Review of KLM Cityhopper flight Mulhouse / Bâle Amsterdam in Economy

Airline KLM Cityhopper
Flight KL1990
Class Economy
Seat 04A
Aircraft Embraer E-175
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 31 Jul 19, 18:25
Arrival at 31 Jul 19, 19:50
WA   #44 out of 87 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 332 reviews
By GOLD 176
Published on 12th December 2019

Welcome to this new series, I decided this time to translate to English some intra- European flights just to have more variety in the FR English data base. The routing looks like this:


  • EAP > AMS / KL CITYHOPPER / E75 / Y You are here
  • AMS > GDN / KL CITYHOPPER / E90 / Y Coming soon
  • GDN > WAW / LOT / Dash 8-Q400 / Y Coming soon
  • WAW > CDG / Air France / A319 / J Coming soon
  • CDG > EAP / HOP! / E70 / Y Coming soon

eap bale mulhouse freiburg

As almost everytime, my father drops us up. This time I'll be travelling with my mother and with a friend of mine, pretty well know on Flight Report as french moderator and contributor, Miss Air Bretzel.

photo img_1021_resultat

To go to the airport from the parking is really easy:

photo img_1022_resultatphoto img_1023_resultat

You can either access the terminal via the outside stairs or via the parking:

photo img_1024_resultat

Up to the check in:

photo img_1025_resultatphoto img_1026_resultat

We checked our bags in to give us the freedom of moving around without carrying a trolley. As we only have a 55' transit in Amsterdam, we crossed our fingers not to have any delay.

We used the security of the Swiss side that was basically empty :) 

photo img_1027_resultat

We perform the checks in no time and are immediately airside.

Work in progress: 

photo img_1028_resultat

No thank you, not today:

photo img_1029_resultat

If you want to avoid the duty free you should either be on a wheelchair, have a stroller or be a staff / crew member. Otherwise, duty free it will be.

photo img_1030_resultat

French national day was 2 weeks before, the Swiss one was the day after.

photo img_1031_resultat

Police controls for non Schengen and some randomly selected flights:

photo img_1032_resultat

EasyJet A320:

photo img_1033_resultat

skyview lounge eap

As usual, a very nice welcome is given.

photo img_1034_resultat

At the ground level, there is just some snacking:

photo img_1035_resultat

And this kind of pâté which is simply disgusting.

photo img_1036_resultat

Better this way :)

photo img_1037_resultat

Let me introduce you to Miss Air Bretzel :) 

photo img_1038_resultat

A few sandwiches also:

photo img_1039_resultat

Then we head upstairs:

photo img_1040_resultat

There are some ATC delays today, this 321 W9 to BEG stayed without moving for a good 30' while this A319 EasyJet to Santorini stayed another hour like that. 

photo img_1041_resultat


photo img_1042_resultatphoto img_1043_resultatphoto img_1044_resultat

Wait, our flight shows delayed. Not good as we have a short connection. A quick check on Flight Radar shows the inbound flight should arrive 25' minutes late. Given that the flight time are quite stretched in timetable

The buffet is in the snack mode, let's go to see what is on offer.

photo img_1045_resultatphoto img_1046_resultat

It is the first time I see this halal cold cut.

photo img_1047_resultatphoto img_1061_resultat

Some cookies not that good:

photo img_1048_resultat

Salted items and breads:

photo img_1049_resultat

At least the lounge indicates when the meal times are:

photo img_1050_resultat

Hard drinks:

photo img_1051_resultatphoto img_1052_resultat

We killed the Aperol bottle :)

photo img_1055_resultat


photo img_1058_resultat

Snack time!

