Review of GOL flight Porto Alegre Sao Paulo in Economy

Airline GOL
Flight G31506
Class Economy
Seat 6F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:24
Take-off 26 Aug 19, 23:29
Arrival at 27 Aug 19, 00:53
G3   #92 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 35 reviews
Published on 25th November 2019

Hey guys! After flying domestically with LATAM, now it was time to fly Gol – my first flight with them since January 2015.

The two flights I'll write a report about were made in August, but no changes happened since then.

Again, this was a quite simple roundtrip to São Paulo. I was invited to a LATAM event. Since they didn't give me tickets to São Paulo, I had to buy them by myself, and Gol had the best deal.


  • GLO1506 - POA-GRU (737-800) You are here
  • GLO1236 - GRU-POA (737-800) Coming soon


When the century started, Gol was founded, bringing to the Brazilian domestic market the low-cost/low-fare concept. In a country where people were leaving poverty and getting to the middle class, the airline was quickly a huge success with its low fares, and in a few years found itself in a duopoly along with TAM - currently LATAM Brasil.

However, some years before the 2014 recession Gol started to struggle financially. The airline found itself in a situation where it had to massively reinvent itself, otherwise it would quickly go bankrupt. Making the long story short, they decided to improve its service to conquer the corporate passenger.

That's why I was excited to try their improved service. When I last flied Gol, in January 2015, the airline was just starting this transition.

The LATAM event would be really quick, on Thursday morning. I was afraid to take an early flight and lose the event due to a small delay, so I chose the last flight on Monday night. The last flight to Guarulhos was with Gol anyway, leaving Porto Alegre just after 11.


I arrived at the airport with a sufficient antecedence to print my boarding pass, even though I had already issued mine through the Gol mobile app. There was no line, since my flight was the last operation of the day and I was one of the last passengers to check-in.

photo screenshot_20190826-195436_golphoto 20190826_222401-52333

Anyway, I soon noticed there was no need to rush. According to the departures panel, my flight was delayed. Actually, there was not a single Gol aircraft at the airport. The next to land, according to FlightRadar24, was PR-GTG, and there was still some time left.

photo screenshot_20190826-222905_flightradar24

Meanwhile, I waited a little on the airside until the arrival of the aircraft at my gate.

photo 20190826_220731

Indeed PR-GTG would fly me to Guarulhos. It was the seventh 737 delivered to the airline directly from Boeing, joining the fleet in October 2006.

photo 20190826_225543

At 11:06PM, four minutes before STD, boarding was called, respecting the priorities and groups order aswell. The flight was pretty much empty, so boarding was really quick. I believe there were a little less than 100 passengers, while Gol's 737-800 have 186 seats.

photo 20190826_230143photo 20190826_231112

glo1506 - poa-gru

Given the light occupation, I asked the FA to change seats in order to get closer to the engine and my request was instantly granted. Doors were closed at 11:21, with a small delay of 11 minutes, and pushback was started a minute later. Taxi started at 11:25 and, without much traffic, at 11:29 the aircraft lined up on Porto Alegre's runway 11 and the captain applied full throttle to the engines.

I prefer flying during the day, but night take-offs are always nice.

photo 20190826_233131

In a few moments the seat belt signs were turned off and at 11:53 onboard service was started. Unfortunately the buy on board service was not available for my specific flight, so I couldn't try them. What a setback!

I would not stay that hungry though. Gol offers a mixed service, offering both paid and free options. The free option consists of small snacks and soft drinks, while the paid service are more ellaborated. So even though there was no buy-on-board, passengers still had onboard service.

There were three snack options, all of them made by Mãe Terra, a company that produces sustainable and healthy snacks and food here in Brazil. Of those, two were sweet and one was savory. I was starving, so I took one of each and kinda liked it. To drink, I took a Coca-Cola and some coffee.

