Review of Lufthansa flight Munich Sofia in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH1706
Class Economy
Seat 19E
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 05 Jul 19, 20:05
Arrival at 05 Jul 19, 22:55
LH   #63 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1538 reviews
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Published on 20th December 2019

A very warm welcome to a new Flight-Report series! This one will be covering my summer vacation. Unfortunately, I didn't do any long haul travels this past summer, instead focusing on visiting parts of Europe that were still foreign to me. I was stationed in Sofia from July to early September, so after this series you'll know Sofia Airport Terminal 2 like the back of your hand :-)


This series consists of 8 flights with 6 airlines on 4 types of aircraft passing through 7 airports. All flights were in Economy Class. The full routing can be seen below

The entire routing can be seen on the map below, courtesy of the Great Circle Mapper:

photo annotation-2020-04-25-020116

As for the booking, I booked this flight as a United award for 8K miles, just under 24 hours before takeoff.

day of departure

I drove my rented car from Innsbruck, and around two hours later I was at Munich Airport.

photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-55359-pm

Something was under construction in the courtyard, but there was a banner featuring a beautiful Lufthansa A350.

photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-55416-pm

munich franz josef strauss airport - eddm/muc

The check-in was empty, and the very friendly agent said that because of my late booking, late arrival at the airport, and a fully booked flight, my seat would be assigned at the gate. Ugh. I got my boarding pass and headed off to security.

photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-55458-pm

I was airside in under 5 minutes, and made my way to the Senator Lounge.

photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-55527-pm

lufthansa senator lounge munich non-schengen

Luckily the lounge wasn't too crowded, and I managed to take a few pictures.

photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-55551-pm-81751photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-55601-pm-83689

There was also a good selection of food. I took a Leberkäse (Bavarian/Austrian meat speciaity) and a focaccia pizza.

photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-55617-pm

For dessert, I enjoyed waffles with chocolate sauce, the same ones I had in Frankfurt in April.

photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-55634-pm

20 minutes before boarding, I headed to the gate.

photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-55655-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-55708-pm

At the gate, I got the bad news that I'd be in 19E, a middle seat. Oh well, at least it was a short flight during mostly dark conditions. Before boarding, I spotted for a little bit.

Lufthansa CityLine CRJ900 (D-ACKE 'Wernigerode') from Gdansk as LH1645.

photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-55739-pm

Lufthansa A320 (D-AIPB 'Heidelberg') from St. Petersburg as LH2565.

photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-55754-pm

Lufthansa A321 (D-AIDW) to Athens as LH1754.

photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-55806-pm

Oman Air A330-200 (A40-DE) from Muscat as WY123.

photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-55818-pm

Austrian A319 (OE-LDD 'Moscow') to Vienna as OS106.

photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-55830-pm

South African A330-200 (ZS-SXY) to Johannesburg as SA265.

photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-55844-pm

boarding + initial impressions

My ride to Sofia would be D-AIUQ, a 2016-built A320-214(WL).

photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-55722-pm

Boarding commenced on time and I was one of the first to board.

photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-55901-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-55946-pm

Fuselage shot.

photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-60000-pm

Welcome aboard your typical Lufthansa A320!

photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-60025-pm

Good wingview… too bad I couldn't enjoy it :-(

photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-60044-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-60114-pm

My view for the flight was just this.

photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-60132-pm

lufthansa 1706 - munich to sofia

Once the doors were closed, the captain added his welcome onboard and announced a flight time of 1:30. We pushed back from the gate and taxied to Runway 26L for our takeoff. The climbout was smooth and we slowly made our way towards the Balkans. Once we reached our cruising altitude of 35,000 feet, the service began. I chose water as my drink.

photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-60215-pm

snack service

I was surprised and disappointed when we were only given pretzels. I was used to this from my US domestic flying days, but in the other direction, LH serves a sandwich. I don't know what was up that day, but I wasn't happy. At least I ate in the lounge.

photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-60150-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-60203-pm


A look at the cabin.

photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-60229-pm

I binge-watched The Big Bang Theory until we commenced our descent.

photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-60258-pm

arrival in sofia

We landed in Sofia 3 minutes early, at 10:52 PM.

photo screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-60336-pm

routing of lh1706

photo screen-shot-2019-12-20-at-25431-pm

Thanks for reading!

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Cabin crew8.0

Lufthansa Senator Lounge non-Schengen - H


Munich - MUC


Sofia - SOF



A very unmemorable intra-Europe flight with Lufthansa.

+ Newer A320 cabin
+ Friendly crew
- Middle seat
- Subpar food offerings

I've had better flights with Lufthansa, but this one wasn't actively bad. Of course I'll fly them again, especially for intra-Europe flights.

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