Review of Air Caraibes flight Pointe-à-Pitre Grand Case in Economy

Airline Air Caraibes
Flight TX300
Class Economy
Seat 5A
Aircraft ATR 72-500
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 18 Apr 19, 08:00
Arrival at 18 Apr 19, 08:55
TX   #24 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 176 reviews
Published on 21st December 2019

Hi there,

Welcome to a new traduced report serie to Washington state.


I didn't want to traduce all the introduction, it's avalaible  on my reports in french.
The routing (we chose AA because of the attractive prices with miles)


  • Pointe-à-Pitre -> Saint Martin Grand Case - Air Caraïbes (TX300) 04/18 You are here
  • Philadelphie int'l -> Omaha - American (AA4398) 04/18 Coming soon
  • Omaha -> Seattle/Tac. - Alaska (AS757) 04/19 Coming soon
  • Seattle/Tac. -> Philadelphie - American (AA564) 04/30 Coming soon
  • Philadelphie -> Saint Martin Juliana - American (AA2312) 05/01 Coming soon
  • Saint Martin Juliana -> Pointe-à-Pitre - Air Antilles (3S251) 05/01 Coming soon

Finally with this rounting I'll try Alaska and Omaha airport. Moreover, it's 6 exclusivity on 7 for the data base.


Air Caraïbes  isn't that much reported (only once from PTP-SFG by kosny).
We left our house nearby 5:45 am and arrived at 6:30am at Pointe-à-Pitre international airport.
Terminal 2 from outside

photo img_6379

We cross the customs and then on our right

photo img_6380

T2 airside is very modern, clear. There are many power outlets and wi-fi is working well

Flight to Saint-Barthélémy

photo img_6381

some pics of the terminal

photo img_6382photo img_6383

Boarding started at 7:45am

It's F-OIJK which will operate our flight today. It's  a 72-500 whereas the line is often operated by -600

photo img_6387

little walk on the parking

photo img_6388photo img_6389


photo img_6391

i'm  close  to the propeller

photo img_6392

travel docs

photo img_6394-79299


photo img_6395


photo img_6396

We push-back at 7:55 (instead of 8)

photo img_6397

Network : Air Caraîbes simply's hub is PTP.

photo img_6398photo img_6399

Two Air Antilles Express ATR : one with the old livery, one with the new.

We usually take-off face to the east in PTP, but this morning it'll be facing west. A short take-off so.

photo img_6405photo img_6406

Penitentiary center of Baie-Mahault

photo img_6407photo img_6409photo img_6410

We're leaving my island flying over Ste-Rose

photo img_6411photo img_6412

We pass Montserrat Island by the east.

photo img_6413photo img_6414

Then it's Nevis

photo img_6415

After, St-Kitts

photo img_6416photo img_6417photo img_6418

Our descend over St-Martin began at 8:35am, 10minutes after reached our cruising altitude

photo img_6421

photo img_6423

We reach St-Martin by the south. It's rather Sint-Maarten. St-Martin island is divided  in two parts : Saint-Martin, the french part, and Sint-Maarten, the dutch part. French part is located on the north, and dutch one's on the south. St-Martin's only 93 kilometers square., and inhabited by 75,000.

photo img_6424

Oyster pound (French side, we go around the island by the east)

photo img_6425

Etang aux Poissons, Quartier d'Orléans behind et Orient bay on the right (all in the french part: here, cities and towns have dutch, french, english or spanish names : it's doesn't matter at all)

photo img_6426

Orient bay with Grand-Case town and SFG airport (where we go : the French Airport). On the right : île caye-verte (french)

photo img_6427

On the right : Ilet pinel

photo img_6428

On the right of the propeller, the french cul de sac (there is a dutch one too). In the foreground, Grand Cayes bay.

photo img_6429photo img_6430

Anse Marcel

photo img_6431photo img_6432

We see Sandyground and Terres-Basses on the french side of the border. Behind, on the second isthmus, we can see LowLand Maho (dutch part), where is located Dutch Airport : Princess Juliana (SXM) : the international airport of the island which link St-Martin to Europe (AMS;CDG) and USA. SFG (Grand Case french airport) only has flights to Guadeloupe and St-Barthélémy.
I advise you to inquire about St-Martin island and its situation very specific.

photo img_6433

We move away from the "inland" to make a turn-over, tight and eventful as usual in Grand Case approaches.

photo img_6434

On the right, again Sandy Ground (you see, english name for a french territory) and behind LowLand Maho.

photo img_6435

Grand Case short runway

photo img_6436

Anguilla, only a few kilometers away from St-Martin, separated by the Anguilla Channel

photo img_6437

A rapid boat between Blowing Point (Anguilla) and Marigot (St-Martin french side's capital city, and also the biggest town on the island : 5700 inhabitants. Dutch side's capital, Philipsburg is inhabited by 1330 people, edified between the sea andd a pond).

photo img_6438

Then we have the strongest braking I've ever seen, the plane just fell, many people started to yell in the plane.

photo img_6439

5 sec later we're a way more lower

photo img_6440photo img_6441

We flying-over Grand-Case . as u can see, the house on the right testifies of Irma's passage 1 year and a half ago, who destroyed the island, simply.

photo img_6442

And the runway : touchdown at 8:42, forty minutes after took-off from Guadeloupe

photo img_6443

Powerful braking, the runway only measures 1100meters.

photo img_6444


photo img_6445

We  come-back to the airport building. Vegetation is totally different as in Guadeloupe (less beautifu), but omg, beaches are a way more  beautiful here in St-Martin!

photo img_6446

All these building have been built after Irma.

photo img_6447photo img_6448

After a passport control, even if we came from a French Department to a French Collectivity, we're allowed to enter in St-Martin. The airport has obviously  been rebuild after Irma

photo img_6449photo img_6450

We're outside at 8:55 (less than an hour after leaviing PTP). I love Dutch license plates.

photo img_6451

Then we walk till Grand Case town center to take the bus to Marigot (I remind : French side Capital), then we take an other bus to Koolbay (dutch side, no need to cross border : welcome to European union !!!), and finally a third bus to Juliana.  It costs us 3x$1,5 = $4,5/ person , instead of $40 in taxi. You just have to manage your time.
If you have the time, I really recommand this way to go from an airport to an other, it's cheaper, and you can see how St-Martin mixity is beautiful. I did live here, and it's one of the better place to life, without a doubt.

Also, as you can see, I used the $, cause in St-Martin, even if it's a french/dutch island, we pay in american dollars (instead of euros, here 1€=$1)… capitalism..
Actually, St-Martin is divided between french and dutch, nobody speak really dutch; You speak french, spanish and english, and a few speak dutch, but evereybody here is bilingual, love that.
Dutch part  is totally "americanised" so the island is more divided between french and usa than dutch.

SFG : Grand Case airport, regional airport located in french side, where we land.
SXM : Princess Juliana int'l airport, located in the dutch side, where we'll take-off

Stay tuned for the next flight to Philly!
Sorry for the mistakes I could make.

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Air Caraibes

Cabin crew8.5

Pointe-à-Pitre - PTP


Grand Case - SFG



TX : I didn't like my experience with TX : the crew was normal (not as nice as in transtlantic network), and catering is ... nothing, not even a glass of water, and we paid this flight with miles but Caribbean flights can cost almost 300€

PTP : Nothing to say, fluid, I like the Terminal 2.

SFG: fluid, many services. The building is pretty. It's too bad that we have to walk nearby 15min to reach a bus station. We're used to tropical heat, (even if it's hotter and dryer in St-Martin than Guadeloupe), some people are not.

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