I really find this mixed service to be interesting – in theory, at least. A shame I couldn't try the paid food, though.

photo 20190826_235630photo 20190826_235639

With the low load-factor, service was ended soon, even though a turbulence zone interrupted it for a few minutes. It's important to mention the FAs were in an amazing mood, serving every passenger with lots of lightness, despite the terrible time of the flight and despite of the delay. A very positive point, as I always like to say, that makes a big difference to the passenger experience.
Though the aircraft had been operating uninterruptedly for Gol since 2006, the cabin was very well-mantained. Some years ago Gol changed the interiors of its whole fleet, installing leather seats and power outlets. The result was very positive, giving a vitality feeling to the cabin. Also, the seat pitch looked good.

photo 20190826_235343photo 20190826_235336

Some details of the lavatories showed the age. Nevertheless, the cabin was very clean and fresh, nothing to complain about.

photo 20190826_234347photo 20190826_234349

In terms of entertainment, Gol's magazine was available. In my opinion, this is the best publication between Brazilian airlines.

photo 20190827_001117

More importantly, "Gol Online", Gol's entertainment system for mobile devices, was available. In recent years, Gol has invested a lot to add this system to its fleet. Just as LATAM Play, it counts with on-demand content. blive streaming of TV channels. Besides this, it even counts with live streaming of TV channels and with paid wi-fi.

photo screenshot_20190826-233439_settingsphoto screenshot_20190826-233446_captiveportalloginphoto screenshot_20190826-233512_captiveportallogin

I didn't want to try the system because I was really tired, but nevertheless I could log in without any issues. It's important to mention the Gogo Entertainment app must be downloaded before the flight.

Anyway, there are lots of options available. As I mentioned on the LATAM report, the streaming system is interesting for the airline, simpler/cheaper than personal screens and not so bad to the passenger, now that everyone has a mobile device. 

At 12:16AM, the captain started the descent to São Paulo/Guarulhos Airport. The cruise altitude was 37.000 feet. While the aircraft approached São Paulo, the city lights got more and more intense.

photo 20190827_003806photo 20190827_004524

Even though departure from Porto Alegre was delayed, at 12:53 we landed in Guarulhos, two minutes before STA.

After the quick deboarding, I took some photos of the empty cabin. These seats are visually much better than the old ones.

photo 20190827_010510photo 20190827_010522

PR-GTG does not count with Sky Interior, but still the cabin had a pleasant aspect. Gol really seems to be commited on maintaining its fleet at a high level.

photo 20190827_010549photo 20190827_010633photo 20190827_010641

A very cool detail: on the front row, Gol exhibits photos of the Brazilian fauna, describing the animals shown in each picture, a very interesting way to promote our biodiversity.

photo 20190827_010715photo 20190827_010725

After leaving the aircraft, I got into an empty departures hall. Guarulhos has very few domestic flights during the wee hours. Now I would have a long night before the LATAM event started… 

photo 20190827_010955photo 20190827_011010photo 20190827_011721

Thanks for reading this report and stay tuned for the next one! :-)

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Cabin crew10.0

Porto Alegre - POA


Sao Paulo - GRU



Cabin: the new seats are really good, seat pitch was nice and cabin was really well-maintained. PR-GTG does not have the Sky Interior, but you can't have everything in life!
Cabin crew: they were wonderful!
Entertainment: the streaming service seemed to work well, though I didn't use it.
Meal/catering: free snacks were good, but the lack of BOB was a huge setback.

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    airberlin GOLD 736 Comments

    Thanks for your report. I see you liked GOL. I am flying with them pretty often as well and I must say they are consistant with normally well maintained cabins. I like all the aspects you mentioned ;) especially the faune pictures in the front. All different based on what I’ve seen so far. The plus seats in the front have huge legroom, that gives a business class feeling. Many flights to GRU or GIG are indeed at low load factor. Hopefully they don’t reduce frequencies in the future 🤞

  • Comment 532188 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5257 Comments

    Nice report with great pics as always. Gol offer a solid product on domestic flights. I am surprised that BOB was not available in addition to the free snacks. The new cabin looks really nice.

    Thanks for sharing Joao!

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