Review of Virgin America flight Washington San Francisco in Economy

Airline Virgin America
Flight VX069
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 05:15
Take-off 12 Oct 12, 10:35
Arrival at 12 Oct 12, 12:50
VX 26 reviews
By GOLD 3889
Published on 29th August 2013
Hi everyone!

This flight actually took place back in October of 2012. I didn't post it at the time partly out of laziness and partly because I didn't think I had enough pictures. However, considering that there are still only a handful of reports on Virgin America, I decided to go ahead and post it.

We left home at around 8:30AM for a 10:30 AM departure. Normally it takes between 35 minutes and 45 minutes to get to Dulles Airport but the traffic was pretty bad that morning so it took a full hour. We were already checked-in online and didn't have any bags to check so we went directly to the security checkpoint.

Quick picture on the way to security. As you can see, 2 out of the 3 Virgins serve Washington-Dulles. I can't ever see Virgin Australia flying to IAD considering no aircraft even has that kind of range and a one-stop flight would probably not be very economically feasible. Anyway, I digress…

photo IMG_0551photo IMG_0005

I rarely fly on airlines on which I do not have Elite status and remembered why that morning. Security was a nightmare, as it can often be at this hour of the day, and not having access to fast-track lanes was a bit painful. I'm sorry Delta, I'll never cheat on you again :-)

As I mentioned earlier Dulles has both Virgin Atlantic and Virgin America. The two, as two separate compagnies, have completely separate operations at Dulles, ticket counter, gates, offices, etc. They do, however, share the wonderful Virgin Clubhouse. I have had the pleasure of trying the Virgin Clubhouse on an IAD-LHR flight on VS back in February of 2011. Too bad FR didn't exist back then; that was a great flight!

photo 100_2138

Considering the traffic was bad and security was a mess, there is not much time for spotting so I head directly to the gate.

photo IMG_0555

Hmm…is it me or is that a bit tacky? I get VX is an LCC but charging for bad headphones is kind of silly. But who am I to say–it could very well be a huge revenue generator for VX, LOL.

photo IMG_0554

Boarding begins on time with First Class, then Elites. I have to board with the regular cattle call. Sooooo not used to that anymore.

A few pics of our plane with a pretty ANA 77W passing behind.

photo IMG_0556photo IMG_0557

Boarding goes relatively smoothly. It appeared that pax did not have as much carry-on luggage as I am used to seeing on Delta flights. I believe it has to do with the fact that many of VX's fares allow for a free checked bag.

A320 or nightclub? I feel like there should be some lound House music thumping as we board, LOL
photo IMG_0558

The cabin is really new and modern and I really like the mood-lighting colors. It's kind of a cool vibe and definitely conveys VX's image of being young and hip. At the same time, I can understand that this type of atmosphere isn't for everyone.

photo IMG_0559

IFE with AVOD which is nice, some content is free and some you have to pay for (I can't remember, honestly)

photo IMG_0560

Safety Card…surprisingly kind of tattered.

photo IMG_0564photo IMG_0565

Pretty decent pitch for a domestic flight which is nice since it's a 5h+ transcon.

photo IMG_0566

The IFE remote is in the armrest which can be a little annoying

photo IMG_0567

View of the cabin at the end of boarding. The flight looked to be over 80% full.

photo IMG_0568photo IMG_0569

I remember push-back being about 15 minutes late and having a pretty long taxi time.

Patriotic winglet!

photo IMG_0574

One cool thing on VX is that you can order the BOB right on the screen and FAs bring you your selection a few minutes later.

photo IMG_0570

The prices are a bit high but not outrageous. Here's my selection; it was pretty decent.

photo IMG_0571

After eating I pretty much slept the rest of the flight. We landed in SFO and got to the gate about 15 minutes late, no big deal.

Parked next to another VX plane.

photo IMG_0576

So that's it. Sorry, I don't usually do short reports like this.

Thanks for reading!
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Virgin America

Cabin crew7.5

Washington - IAD


San Francisco - SFO



Good comfort for Y. Modern cabin with comfortable seats and decent pitch.
Good crew, very friendly and professional but they pretty much disappeared after drink services.
Good choice of BOB items
PTVs with AVOD big +++ on a long transcon
15 minute delay on departure and arrival

Information on the route Washington (IAD) San Francisco (SFO)


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