Theoretically the LATAM Play streaming service would be available as well, but I had not downloaded the app, which meant I should open it on my internet browser. I did as instructed, but the app did not work. On the flight back from São Paulo I would discover why…

LATAM Play needed connecting to the aircraft wi-fi network to be accessed.

photo screenshot_20190729-061832_settings

Also, there was a power outlet under my seat.

As of the aircraft, it was sufficiently clean. I'm not the biggest fan of these seats, but as far as I know the airline will change them gradually, and honestly, I hope so.

photo 20190729_070437

The seat pitch was good, since I was in a LATAM+ seat. Between choosing a regular seat before check-in (BRL30/USD7.35) and a "+" seat (BRL35/USD8.57) the price difference is negligible, so I believe it's worth it.

photo 20190729_070413

LATAM's A320 safety card.

photo 20190729_070618

In a few minutes, the descent to Congonhas was started. Weather in São Paulo was overcast.

photo 20190729_071335photo 20190729_072000

Landing at CGH happened at 7:25AM, five minutes before STA. It doesn't matter how many times I arrive in Congonhas, this approach will be always stunning for me. 

Boarding also took place in a remote position. A bus took the passengers to the arrivals/connections area and my luggage arrived very quickly.

photo 20190729_073609photo 20190729_073614

Thanks for reading this report and stay tuned for the next one, where I will complete evaluating LATAM Brasil's domestic experience! :-)

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Cabin crew9.0

Porto Alegre - POA


São Paulo - CGH



Cabin: yeah it was clean, but I am not a big fan of those seats, even though I had the additional pitch.
Cabin crew: they were in a very good mood.
Entertainment: "Vamos" could even be well-edited -- I didn't pay much attention to it --, but I couldn't access the LATAM Play service. In the next report I'll tell why.
Meal/catering: the toast was tasty indeed, but I missed the sandwiches. How can you not have the main option of the menu in a highly corporate-public flight?

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  • Comment 530074 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5500 Comments

    Hi Joao, funny to see a report on a LATAM Brazil plane with the old TAM livery so soon after their JJ IATA code was retired. Yeah that was definitely a negligible difference in seat prices so definitely worth going for the seats with extra legroom. Too bad the streaming IFE didn't work on this flight. Do you know why Mercado LATAM was stopped? It seems it only stopped in Brazil, but is still in use for the other LATAMs n domestic (Chile, Peru, Argentina, etc). Seems like a weird decision and confusing from a branding perspective when the LATAMs are trying to offer a consistent product.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 530490 by
      joaointhesky AUTHOR 69 Comments

      Hi Kévin, thank you very much!

      Funnily enough I attended a LATAM event just after Mercado LATAM was dropped in Brazil. The airline CEO said that this decision was due to a number of factors, like the tax differences between one state and the other, and the difficulty for the passenger to understand/accept this non-existence of a free service. While Azul and GOL offer free options, LATAM was the only one that offered nothing...

      So as I said, it seems that the new service will, indeed, count with the paid service, but also with a free snack or something, just as GOL does nowadays.

      Thanks again!!

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