Review of KLM flight Amsterdam Helsinki in Business

Airline KLM
Flight KL1167
Class Business
Seat 01A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 18 Jan 19, 09:50
Arrival at 18 Jan 19, 13:15
KL   #29 out of 69 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 951 reviews
By GOLD 577
Published on 17th December 2019

Hi again!

Another translation to have some AY European flights in the English database :)

We flew to HEL with my parents and some friends, Sky Team offered the best price, 180€ with a return on AY codeshare AF.

We also took advantage of an upgrade offer for 80€ for the AMS/HEL leg. As three of my friends did not have access to the lounge, this would grant them lounge access in Amsterdam and priority for security and boarding. Furthermore, there is a hotmeal service in J on that flight…

That would then be the routing:


As we have a two hours layover we head over to the KL Schengen Lounge.

klm schengen lounge

We had a very warm welcome at the entrance and had no problems in finding seats for us six together.

There are two buffets, one smaller and the regular one. The small buffet was kind of disappointing as almost usual. I noticed a beetroot juice that kind of intrigued me and I dared to try it. Never again: not for me. Simply awful for my taste. 

photo img_5400_resultat

Processed cheese and cold cuts. Not impressed here. There is also a cake and if you wonder what is behind the cheese and the cold cuts, it is … different kind of chocolates.

photo img_5401_resultatphoto img_5402_resultat

We decided to check what was on offer on the main buffet:

photo img_5403_resultat

They changed the cutlery:

photo img_5404_resultat

The fruit stand is pretty nice. 

photo img_5405_resultatphoto img_5408_resultat

Hot offer with omelettes, bacon, pancakes and mushrooms:

photo img_5406_resultat

Two kind of soups:

photo img_5407_resultat

No, but thank you.

photo img_5409_resultat

Quark and Yogurt: 

photo img_5410_resultatphoto img_5411_resultat

Good looking pastries and breads:

photo img_5412_resultatphoto img_5413_resultat

I was pleasantly surprised by that buffet with a nice offer and well presented. This is my morning selection that was pretty good:

photo img_5414_resultat

to the gate

We had a good time at the lounge, I was happy to see it being better from one visit to another.

Shortly before boarding we made our way to the gate. 

photo img_5415_resultatphoto img_5417_resultat

Ready to board :)

photo img_5418_resultat

Our plane:

photo img_5419_resultat

UA 763:

photo img_5420_resultat

Automated boarding today:

photo img_5421_resultat

the flight

Boarding was launched on time, priorities were enforced. The jetty was pretty long :)

photo img_5423_resultatphoto img_5424_resultat

Aircraft door:

photo img_5425_resultat-52

Very nice welcome, this is the euro-business style cabin:

photo img_5426_resultat

My seat was already reclined :)

photo img_5427_resultat

The seat covers are black in J and Y+ and blue in the rest of the cabin:

photo img_5428_resultat

The recline when fully back is great.

photo img_5429_resultat

On the 738 when seated in 1A you can follow the boarding process:

photo img_5430_resultat

737-700 next door:

photo img_5435_resultat

Safety card:

photo img_5431_resultatphoto img_5432_resultatphoto img_5433_resultat

The bulkhead limits the legroom:

photo img_5436_resultat

KLM logo:

photo img_5437_resultat


photo img_5438_resultat

Front galley:

photo img_5439_resultat

The jetty goes away right on time:

photo img_5440_resultat

Still the same aircraft next door:

photo img_5442_resultat

We should be good:

photo img_5443_resultatphoto img_5444_resultat

767-400ER Delta, I really like the -400 version, sad that bird wasn't successful. 

photo img_5447_resultatphoto img_5448_resultatphoto img_5449_resultat

Line up and take off:

photo img_5450_resultat

Off we go:

photo img_5451_resultatphoto img_5452_resultat

The best place to be on earth is in the sky:

photo img_5453_resultat

Toilets are clean but I might also be the first to use them :)

photo img_5454_resultatphoto img_5455_resultat

Still climbing:

photo img_5456_resultat

The service starts with a hot towel:

photo img_5457_resultatphoto img_5458_resultat

Followed by juice or water:

photo img_5459_resultat

Then menus:

photo img_5461_resultat

Breakfast offer:

photo img_5462_resultat

And lunch / dinner. I was much more tempted by the breakfast offer.

photo img_5464_resultatphoto img_5463_resultatphoto img_5465_resultat

My mother was the only one to try the sweet item and she loved it:

photo img_5466_resultatphoto img_5468_resultat

The egg option was really good also, it only missed a small sausage.

photo img_5469_resultatphoto img_5470_resultat


photo img_5471_resultat

It was one of the best breakfast I had on board a plane. Fresh and high quality. The crew came three times with more breads.
Breakfast with a view: 

photo img_5473_resultatphoto img_5474_resultat

We all rounded of the flight with a  Baileys:

photo img_5475_resultat

Top of descent:

photo img_5476_resultat

HEL with lots of snow! Love it :) 

photo img_5477_resultatphoto img_5478_resultat

White landcape:

photo img_5480_resultatphoto img_5481_resultat

Almost there:

photo img_5482_resultatphoto img_5483_resultat

Short final:

photo img_5485_resultatphoto img_5486_resultat

And landed:

photo img_5487_resultat

Terminal building:

photo img_5488_resultatphoto img_5490_resultat

A bit of snow here :)

photo img_5492_resultatphoto img_5493_resultat

AY is the king here:

photo img_5494_resultat

We parked next to this A320:

photo img_5497_resultat

Warm farewell and we made our way to the terminal.

hel - arrivals

The terminal is really bright:

photo img_5498_resultat

Exit 2A for us:

photo img_5499_resultatphoto img_5500_resultat

Luggage delivery hall:

photo img_5501_resultatphoto img_5502_resultat

Our driver was waiting for us and in no time we are in a van to HEL.

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A very nice flight with KLM with nice food. My only concern was that you are not able to access the KLM press app with an AF ticketed flight. And you can't access the AF app as you don't fly with AF.

AMS was more than ok, HEL was great.

As usual, thanks for reading, the return with AY will be online very soon.

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