Review of Turkish Airlines flight Istanbul Amman in Business

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK812
Class Business
Seat 03D
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 14 Sep 19, 21:15
Arrival at 14 Sep 19, 23:40
TK   #9 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 665 reviews
By GOLD 876
Published on 23rd December 2019

Each year, I go with my mother to Jordan. This year we decided to give TK a try but from FRA, as the prices from BSL were 50% higher. We took the ICE from Basel to Frankfurt.


istanbul airport

Here we are at the new Istanbul Airport, My first impression was : this is huge!!

photo img_2311_resultatphoto img_2312_resultat

We are here at the far end of the F gates and had no clue on where the lounge could be. This was one of the few problems of the airport, the signage to the lounge. We assumed it should be central, and gave a try to it.

photo img_2315_resultat


photo img_2314_resultat

There is an outside smoking terrace my mom wants to try it :)

photo img_2316_resultat

Unfortunately this is the best view you can get from the terasse

photo img_2317_resultat

Then we continued to walk towards the lounge:

photo img_2318_resultat

The center part of the terminal, the other side is the domestic part of the airport:

photo img_2319_resultat

TK is queen here:

photo img_2320_resultat

The airport really impresses me.

photo img_2321_resultatphoto img_2322_resultat

It is so big!

photo img_2323_resultatphoto img_2324_resultat

I had never seen any Skechers shop in an aiport!

photo img_2325_resultat

The roof is amazing:

photo img_2326_resultat-90035photo img_2327_resultat-49599

You can even rent a buggy service!

photo img_2328_resultat

For us it is this way:

photo img_2330_resultat

The entrance is via self gates:

photo img_2331_resultat

business lounge turkish airlines

Red roses as welcome:

photo img_2332_resultatphoto img_2334_resultat

To get access to the WiFi, you need to scan your boarding pass:

photo img_2333_resultat

Let's start the lounge visit!

photo img_2335_resultatphoto img_2336_resultat

Lots of games here…

photo img_2337_resultatphoto img_2338_resultat

You can even play golf:

photo img_2339_resultatphoto img_2374_resultat

Lots of lounging opportunities. This one was one of my favourites:

photo img_2371_resultat

Another a bit more modern:

photo img_2340_resultat-68010

Oriental style:

photo img_2341_resultat

One of the many place to seat to eat:

photo img_2342_resultat-69503

IT corner:

photo img_2343_resultat

Bag storage area:

photo img_2344_resultat

You can even have video conferences in the lounge:

photo img_2345_resultat

One of the nap area, the only concern there is that the  front curtains don't close  so you are really exposed while napping:

photo img_2346_resultat

We decided to stay on those couches that were comfy:

photo img_2347_resultat

Pide station, lots more being prepared by the cooks so the picture doesn't give justice :)

photo img_2350_resultat

Huge, very huge, salad bar!

photo img_2351_resultatphoto img_2352_resultat

Lots of things, for every taste!

photo img_2353_resultatphoto img_2354_resultat

And more:

photo img_2355_resultatphoto img_2356_resultat

And more than more :)

photo img_2357_resultatphoto img_2358_resultat

Never ending!

photo img_2359_resultatphoto img_2360_resultat

At last!

photo img_2361_resultat

 Gözleme station:

photo img_2362_resultatphoto img_2363_resultat

Turkish tea:

photo img_2364_resultatphoto img_2365_resultat

Fresh fruits:

photo img_2366_resultat

Turkish sweets:

photo img_2367_resultatphoto img_2368_resultat

Some more?

photo img_2369_resultat

Raspberry lemonade (the same as in the plane)

photo img_2370_resultat


photo img_2372_resultat

Loukoums :

photo img_2373_resultat

There was also a köfte, a manti and more Turkish food stations, I wasn't able to take picture of everything as there was just too much. I sampled some köftes and kisir, both excellent:

photo img_2382_resultat

I liked this sign, as the airport is so big, you really need to plan your walking time!

