Review of Bul Air flight Prague Sofia in Economy

Airline Bul Air
Flight FB302
Class Economy
Seat 5A
Aircraft Boeing 737-300
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 04 Aug 19, 16:30
Arrival at 04 Aug 19, 19:20
LB 1 reviews
By GOLD 559
Published on 16th January 2020

A very warm welcome to the very first Flight-Report on Bul Air, ladies and gentlemen! For those of you unfamiliar with them, Bul Air is Bulgaria Air's charter airline, and they operate wetleases for multiple airlines, including their parent. They operate a fleet of 9 737-300s. I was very much looking forward to flying with them, not because I was expecting any good service, but because I could fly a 737 Classic before they are all gone.

trip information

As a reminder, I took this trip as a part of my summer travels through Europe. This series consists of 8 flights with 6 airlines on 4 types of aircraft passing through 7 airports. All flights were in Economy Class. The full routing can be seen below.

The entire routing can be seen on the map below, courtesy of the Great Circle Mapper:

photo annotation-2020-04-25-020116

day of departure

My flight was scheduled for 4:30 PM, and I had to be out of my Airbnb by 12, so I decided to take the long long way to the airport: the subway to a local bus. I walked to Staroměstská, the station closest to where I was staying and took the Line A to Nádraží Veleslavín.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-30303-pm-68589

When I got there, the bus to the airport was just pulling into the stop. Score!

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-30319-pm-74515

About 20 minutes later, we pulled up to Terminal 1, the non-schengen terminal that Bulgaria Air uses.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-30335-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-30402-pm

Václav Havel Airport Prague - lkpr/prg

The check-in for Bulgaria Air wasn't open yet, so I OLCI'd and made my way through passport control. Shortly afterwards, I was in a duty free maze.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-30442-pm

Delta 767-400 to JFK.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-30456-pm

I headed upstairs to where the two lounges are located.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-30516-pm

menzies aviation lounge prague

First I decided to check out the Menzies Aviation Lounge.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-30536-pm

Wonderful view of an empty tarmac.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-30546-pm

The lounge itself is very small, and only consists of chairs like this. It's interesting to note that United uses this lounge, and I wouldn't want to be here at the same time as a 767-400-load of J passengers, not to mention other elites.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-30628-pm

All that was on offer were these dopey finger sandwiches.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-30638-pm

Rossiya 737-800 to St. Petersburg.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-30558-pm

Belavia 737-500 to Minsk.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-30616-pm

SWISS A320 from Zürich.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-30652-pm

Turkish Airlines A321 from Istanbul-Havalimani

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-30716-pm

Speedbird A321 to Heathrow.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-30728-pm

Air France/Joon A320 from Paris-de Gaulle.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-30742-pm

Luxair Dash 8-Q400 to Luxembourg.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-30754-pm

Lufthansa A320 to Frankfurt.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-30809-pm

mastercard lounge prague

After being thoroughly underwhelmed by the Menzies Lounge (apart from the views), I headed across the hall to the much bigger Mastercard Lounge.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-30828-pm

While bigger, the lounge was equally disappointing, as it was packed and also had lame food offerings. Luckily I managed to snag a window seat and do some more spotting.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31011-pm

The afternoon's departures.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31108-pm

UIA 737-800 from Kiev-Boryspil

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31052-pm

Ural Airlines A320 from Krasnodar.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31122-pm

Pegasus A320neo from Istanbul-Sabiha Gökçen.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31140-pm

Czech Airlines A330-200 from Seoul-Incheon.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31154-pm

Emirates A380 to Dubai.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31208-pm

Aegean A320 to Athens.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31225-pm

My mysterious aircraft arriving from Sofia.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31238-pm

I bid adieu to the lounge 15 minutes prior to boarding, as security is done at each gate at PRG.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31258-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31314-pm

Flight info at the gate.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31328-pm

boarding + initial impressions

Flying me back to Sofia would be LZ-BVU, a 1996-built 737-300 Classic, delivered to Southwest in September of that year. It had only entered service with Bul Air 28 days before my flight.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31341-pm

Boarding but not…

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31355-pm

Our pilots working on their checklists.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31413-pm-37606

A look at the albino fuselage.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31443-pm

I had no idea what type of cabin to expect on board, yet I was still kind of surprised to find a classic Southwest cabin! Never in a million years would I have expected to fly in Europe in a Southwest seat…

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31458-pm-69737-67256photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31515-pm

Just like on all my previous Bulgaria Air flights, a bottle of water was waiting for me at my seat.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31546-pm

Tight legroom.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31600-pm

Misaligned seat rows.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31622-pm-22823

bulgaria air 302 - prague to sofia

Boarding finished about 15 minutes later with every seat being taken. Once boarding was completed, the Italian captain made his welcome announcement and informed us that the flight time of 1:45. Shortly thereafter, we left the gate.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31533-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31635-pm

Starting up the engines.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31711-pm

Taxiing to Runway 24.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31727-pm

departure from prague

Lining up with the runway.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31740-pm


photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31756-pm


photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31808-pm

Climbing out.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31827-pm

Left turn toward the southeast.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31847-pm

Cabin during the climbout.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31904-pm

A look back at where we took off.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31917-pm

Prague City Center.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31931-pm

Cúkrak TV Transmitter.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-31946-pm

PSU without Bulgarian text.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-32000-pm

White winglet.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-32010-pm

Another left turn towards Ukrainian Airspace.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-32021-pm

snack service

Once we passed 25,000 feet, the seatbelt sign was turned off and the flight attendants began the service. It's interesting to note that there were only 3 flight attendants on board (in my experience, 737s have a minimum of 4 flight attendants), and they were all wearing different uniforms: the purser was wearing a Bul Air uniform, whereas the other two were wearing uniforms with no logo, and they both looked so cheap that they could have been bought on Amazon for $20. Regardless of that, the service was quite decent, and the flight attendants smiled every time I interacted with them. To eat, we were all given a ham and cheese sandwich, though unlike on the outbound flight this one was cold and not as fresh.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-32036-pm

