Review of Royal Jordanian flight Istanbul Amman in Business

Airline Royal Jordanian
Flight RJ 166
Class Business
Seat 02A
Aircraft Embraer E-195
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 15 Sep 18, 15:25
Arrival at 15 Sep 18, 17:50
RJ   #83 out of 121 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 52 reviews
By GOLD 672
Published on 27th November 2019

At first, please let me apologize for publishing this report only now, it has been more than a year overdue, I simply did not get enough time for it to be translated.


We spent the night at the Renaissance Polat and get back to the airport via taxi for a ridiculeous … 2€ for a 5 minutes drive. I booked the taxi 4H before the flight as the old Atatürk airport could easily be a nightmare to be accessed. So we left the hotel at 11H30A.

I did well as it took 45' just to enter the airport due to chaotic and poorly organized pre-checks.

Also a mess was to find the RJ desk, the screens did not show where it was and the airport simply crowded. By the time we got to the counter, it was already 12H30 .

The check in itself took another 30'' as the agent had to verify my credit card (third country booking : booked in France, departure from Turkey to Jordan. This always triggers additional checks). He was unsure with the process and needed to call the Amman offices a few times. Half an hour later we are finally checked in and good to go :)

We were happy to be able to use the fast lane as the regular ones were crowded.  The border police control went very quick and well but the inspection took again, forever. Eventually, we got fully airside at 01:30PM

The Millenium lounge is also not close to the checks, we arrived there by 01:45PM and boarding time was scheduled for 02:25P, a good hour before the scheduled departure time. That didn't left a lot of time. We decided to latest leave the lounge by 02;20 in case of any additional unexpected thing :) 

Atatürk was really crowded. Those days are now gone :) 

photo dsc_1265_resultat

Some overpriced Turkish bread and food on the way to the lounge :

photo dsc_1262_resultat-88


We were warmly greeted at the entrance and given the access code for the wi-fi. I have not seen such a hassle to connect for a long time. At first, select the wi-fi network, then enter the network password : Cannakale, then enter user name : Ganziatep2 and then, the user password : XdcxXY99b47g33PAQ22. Not impressed :(

Tried on I-Pad, I-phone and laptop, it never worked. I gave up after a few tries as our boarding gate changed and was now announced at the far end of the terminal building. My mom went outside to have a quick smoke while I remained in the lounge to snap a few pictures. 

The lounge entrance:

photo dsc_1266_resultat-99

Kids zone:

photo dsc_1267_resultat


photo dsc_1264_resultat

Cold offering:

photo dsc_1268_resultatphoto dsc_1269_resultat

Some soup:

photo dsc_1271_resultat

And two hot dishes:

photo dsc_1272_resultatphoto dsc_1273_resultat

Given how good Turkish deserts are, this is rather disappointing:

photo dsc_1270_resultat

Tea and coffee stations:

photo dsc_1277_resultatphoto dsc_1278_resultat

Unfortunately the tables were not often cleared from food remains and the lounge was clearly understaffed:

photo dsc_1279_resultat

I could kill for Turkish cheese and kasir. Kasir is a wheat salad made with a special pomegranate kind of dressing amongst others. This is a traditional country side dish and is a delight to eat. But not that day as is was lucke warm and should be served really … cold. Uneatable. The cheese was low quality I almost left the plate untouched. Not to mention the rosé wine that was ways too hot.
Note the spoon as there was no forks left. 

photo dsc_1280_resultat

We left ways before we had planned to do.

photo dsc_1281_resultat

boarding gate 217 and spotting

The boarding room was ample enough, actually even oversized for the 100 passengers of today's Embraer

photo dsc_1285_resultat

 A 320 Jazeera and 773 TK:

photo dsc_1282_resultatphoto dsc_1283_resultat

Our Embraer's tail:

photo dsc_1284_resultat

Onur Air A320 while a TK A319 arrives in front of Atatürk's famous boneyard:

photo dsc_1286_resultatphoto dsc_1287_resultat

TK A321with a special livery and another just landing:

photo dsc_1288_resultatphoto dsc_1289_resultat

Turkish almost everywhere:

photo dsc_1290_resultat

in flight

Boarding started very early, at 02H30PM for a 03H25 departure. But as the plane arrived early I imagine that the ground crew didn't want to waste time. Business is called first but nobody really checked who was eligible. A nice mess at the gate :)

photo dsc_1292_resultat

The leading steward gives a very warm welcome and as I took the following two picture, a security officer seated in 3A greats me with a loud "NO PHOTO". I explained I am taking pictures for my own pleasure and they will stay private (ok, not really true but .. who cares? ^^). He then said ok but I kept a low profile in snapping more pics. 