photo img_2389_resultat

We used the lift to get down:

photo img_2392_resultat

ist part ii:

Take off was in a little bit than an hour, we had a bit more time to explore :)

photo img_2393_resultatphoto img_2394_resultat

I am really impressed about this airport!

photo img_2395_resultat


photo img_2396_resultat

Above the Vuitton store there is the TK Gold and Gold Star Alliance Lounge:

photo img_2397_resultat

Still a long way to arrive to our gate!

photo img_2398_resultat

This way down:

photo img_2399_resultatphoto img_2400_resultat

We are now almost at the opposite of the side we arrived earlier

photo img_2401_resultat

A2 was our gate:

photo img_2402_resultat-64786photo img_2403_resultat

That's here:

photo img_2404_resultat

Our bird for tonight:

photo img_2405_resultatphoto img_2406_resultat

Couldn't take a better picture:

photo img_2407_resultat

Boarding starts right on time:

photo img_2408_resultat

Pole position for us:

photo img_2409_resultatphoto img_2410_resultat


This time the welcome at the door was friendly and smiling, I am happy to discover a new cabin, different from the recliner seats!

photo img_2411_resultatphoto img_2412_resultat

The cabin looks good but once you have a closer look, the seat shows its age:

photo img_2413_resultatphoto img_2415_resultat

The pitch is ok and the screen size is good:

photo img_2416_resultat

It is not a lie flat seat and even not flat at all. This is the max recline of my seat with my mother trying to have her seat moving :)

photo img_2417_resultat-84852

The seat doesn't move any further forward. Over the 24 seats of the cabin 4 are INOP. Not a single seat of the cabin reclines fully, the crew members will go to each passenger to explain that the cabin is old and the best they can do is to move the seats to flat manually. They will need to remove the seat cushion and press a button, then push hardly on it to get it down.
The seat controls are useless:

photo img_2418_resultat

Cocktail table:

photo img_2419_resultat

Front view:

photo img_2420_resultat


photo img_2421_resultat

No Do & Co chef on that flight, the service might be reduced as the flight is pretty short.

The service starts on the ground with a welcome drink. 

photo img_2422_resultat

Followed by the menu:

photo img_2425_resultat

It is, as per the previous leg, a full menu. I am impressed.

photo img_2423_resultat

Drinks are the same as the flight from FRA:

photo img_2424_resultat

Safety demonstration:

photo img_2426_resultat

A light mood lighting to start the service with a hot towel:

photo img_2427_resultat

Ready for dinner!

photo img_2428_resultatphoto img_2429_resultat

The tray comes like that, the hot entree following later:

photo img_2430_resultat

The salmon was delicious!
I took the köftes as main:

photo img_2431_resultat

My mother took the mantis:

photo img_2432_resultat-31426

My dish was lovely a real delight! My mother did like her mantis but she said it was a bit to greasy for her.
Coffee to finish with a second hot towel:

photo img_2433_resultatphoto img_2434_resultat

And we were almost there!

photo img_2435_resultat

Shortly before landing:

photo img_2438_resultat

We exited the aircraft almost first:

photo img_2439_resultat

And arrived in Amman!

photo img_2440_resultatphoto img_2441_resultat

Immigration was a mess, we arrived at 1130P and it took us more than an hour. The process was a pain, you first need to queue to get the visa (40JD / 50€ that is really expensive!) then you need to queue again to have them stamped together with your passeport. There is a fast queue but you need to pay an additional 7JD to access it.

The good thing was that our luggage was already on the belt when we arrived in the hall :)

After an hour drive we arrived at Dead Sea and were greeted with this lovely welcome gift!

photo img_2442_resultat
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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Turkish Airlines Business Lounge (International)


Istanbul - IST


Amman - AMM



This time we had a lovely crew but the cabin was a shame.

The IFE was good I could finish the movie I started on the previous flight.

The meal was excellent!

I loved IST but the new arrival procedures in AMM for the visa is also a shame.

As usual a big thank you for reading!

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