Review of KLM flight Istanbul Amsterdam in Business

Airline KLM
Flight KL1614
Class Business
Seat 02F
Aircraft Boeing 737-700
Flight time 03:35
Take-off 26 Sep 18, 17:00
Arrival at 26 Sep 18, 19:35
KL   #29 out of 69 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 951 reviews
By GOLD 801
Published on 29th November 2019

We spent the night at the Renaissance Polat as we did on the outbound. It is again a mess to enter the airport, we needed a good 20 minutes to access the terminal. The checking was not open yet but would be in 15''.
We opted to wait in front of the Sky Priority check in desk.
ISX was very crowded and more or less a zoo, bags everywhere and people seated on the floor. Sorry for the blurry picture…

photo dsc_1777

There were unattended bags mostly everywhere and it doesn't seemed to be a problem. Watch the red bag in the middle of the picture, it stayed there for a good 20 minutes with police walking around that absolutely didn't care.

photo dsc_1778-12

Security and police checks were expedited in no time, thanks to the fast pass. Airside it was a bit quieter.

photo dsc_1779photo dsc_1780

comfort lounge ii (ex- sky team lounge)

In preparation to the move to the new Istanbul Airport, the Skyteam lounge changed to Comfort Lounge II.

photo dsc_1781

The welcome was really nice, I was looking forward to seeing if there were changes with the switch from ST to Comfort Lounge.
There is a working area :

photo dsc_1782

No changes in the seating area:

photo dsc_1791

Here are the soft and hot drinks stations :

photo dsc_1783

Pasta that didn't look really inspiring:

photo dsc_1784photo dsc_1786


photo dsc_1785


photo dsc_1787

Salad bar:

photo dsc_1789photo dsc_1790

And some sweets:

photo dsc_1788

My selection:

photo dsc_1792

I wouldn't say it was good but it wasn't bad either. Would compare that to a canteen at best.

a bit of spotting before the flight

We only had 55 minutes layover in AMS to connect from non- Schengen to Schengen, that means we would have to clear security and immigration. That is pretty tight and will even be more tight as the inbound flight arrived 25 minutes late. Given how congested IST was, I was expecting at least the same delay, if not worse, on departure.

A beautiful ATA MD83

photo dsc_1793

A321Neo TK:

photo dsc_1794photo dsc_1798

That one is my bird, sorry, couldn't do any better picture :(

photo dsc_1795

Another A321 and the ISX graveyard:

photo dsc_1796photo dsc_1797

Boarding start at 04:45PM, 15" before scheduled time with a strict respect of the priority:

photo dsc_1799photo dsc_1800

The door:

photo dsc_1801photo dsc_1802

Fuselage shoot:

photo dsc_1803

the flight

The purser gave us a very warm welcome.

We immediately noticed that all the J Racks were full although the cabin not full was. The purser offers to stow my mother's trolley behind business class and mine under our middle seat.

I informed him about our short connection and his answer really amazed me: "Yes I know you are going to Basel and that your connection is tight. Don't worry as soon as we land, I'll pick up your mother's bag and bring it up front".

So here is my trolley under the seat:

photo dsc_1810photo dsc_1805

The pitch is really good:

photo dsc_1804

Safety card:

photo dsc_1806photo dsc_1807photo dsc_1808

A321 next door:

photo dsc_1809

A welcome drink was offered upon boarding:

photo dsc_1811

The boarding was expedited in no time and we would only push back with a 5' delay.

photo dsc_1812

Another Iranian MD83:

photo dsc_1813photo dsc_1815


photo dsc_1816

Saudia A333:

photo dsc_1818

777-300ER TK :

photo dsc_1817photo dsc_1819

TK is at home here:

photo dsc_1820

A320 departing while a 773 arrives:

photo dsc_1822


photo dsc_1823photo dsc_1824

Another miracle, no wait to take off, we are number two only:

photo dsc_1826

Farewell to ISX, it was my last time through Atatürk and I will not really miss it :)

photo dsc_1825

The two 340 did not move:

photo dsc_1827

Line up:

photo dsc_1828

TK and Iran Air Tours:

photo dsc_1830photo dsc_1831

Off we go and TK retro delivery :

photo dsc_1833

After take off views:

photo dsc_1835photo dsc_1836photo dsc_1841

Winglet shoot:

photo dsc_1843

We flew close to Black Sea:

photo dsc_1845

Pillows are handed out:

photo dsc_1847

The service starts with an aperitif, something AF doesn't do on longer flights like the one to AMM.

Bacardi coke for me:

photo dsc_1848photo dsc_1849

Menus are handed out:

photo dsc_1850


photo dsc_1851photo dsc_1852

The Ciel Bleu inspired the menu:

photo dsc_1853

The menu can be used for the day:

photo dsc_1854photo dsc_1855

Hot towels are offered:

photo dsc_1856

My mother took the salmon, she said it was excellent!

photo dsc_1857

I took the chicken together with a fresh apple juice, always excellent on KL!

photo dsc_1858

This is the whole tray:

photo dsc_1859

Without the dessert lid:

photo dsc_1860

With the cutlery:

photo dsc_1861

Coffee service:

photo dsc_1862

The meal was really good, my only concern was the cold cut as started: it was a bit to much and too greasy. But all in all a good meal.
Dinner with a view:

photo dsc_1863

Front view:

photo dsc_1865

The recline is pretty good:

photo dsc_1866

We entered the Dutch airspace:

photo dsc_1869

The sun starts to set:

photo dsc_1870photo dsc_1872

A lovely overwater sunset:

We eventually landed on time and taxied next to this 74F:

photo dsc_1887photo dsc_1888

Even if all should now run according to the plan, this is … Amsterdam and in Amsterdam things not often go as per the plan.

The captain informs us that we are going to park at terminal C, which is a Schengen Terminal, that meant : a bus will bring us to Terminal E were the checks are going to be. That is a big waste of time.

The purser holds is promise and picks us my mother bag before everyone stands up and wishes us good luck with the transfer. We rush out of the plane to the bus and then we have to wait until it fills up as KLM doesn't offer a dedicated bus for J.

We then are transfered to the Terminal E where we face a passport control upon leaving the bus. Then we head to the security that was empty.
We run to the police controls that were also empty and at that time it is 20H10 and the flight is noted as last call. We are at Terminal D after the checks and we now run as crazy to Terminal B. My mother is in her early 60 so still fit but no more at her best. Will we make it? The answer in the next chapter :)

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Cabin crew10.0

Comfort Lounge II


Istanbul - ISL


Amsterdam - AMS



The cabin is older than AF's A320 but much more comfortable even if not a real business class cabin.

The crew was really nice and the food appropriate.

ISX was a mess and I am glad it is now gone.

AMS can be a pain on short connections and this day wasn't an exception.

Thanks for reading!!

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