photo img_1060_resultat-66723

In the meantime some hot dishes arrived, as we are now after 05PM:

photo img_1062_resultatphoto img_1063_resultat

The lounge has a really nice terrace:

photo img_1064_resultat

Brussels Airlines  A319 as also Germanwings:

photo img_1067_resultatphoto img_1068_resultat

Another WIZZ bird:

photo img_1069_resultat


photo img_1070_resultat

DHL A300:

photo img_1071_resultat

Germanwings on its way to PMI:

photo img_1072_resultat

Pegasus to SAW:

photo img_1073_resultatphoto img_1074_resultat

Today's highlight:

photo img_1077_resultatphoto img_1078_resultat

GetJet  737-400 for defunct Aigle Azur:

photo img_1079_resultat

Brussels Airlines goes back to BRU:

photo img_1080_resultat

This FedEx 757 goes to CDG:

photo img_1082_resultat

In the meantime there are shrimps on the buffet :)

photo img_1086_resultat

the flight

Our plane landed at 0615 for a scheduled departure at 0625 so we headed to the gate.

photo img_1091_resultatphoto img_1092_resultat

Our E-75:

photo img_1093_resultat

And pre-boarding is launched:

photo img_1094_resultat

Jetty controls and door:

photo img_1096_resultatphoto img_1097_resultat

Simple but nice welcome, this is the cabin of this Embraer. I really don't like those seats that are rock hard:

photo img_1098_resultatphoto img_1099_resultat

Safety card:

photo img_1100_resultatphoto img_1101_resultat

The pitch is good, we are in the extra legroom zone:

photo img_1102_resultat

Recline is also pretty good:

photo img_1103_resultat

The boarding is quickly completed, but we only pushed back at 0650 with 01:10 flight time, if we don't land on the Polderbaan, it should be ok.
A320 Smart Lynx for Sun Express to AYT: 

photo img_1104_resultat

Outside view:

photo img_1105_resultat

We give way to this A320:

photo img_1107_resultatphoto img_1108_resultat

And it's our turn:

photo img_1109_resultat

Another Easy bird behind us:

photo img_1110_resultat

Off we go

photo img_1111_resultatphoto img_1112_resultat

V1 :

photo img_1113_resultat


photo img_1114_resultat

The second runway at EAP:

photo img_1115_resultat

Cargo area:

photo img_1116_resultatphoto img_1117_resultat

Followed by St Louis and Basel:

And the region around it:

photo img_1123_resultat

I pay a quick visit to the lavs:

photo img_1124_resultatphoto img_1126_resultat

Galley and galley door:

photo img_1127_resultatphoto img_1129_resultat

Rear door:

photo img_1131_resultat

Cabin view:

photo img_1130_resultat

In flight:

photo img_1132_resultat

A sandwich with a cheese salad is served, together with a coke and a coffee:

photo img_1133_resultat

The bread isn't that good and the cheese pretty strong. Not the best sandwich I had…
North Sea: 

photo img_1134_resultatphoto img_1135_resultat

At that time the pilot informs us that we are going to land on — the Polderbaan, he expects a taxi of around 10 to 15 minutes and an arrival for 0815/0820. Given our next flight is at 0850, it will be quite short. If we park at the terminal we could make it, but if there is a bus transfer, it will be almost impossible.

photo img_1136_resultatphoto img_1137_resultat

Last turn:

photo img_1138_resultatphoto img_1139_resultat

That's us:

photo img_1140_resultat

Landed at 0805:

photo img_1141_resultat

We had a bit of luck as our pilot could take a short cut:

photo img_1142_resultat

We follow this Gowair A320:

photo img_1143_resultatphoto img_1144_resultat

And arrived at the Embraer Farm:

photo img_1146_resultatphoto img_1147_resultat

We were happy, we parked at the terminal. We knew the next plane would also leave from this terminal so we know we can make the transfer. But we doubt it for the bags :(

photo img_1149_resultatphoto img_1150_resultat

This way to our flight!

photo img_1151_resultat
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KLM Cityhopper

Cabin crew6.0

Skyview EuroAirport Lounge


Mulhouse / Bâle - EAP


Amsterdam - AMS



Would the flight be on time, it could have been a good flight but with the delay it was a bit of a rush to connect, specially when you fear that your bags won't follow.

The crew was ok but not at its best. The sandwich wasn't so good but at least they serve something.

EAP and AMS did their jobs.

The lounge was adequate, always a nice place to stay.

Next chapter will be online soon, will we get our bags??

Thanks for reading!

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