Review of Air France Hop flight Mulhouse / Bâle Paris in Economy

Airline Air France Hop
Flight AF1193
Class Economy
Seat 04F
Aircraft Embraer E-170
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 08 Feb 19, 11:00
Arrival at 08 Feb 19, 12:15
AF   #40 out of 67 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 795 reviews
By GOLD 249
Published on 2nd December 2019

Happy to be back for another translation from the French pages to the English ones :)
The first two legs of the journey may not be that interesting but they are needed to have the whole picture.
So please stay with me for the intra-European part, the best is to come.  


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eap bale mulhouse fribourg

After a super smooth check in, the security was another story. Not that there were lots of people, only 4 in the queue, but none of them was a frequent traveler, even worse, far from that.

The  first passenger had all its personal care items in a big purse. Everything needed to be emptied, checked and half of it had to be trashed as too heavy. Once he was done, his wife would do exactly the same. The third person did not better as on top of the care item, he had a bottle of coke in his hand bag…

And the last person in front of me had … two knifes. I had more than enough time but when you wait in line and you see this everything you just think, wtf …

I then headed to the lounge.   

photo dsc_0532_resultatphoto dsc_0533_resultat

This travelator has since been removed:

photo dsc_0534_resultat

The airport is pretty empty:

photo dsc_0535_resultatphoto dsc_0536_resultat

My flight is scheduled on time:

photo dsc_0537_resultatphoto dsc_0538_resultatphoto dsc_0539_resultat

skyview lounge

The entrance to the lounge:

photo dsc_0540_resultat

Very warm welcome at the desk. The agents there are always super friendly. 

Unfortunately the offer is being changed from breakfast to lunch meaning the buffets are half empty.

No more cheese for instance: 

photo dsc_0541_resultat

The salad bar is not set up yet:

photo dsc_0542_resultat

Breakfast left over:

photo dsc_0543_resultat

Cold cuts:

photo dsc_0544_resultat


photo dsc_0545_resultat

My morning selection:

photo dsc_0546_resultat

Travel docs:

photo dsc_0547_resultat-70745

A bit of European spotting with HOP / CRJ 700 bound to Orly and Austrian - E95 to Vienna :

photo dsc_0548_resultatphoto dsc_0549_resultat

Air Dolomiti - E95 from and to FRA:

photo dsc_0550_resultatphoto dsc_0551_resultat

EAP is one of Easyjet's base:

photo dsc_0552_resultat

Air Dolomiti again:

photo dsc_0553_resultat

This A300 operates for DHL :

photo dsc_0554_resultat

BA A319 ex and to  LHR:

photo dsc_0555_resultat

The CR7 departs:

photo dsc_0558_resultat

EasyJet A320:

photo dsc_0559_resultatphoto dsc_0560_resultatphoto dsc_0561_resultat

That is my E-70 arriving:

photo dsc_0563_resultatphoto dsc_0564_resultatphoto dsc_0565_resultat

A closer shoot:

photo dsc_0566_resultatphoto dsc_0567_resultat

Goodbye little CR7. ERJ-145 are now on the ORY run:

photo dsc_0568_resultat

As my plane arrived, it is now time for me to leave.

photo dsc_0569_resultat

the flight

Gate 1 is actually at the opposite side of the airport and just in front of the security, meaning a full back tracking :)

photo dsc_0570_resultat

On time!

photo dsc_0571_resultat

X-Ray India today:

photo dsc_0572_resultat

OS is leaving:

photo dsc_0574_resultatphoto dsc_0575_resultat

Embraer tails:

photo dsc_0573_resultat

Boarding starts on time:

photo dsc_0576_resultatphoto dsc_0577_resultat

This is the typical E70 / E90 cabin with Air France HOP!

photo dsc_0578_resultatphoto dsc_0579_resultat

Front view:

photo dsc_0580_resultat

Safety Card:

photo dsc_0581_resultatphoto dsc_0582_resultat

TK - 739ER :

photo dsc_0583_resultat

KLM - E90 :

photo dsc_0584_resultatphoto dsc_0585_resultat

On time push back and on our way to the runway:

photo dsc_0586_resultatphoto dsc_0587_resultat

We crossed the second runway of the airport:

photo dsc_0589_resultat

AMAC / Jet Aviation / Basel Air Service:

photo dsc_0590_resultatphoto dsc_0591_resultat

Lots of nice private birds:

photo dsc_0592_resultatphoto dsc_0593_resultat

This is Hésingue:

photo dsc_0594_resultat

EAP in distance:

photo dsc_0595_resultatphoto dsc_0596_resultat

I leave here:

photo dsc_0599_resultatphoto dsc_0600_resultat

This is the typical day time snack on a domestic flight:

photo dsc_0601_resultat

A very cloudy sky

photo dsc_0602_resultat

We landed 5 minutes early and are welcomed with this beautiful ARJ-85 from CityJet:

photo dsc_0603_resultat

Heading to the infamous 2G :

photo dsc_0606_resultat

E190 in the foreground and behind a Regourd Aviation ERJ-145:

photo dsc_0607_resultatphoto dsc_0608_resultat

Thanks for reading, the second part will be out soon! 

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Air France Hop

Cabin crew9.0

Skyview EuroAirport Lounge


Mulhouse / Bâle - EAP


Paris - CDG



Even if the cabin begins to show its age, I like the E-170/190, at least Air France's ones.

The crew was friendly and happy to do their job, the catering was appropriate.

Both airports were more than great and so was the lounge.

See you soon and thanks for reading!

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5589 Comments

    EAP/MLH has a really nice lounge that you wouldn't expect in a secondary city/non-hub airport. Nice spotting! It was a nice clear day for it. Is there a spotting terrace at EAP? I always like a ride on an E-Jet, they really are the most comfortable and spacious in Y.

    Thanks for sharing!

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