photo dsc_1294_resultatphoto dsc_1295_resultat

It is a real business class, so different from the traditional Eurobusiness we are used to in Europe:

photo dsc_1301_resultatphoto dsc_1300_resultat

Safety Card:

photo dsc_1297_resultatphoto dsc_1298_resultat

A pillow was at every seat while blankets were on demand:

photo dsc_1296_resultat

On-board literature:

photo dsc_1299_resultat

Arabic coffee was offered upon seating:

photo dsc_1302_resultat

Followed by a choice of juices:

photo dsc_1304_resultat

And a water bottle:

photo dsc_1305_resultat

I was impressed by the first three rounds of drinks, this everything while the plane was boarding. It was followed by a newspaper service.
I was a bit intrigued by this 737-500 I had never seen before:

photo dsc_1306_resultatphoto dsc_1309_resultat

Google being our best friend, it belongs to TARON Aviation, an Armenian airline (in the meantime, already gone ^^)
Two of the last A340-300 in TK's fleet at that time (also gone) and the 735 again: 

photo dsc_1308_resultat

Red tails everywhere :)

photo dsc_1312_resultat

We pushed back on time and drove close to this 340. I love this plane!

photo dsc_1314_resultat

The boneyard again:

photo dsc_1315_resultat

A330 Cargo followed by a 737-900ER :

photo dsc_1316_resultatphoto dsc_1317_resultat

330 and 738:

photo dsc_1318_resultatphoto dsc_1319_resultat

And off we go:

photo dsc_1320_resultatphoto dsc_1322_resultat

This should be IST (the soon to be new airport!):

photo dsc_1323_resultat

Black sea:

photo dsc_1324_resultat

And U turn over the Asian part of Istanbul:

photo dsc_1325_resultatphoto dsc_1326_resultat

Istanbul is huge!!

photo dsc_1327_resultatphoto dsc_1328_resultat

A few random winglet shoots plus some aerial views:

The service was about to start. Note the folding tray and the front seat that doesn't look clean at all.

photo dsc_1333_resultat

The service started with a warm towel:

photo dsc_1334_resultat

Followed by the table dressing:

photo dsc_1335_resultat

It was an all in one tray:

photo dsc_1336_resultatphoto dsc_1337_resultat

Focus on the main dish:

photo dsc_1338_resultat

While it was perfectly adequate, two years before on the same route, a full hot meal was offered with a choice between three entrees.

This is still very good but sadly, the cost cutting also reached RJ famous J class. The meat ball, samossa and bread were all served hot but still, it is not a hot entree :(

Lunch with a view:

photo dsc_1339_resultat

Coffee service:

photo dsc_1340_resultat

We are now leaving Turkey:

photo dsc_1341_resultat



photo dsc_1346_resultatphoto dsc_1347_resultatphoto dsc_1348_resultat

Jordan valley and the Sea of Galilee at upper part  of the pictures:

Jordan River:

photo dsc_1353_resultat

Followed by Amman:

Winglet shoot:

photo dsc_1359_resultat

As we leave Amman behind, the landscape becomes more arid: 

photo dsc_1362_resultatphoto dsc_1363_resultat

This is one of my favorite picture:

photo dsc_1364_resultat

Heading back to the airport:

photo dsc_1366_resultat

And landed:

photo dsc_1367_resultat

This E135 was chartered by the NATO and half of the Fly Jordan fleet:

photo dsc_1368_resultatphoto dsc_1369_resultat

The terminal building:

photo dsc_1370_resultat

Yemenia  A320:

photo dsc_1371_resultat

And the second half of Fly Jordan's fleet:

photo dsc_1372_resultat

E135 again:

photo dsc_1373_resultatphoto dsc_1374_resultat

Almost there:

photo dsc_1376_resultat

The crew bids a warm farewell and after buying our (expensive!) visa -40JD > 50€, picking up the luggage and locating our driver, the holidays can start!

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Royal Jordanian

Cabin crew10.0

Millenium Lounge


Istanbul - ISL


Amman - AMM



IST was overcrowded and at that time the new airport was largely overdue. This is now past ;)

RJ was great, the cost cutting in the catering a bit sad but still, the meal was perfectly adequate.

AMM airport is really nice plus this afternoon arrival meant an off peak time, meaning zero wait at immigration.

Thank you for reading, the return should be online soon!

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