Review of Royal Jordanian flight Amman Istanbul in Business

Airline Royal Jordanian
Flight RJ 167
Class Business
Seat 1A
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 25 Sep 18, 17:30
Arrival at 25 Sep 18, 19:50
RJ 56 reviews
By GOLD 1026
Published on 28th November 2019

As promised, I tried not to wait another year to publish the rest of the series :) 


We have been dropped off in front of the dedicated check in area for Business. Royal Jordanian has a private part of the terminal for business and status passengers.

Check in was a bit of a hassle since the system was saying that we were no show on the IST to AMM flight, thus automatically voiding the E-Ticket for the return. We showed the agent the bag tags and our boarding passes that we kept and those were sufficient proofs for him. But still he couldn't manually re-open the E-tix. After a long call to the ticketing service, the problem is solved. The whole story took about 20 minutes but we could wait on sofas and were offered water in the meantime. 

photo dsc_1595photo dsc_1596

Following the check in zone, there is a business and status only police check followed by security check. We breeze the two controls in less than 2 minutes.

The garden looks amazing and I liked the fact that the lawn was all artificial in a country that receives so less water falls. 

photo dsc_1597

I really like Queen Alia Airport, it is bright and airy, the only downside is that it can be quite noisy.

photo dsc_1598photo dsc_1599

crown lounge

We then headed to the Crown lounge. The entrance is really poorly designed as there is only one lift or the emergency exit stairs. There are two lifts on the other side of the lounge but as nobody mans the welcome desk, in the last three years, I have never seen them accessible. We had no troubles to go up, but to go down we had to wait more than 5 minutes as the lift is for max 4 people with luggage and there were 10 people waiting.

photo dsc_1600photo dsc_1601

We were warmly welcomed and went to the left side of the lounge that is much quieter but at the opposite of the buffet.

photo dsc_1602


photo dsc_1603

This is the very poor wine offering:

photo dsc_1604photo dsc_1605

Lounge area:

photo dsc_1606

The fruits weren't that good:

photo dsc_1607

Two juice fountains, the juices were good but at the time we visited the lounge, there was not a single glass, only plastic cups were available even for wine. Not that business … 

photo dsc_1608

Local handcraft :

photo dsc_1609

There is some hot food also:

photo dsc_1610photo dsc_1611photo dsc_1612

Chicken skewers in a cream sauce, jordanian köfte, vegetables and pasta with tomato sauce. Nothing to write a book about.
There is also soup but the container looks so awful:

photo dsc_1614

Homous is also available:

photo dsc_1613

Salad bar:

photo dsc_1617

Coffee machines, one of them wasn't working:

photo dsc_1615

This is what they called the dessert buffet:

photo dsc_1616

My selection:

photo dsc_1620photo dsc_1621

Wasn't that good. I can't say it was bad, but really low quality food. Nothing to do with the typical Jordanian kitchen…

A last snap of the lounge before we left: 

photo dsc_1619

Travel docs:

photo dsc_1622a


The way to the terminal side where RJ operates most of its flights:

photo dsc_1623

Our 788 being catered:

photo dsc_1624

Terminal view:

photo dsc_1625

The NATO 135 is still there:

photo dsc_1626

A320 RJ:

photo dsc_1627

JY-BAA, our plane, was the first Dreamline to be delivered to Royal Jordanian:

photo dsc_1628photo dsc_1629photo dsc_1630

Front door:

photo dsc_1631

This E95 was bound to Damman:

photo dsc_1633photo dsc_1634


photo dsc_1635

A321 with a white radome:

photo dsc_1636photo dsc_1637photo dsc_1638

the flight

Boarding started on time with Business class passengers first. The way to the aircraft is pretty long:

photo dsc_1639photo dsc_1641

Our bird:

photo dsc_1640

The welcome is a bit cold, we are just wished welcome aboard and asked for our boarding pass before being whisked to our seats:

photo dsc_1644

The cabin:

photo dsc_1645photo dsc_1646

My seat:

photo dsc_1647

The screen is big with a very nice definition:

photo dsc_1648

Safety Card:

photo dsc_1649photo dsc_1650

Seat controls:

photo dsc_1651


photo dsc_1652

Feet box:

photo dsc_1653

Something I don't like is that you see everything that is on your neighbour seat:

photo dsc_1654

Power plugs:

photo dsc_1655


photo dsc_1656

Welcome coffee but no juice offer this time, this is a bit sad:

photo dsc_1657

The armrest can be lowered:

photo dsc_1658

Legroom is great:

photo dsc_1659

Forward galley:

photo dsc_1661photo dsc_1662

The lavs are clean but on the small side:

photo dsc_1665photo dsc_1666photo dsc_1667

Headset are being handed out before push back:

photo dsc_1668photo dsc_1669

We left 5 minutes early:

photo dsc_1670photo dsc_1671

The safety movie, that was quite funny, is being played:

Hope to be back soon AMM!!

photo dsc_1678

I think both of us begin to know this E-135 :)

photo dsc_1682

Iraqi Airways 738:

photo dsc_1680photo dsc_1681


photo dsc_1684

That was the last A310 Cargo operated by RJ, by now that one is also gone.

photo dsc_1686

This one has been on storage for a while, the engines are already gone:

photo dsc_1690photo dsc_1691

Air Peace and one of its 735. This Nigerian airline has a very, very bad safety record. It manage to write off three of its 735 within two months in landing accidents, with no fatalities though.

photo dsc_1687photo dsc_1688

Air Leasure, a charter and ACMI egyptian operator that used to operate A342 (last scheduled airline to operate it), being replaced by A332 and then ceased operations.

photo dsc_1692photo dsc_1693

Two 737, a -500 and a -400 Aero Contractors, another strange Nigerian operator. Started services, suspended services and just restarted again. I don't believe the first of the Boeing could fly again, the second one is looking better but the engines are not covered up, doubting it could fly again any time soon.

photo dsc_1695photo dsc_1696

Skypower Airline 737-300F, also from Nigeria, as obscure as the other two airlines above.
The L-1011 in the back ground was an ex- Delta frame that was sold to Sky Gate International that intended to fly it on ACMI. Never happened though. 

photo dsc_1697

This L-1011 really flew for Luz Air a Portuguese ACMI/Charter airline. The airline became "White" that still operates for TAP with ATR42/72:

photo dsc_1699photo dsc_1700

Royal Falcon was a Jordanian charter airline that flew between 2007 and 2016, here their A320 and in the background with only the tail visible their 734:

photo dsc_1701photo dsc_1702

Alexandria airlines, still active with this 737 and, to my surprise, a 777-300 (SU-KHP) taken up but since, put in storage …

photo dsc_1703

Tarco Air, never heard about them, they are based in Sudan and operate a small 737 and a single F50 fleet:

photo dsc_1704

Those 767-200 belonged to  Safi Airways and Silver Airways, very unlikely to see them taking flight again:

photo dsc_1705

Another view:

photo dsc_1707photo dsc_1708

This  A320 belongs to Jordan Aviation just back from a lease to Kish Air, it is now engine less. That bird is over 23 years old

photo dsc_1706

That 727 will definitively not fly again:

photo dsc_1711

So won't this L-1011:

photo dsc_1713

After this interesting spotting, we took off in the westerly direction:

photo dsc_1715photo dsc_1716

I was looking forward to a beautiful view over Dead Sea, but their was heat fog that day, so this is the best picture I could take in distance:

photo dsc_1720

Before Dead Sea:

photo dsc_1721

The Jordanian Dead Sea coast:

photo dsc_1722photo dsc_1723

I really needed to work on the picture to be able to see something:

photo dsc_1724photo dsc_1726

We are here:

photo dsc_1727photo dsc_1728

The moving map is really well done:

photo dsc_1729photo dsc_1730

Service started with a hot towel:

photo dsc_1732

The IFE is really nice, but no time to explore everything on this short flight:

photo dsc_1733photo dsc_1734

Over Israel:

photo dsc_1735

The table is set by a very distant and cold crew member:

photo dsc_1737

Leaving Israel:

photo dsc_1738

The tray is delivery without smile and looks almost the same as the one we got on the inbound flight:

photo dsc_1739photo dsc_1740

Dessert and salad:

photo dsc_1741photo dsc_1742

Hot bread:

photo dsc_1743

Playing a bit with the window:

photo dsc_1744

Drinks are served 10 minutes after the tray, but they were so hot that we had to ask for ice.

photo dsc_1745

The samossa was the same as on the outbound, the baba ganoush wasn't good, the meat ball uneatable. The tomato and the vegetables were ok.
Coffee is served later, still without a smile.

photo dsc_1746photo dsc_1747

The cabin layout is a bit weird with a large open space at the back of the cabin close to the doors, surely meant to be a bar on long haul flights and a further lavatory.

photo dsc_1749photo dsc_1750

The bar:

photo dsc_1751

Door 2:

photo dsc_1752

Bed mode just to test:

photo dsc_1753photo dsc_1754

A very stange thing, the seat doesn't touch the feet box in full. There is a hole between both on almost half of the seat. Very uncomfortable.

photo dsc_1755

Seated or on lounge mode, the seat is really nice, but not in the bed mode, definitively. Some wing views: 

photo dsc_1756photo dsc_1757

As already mentioned, you see both screens, and that is something that really disturbs me.

photo dsc_1759photo dsc_1760

The sun begins to set and here, plays with some layers of clouds:

photo dsc_1763photo dsc_1764photo dsc_1765

And the "real" sunset:

photo dsc_1768

Almost cloud surfing:

photo dsc_1769

The weather in Istanbul isn't that nice:

photo dsc_1770photo dsc_1772photo dsc_1773

We landed under the rain, with a cold 16° that was almost 20 degrees less than Dead Sea :(

We had to beg for fast passes as only 5 were available for 10 passengers. The crew gave them out to the first 5 and then asked us to contact the ground staff with whom we had to argue to get them. Not really business friendly.

We were really glad we argued as the lines at the immigration were terrible, but mostly empty at the fast lane. The bags were delivered within 5 minutes and we hopped to the taxi to go back to the Renaissance for a last night before heading back to Europe with KLM. 

touristic bonus: sunsets over dead sea

The sunsets over Dead Sea are really famous, the colors are breathtaking:

baptism site

This place, along the Jordan river is considered as being the site were Jesus was christened. Access is possible either from Palestine or Jordan. Unfortunately the Jordan river is not a river anymore, but just a little stream of water.

It is very dry around:

This should be the Jordan River:

photo dsc_1473

This is the place where Jesus was christened:

photo dsc_1476

Three popes already came to this site: John Paul II, Benedict XVI et the latest, Francis:

photo dsc_1478photo dsc_1479

Some mosaics:

photo dsc_1481photo dsc_1482

There is a beautiful church close to the river:

photo dsc_1483photo dsc_1485photo dsc_1487

And here is the "River":

photo dsc_1490

The Palestinian side:

photo dsc_1491photo dsc_1497

And the Jordan site, with some christenings:

photo dsc_1493photo dsc_1496

The water color is not that appealing :(

photo dsc_1495

 A last view of the church before leaving. Christians and Muslims leave in peace in Jordan.

photo dsc_1499

Jordanian flag:

photo dsc_1504

dead sea day time

If the sunsets are breathtaking, the day view is also very nice during the day. That was the view from our room:

photo dsc_1413photo dsc_1414photo dsc_1415
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This wasn't a great flight with RJ. The crew was below average and the food not really good. Compared to the last time I took them, there was a big, big downgrade in term of quality.

AMM was very easy to navigate, as usual. The Crown lounge is ok daytime, nighttime it is another story.

Thank you for reading, the next part will be online very soon.

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