The sandwich was served with a piece of chocolate, which I think is standard on Bulgaria Air flights.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-32105-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-32116-pm


Close up of the engine.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-32053-pm

Making a right turn over Uzhhorod, Ukraine. For some reason, instead of flying directly over Austrian, Hungary, and Serbia to Bulgaria, we flew an eastern routing over Slovakia, Ukraine, and Romania, but you can see that at the end of the report.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-32129-pm

Another POV of the cabin.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-32154-pm-63122

Baia Mare, Romania.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-32206-pm

Maramures Airport (BAY/LRBM).

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-32217-pm

Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-32229-pm

Avram Iancu Cluj Airport (CLJ/LRCL).

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-32241-pm

Turda, Romania.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-32253-pm

RoAF 71st Air Base (LRCT)

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-32305-pm

Craiova Airport (CRA/LRCV)

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-32433-pm

arrival into sofia

Commencing our descent over Dolj County, Romania.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-32445-pm

On approach.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-32947-pm

Short final.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-33004-pm


photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-33038-pm

A smooth landing on Runway 27 at 8:08 PM, 48 minutes behind schedule.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-33237-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-33249-pm

Taxiing off the runway.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-33306-pm

Austrian Dash 8-Q400 to Vienna.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-33326-pm

Bulgaria Air E190 from Corfu.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-33340-pm

As happy as I was for having flown on a 737 Classic, I was equally happy to get off the aircraft, as the cabin was worn out and VERY uncomfortable, even for such a short flight.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-33407-pm

Last look at LZ-BVU.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-33423-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-33511-pm-74480

routing of fb302

photo screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-33758-pm

Like I said above, our routing was very odd. We initially flew towards Sofia, but then we flew east, passing the cities Brno and Košice. We made two right turns over the Zakarpattia Oblast of Ukraine and flew almost due south towards Sofia. It seems as though we were purposely avoiding Hungarian airspace, but I have no idea why. We maintained an altitude of 35,000 feet for the duration of the cruise.

Immigration was a breeze, and I was in the city within an hour of landing. Thanks for joining me on this flight, and I hope to see you in the next report. Spoiler alert: I love Aegean!

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Bul Air

Cabin crew7.0

VIP Mastercard - - 1


Prague - PRG


Sofia - SOF



A very exotic flight in terms of the aircraft.

+ Friendly crew
+ Sandwich service
- Old, tired, uncomfortable cabin
- No form of entertainment or WiFi
- Crappy lounges in Prague
- Nearly 1 hour delay

As an AvGeek, I loved this flight, but if you are after comfort, I'd advise against flying a Bul Air 737. They have 2 737s (LZ-BOO and LZ-BOT) with different cabins, but I don't know how much better those cabins are. If you want to experience a Bul Air 737 Classic but for a really short flight, they fly them from Sofia to Athens, Burgas, and Varna. For Bulgaria Air flights, stick to their A319s and E190s!



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  • Comment 538003 by
    Hay 1 Comments

    Interesting report on a rare airline, thank you :)

    It's interesting to note that there were only 3 flight attendants on board (in my experience, 737s have a minimum of 4 flight attendants) >

    EASA regulations only require 1 flight attendant for every 50 seats, since the 300 seats <150, I guess the business cabin didn't warrant an extra attendant in this instance ;)

  • Comment 538043 by
    fiftytwo GOLD 990 Comments

    Thanks for report

    Dont forget to hide faces before posting

  • Comment 538199 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5606 Comments

    I love a report with a good dose of planespotting, and there's some good stuff here ?
    Love that retro livery on the Belavia 735

    Speaking of retro...of course everything about this plane is retro, it's a 737 classic, but Wow, I was not expecting an old-school SWA interior! A bulgarian charter airline is the last place I'd expect to see a Southwest interior haha.

    Though this aircraft may be a former-SWA bird, with that tight legroom it's obvious they added at least one row since SWA always had pretty generous pitch.

    For someone who isn't an AvGeek the cabin and aircraft age would seem shockingly old, but for us it's a fun ride on a classic!

    Thanks for sharing this first report on Bul Air!

    • Comment 539449 by
      NewYorker GOLD AUTHOR 169 Comments

      Thanks as always for stopping by, Kévin! I agree, I was massively taken aback when I saw those SWA seats. I've actually only flown WN once, but on a 738 with the new cabin, so I wouldn't know how their normal pitch on 733s was. But of course, as an AvGeek, I would love to fly a 737 Classic again before they are all gone. It's worth the pain ;-) Thanks for stopping by!

  • Comment 539408 by
    okapi GOLD 3996 Comments

    Hey! What a stark contrast between the high quality of your pictures and the blandness of the lounges offer! Well, never found lounges worth the visit in PRG anyway but the airport is usually quite a good experience. A very avgeek flight with a service I would not have expected, a positive surprise indeed. The 737 classic looks fresh with the winglets, just a shame it's all white while everything on board is branded. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Comment 539450 by
      NewYorker GOLD AUTHOR 169 Comments

      Thanks for your comment, Okapi! I do agree that the lounges at PRG aren't worth the stop. I saw some pretty decent looking restaurants at the airport, too. I was also surprised by the experience, and also disappointed that they didn't pain the aircraft. They had one 737, LZ-BOO, in their own Bul Air livery (which is very similar to their parent's livery), but it now operated for Ellinair has their paint job. Hope to see you again in another report!

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