Review of AeroMexico flight Mexico City Cancún in Business

Airline AeroMexico
Flight AM5989
Class Business
Seat 02A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:15
Take-off 01 May 19, 21:40
Arrival at 01 May 19, 23:55
AM   #42 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 97 reviews
By GOLD 1397
Published on 11th December 2019

A short reminder of the routing:


PAINFUL CONNEction at mexico

Painful was the appropriate term.

I was looking for the AM counters in Terminal 1 but they are in Terminal 2 and there is absolutely no signage, at least, none that I have seen, that indicates where to find AM in the airport. I had to ask a staff member that was friendly enough to help me by indicating I needed to take the airtrain.

The second problem is that the signage to the airtrain is also very bad. I found it by chance, actually. It is one floor above. 

photo dsc_0419_resultat

That was the only signage I noticed:

photo dsc_0420_resultat

This way:

photo dsc_0421_resultat

This is the platform:

photo dsc_0422_resultat-87565

Outside a thunderstorm just started:

photo dsc_0423_resultat

Train arriving:

photo dsc_0424_resultat

Terminal 1:

photo dsc_0425_resultatphoto dsc_0426_resultat


photo dsc_0428_resultat

Re- Volaris:

photo dsc_0429_resultat

346 IB back to Spain:

photo dsc_0431_resultatphoto dsc_0432_resultat

I love this bird:

photo dsc_0434_resultat

AeroMexico  738:

photo dsc_0435_resultat


photo dsc_0436_resultat

AM Embraer:

photo dsc_0438_resultat

 A lovely sunset:

photo dsc_0439_resultat

What also makes the transit painful is that there is only one rail, meaning there can only be one train at a time running. That makes an average of 4/5 trains only per hour or a wait up to 15'' to get it.

Arrived at T2: 

photo dsc_0441_resultat

As far as I saw it, the terminal 1 was old and ugly. Let's see what T2 has in store, but first, let's try out the AM Lounge.

aeromexico lounge terminal 2

photo dsc_0442_resultat

The same bad signage here. I had to ask my way as the only sign to the lounge was next to the elevator accessing it. I was warmly welcomed and made my way into it.

photo dsc_0443_resultat

There are a lot of people, making global pictures almost impossible.
The only spot I found to seat with a power outlet was at the communal table. In general the lounge missed outlets and they were really hard either to find or to get :) 

photo dsc_0444_resultat

Sorry for the blurry picture but this is mainly it for the food in the lounge. Some sandwiches and toppings:

photo dsc_0445_resultatphoto dsc_0446_resultat

And a soup with more toppings plus a not so fresh looking green salad. A better picture of the sandwich on the second picture plus a hot dish I wasn't able to recognize. No indications of what it was :(

photo dsc_0447_resultatphoto dsc_0448_resultat

Some vegetables:

photo dsc_0449_resultat

That's it. We are here in AM's flagship lounge. Not being impressed is an understatement. The soft drinks together with beers are self service. At least here, the choice is big with lots of different flavored coconut waters. 

photo dsc_0450_resultatphoto dsc_0451_resultat

I'll only take a maracuja coco nut water:

photo dsc_0452_resultat

My flight is supposed to leave on time:

photo dsc_0455_resultat

The access to the wifi was really simple but that where it stopped :) The connection was that slow that I wasn't even able to upload Flight-Report's home page.
That was the cherry on the cake and I decided to leave the terminal, with nothing to eat and unable to do anything. 

terminal 2 mex

As opposite to T1, this terminal is bright and airy:

photo dsc_0454_resultatphoto dsc_0459_resultat

The boarding areas are very well organized:

photo dsc_0460_resultatphoto dsc_0461_resultat

the flight

Boarding started exactly on time, I was second to board, just following a dead head pilot going back home:

photo dsc_0462_resultat

In the jet bridge:

photo dsc_0463_resultat

The purser greated each passenger with a smile, this is the sky interior cabin of this 738. First time for me on board an AeroMexico bird.

photo dsc_0464_resultatphoto dsc_0465_resultat

The seat really looks nice:

photo dsc_0466_resultat

All seats have individual reading lights and legrest. I was amused by the window seats having all pillows while the aisle seats having all blankets. 
Safety card: 

photo dsc_0467_resultatphoto dsc_0469_resultat

The pitch is great:

photo dsc_0470_resultat

Seat controls:

photo dsc_0471_resultat


photo dsc_0472_resultat

There are overhead screens:

photo dsc_0473_resultat

A welcome drink is offered, OJ or water. I took the OJ that wasn't that good.

photo dsc_0474_resultat

The seat looks like a US domestic first but is far better with the footrest and the individual lights.

photo dsc_0475_resultat

We pushed back on time:

photo dsc_0476_resultat

Spotting was not possible as the lights weren't dimmed for take off :(
The tablet was huge: 

photo dsc_0477_resultat

The IFE was great and much better than the one offered on board KLM flights:

photo dsc_0478_resultat

I was expecting to receive a snack and much to my surprise, I was offered this lovely tray and the tablet was covered with a linen. Even better, we had the choice betwen ham and cheese sandwich or chicken sandwich. I took the ham and cheese.

photo dsc_0479_resultat

It came together with a small caesar salad plus a rice pudding dessert. The sandwich was pretty generous:

photo dsc_0480_resultat

The sanwich was soft and really good, the salad fresh and feeling and the dessert made its job. I also loved the jalapenos that were served on the side (see top of the tray) 
Once the meal tray distributed, the purser offered snacks from a snack basket on top of everything. 

photo dsc_0481_resultat

I was really impressed by the high level of service. I managed to finish my movie and we were already landing.
Since the lights weren't dimmed again, no outside pictures.

Here the luggage delivery hall, pretty empty. 

photo dsc_0482_resultat

Stay tuned for the return flight, again on AM but a different story this time :)

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Cabin crew8.0

Aeromexico Salon Premier Ciudad De Mexico


Mexico City - MEX


Cancún - CUN



I was super positively surprised by the level of service delivered here by AM: friendly crew, lovely seat, solid IFE and a very nice dinner given we were on a domestic flight.

As much as I loved the flight, I hated the lounge and MEX. MEX is not efficient, a pain to transfer. The lounge offer is crap, the wifi a joke.

CUN was a breeze as we were one of the last flight of the evening. Always a bit strange when you are in an almost empty airport.

Thank you very much for reading!

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