Review of Vietnam Airlines flight Duong Dong Ho Chi Minh City in Economy

Airline Vietnam Airlines
Flight VN1822
Class Economy
Seat 20A
Aircraft Airbus A321neo
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 01 Aug 19, 10:40
Arrival at 01 Aug 19, 11:30
VN   #37 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 229 reviews
Published on 28th December 2019


Welcome to a new report between Phu Quoc Island and Saigon, Viêt Nam. After many bus journeys, take the plane is an undeniable advantage : we do in 1hour what in bus we do in a day. Prices were correct ( 2 000 000 DNG for a multi destination PQC->SGN->DAD then a few days later DAD->HAN)

The routing


The flight

as the flight was supposed to leave at 10:40am, we decided to go to te airport nearby 8:45 (a way too early). The airport building is brand new:

photo img_8521

It reminds me Pôle Caraïbes (Guadeloupe) but in colder and calmer

photo img_8522

The vegetation of the island is equatorial

photo img_8523

There are many people inside, which many Saigon and Ha Noi bound flights

photo img_8525

The airport is small but offers many services

photo img_8526

10minutes later, we go through customs  (even if it's a domestic flight). It took 15minutes although there were a lot of people.

photo img_8529

We have to go down of 1floor to go to the gates

photo img_8531

There is nobody at our gate for the moment

photo img_8532

There is no wi-fi at the airport, which is a shame.

A320 Bamboo and  321 Vietjet behind

photo img_8533

Still empty here

photo img_8534

Our flight is not even displayed

Our plane landed at 10:35am from Ha Noi, his landing has been followed by a delay announcement (boarding at 11:10 due to the late arrival of the aircraft)

photo img_8537

Then I noticed that it was an A321Neo, whereas it was written A321. I'm happy to see that, that'll my first time in a NEO

photo img_8536photo img_8538


photo img_8539

Gated. Engines are differents from -ceo version .

photo img_8540

Today docs : BP is in cardboard

photo img_8541-13769

Boarding  started at 11:15am.

photo img_8542

fuselage shot

photo img_8543

I'm seated, just beside the reactor. The welcome was not exceptional, not apologize for the delay, for an hour late….

photo img_8544

Phu Quoc internnational airport

photo img_8545

Push-back at 11:35am.  VietJet and VietNam Airlines (A321) both bound to Ha Noi

photo img_8546


photo img_8547

Roate. Good bye Phu Quoc

photo img_8548

We head south-west and quickly reached the coastline

photo img_8549

The sea is rough

photo img_8550photo img_8551

We are still taking altitude over Thailand Gulf

photo img_8552

Then we did a left turn , heading  Ho Chi Minh Ville

photo img_8553

The  engine  has a beautiful color with the sea in the background

photo img_8554photo img_8555

The winglet is impressive

photo img_8556

We can see Duond Dong airport, where we  from

photo img_8557

We fly-over the inland of Phu Quoc, which is a quite big island

photo img_8558photo img_8559

it becomes more cloudy

photo img_8560

15minutes later we reached the continent over Ha Tien, at the Cambodian border. We just did  in 15minutes what it takes 2hour of  speed  boat:)

photo img_8561

Wi-fi is proposed in flight

photo img_8562


photo img_8570

some informations about  the flight

photo img_8571

Movies  part is… poor

photo img_8572

Safety card which still the same as the A321

photo img_8563

We're August 1st and  it still is july magazin.

photo img_8565

Then catering is served : water or coke, that's all. I chose coke, served in a cardbroad glasse

photo img_8567

Moreover, glasses were half empty, or  half  full!

photo img_8568


photo img_8569

carpet is dirty

photo img_8575

PSU is brandnew, with IFE

photo img_8576

We reach Mekong Delta, which means that Saigon isn't far

photo img_8577

such a beautiful country

photo img_8578

Descent sarted a few minutes after

photo img_8579

geovision on ife

photo img_8580

We entered  Ho Chi Minh Ville after 30minutes of  flight

photo img_8581

Just southern of the cbd

photo img_8582

photo img_8583

photo img_8585

Downtown of Saigon, the economic capital of Viet Nam

photo img_8586

Right turn

photo img_8587

some clouds

photo img_8588

More wet here

photo img_8589

then a left turn, we're waiting for landing

photo img_8590

We cross some thunder clouds, there are strong turbulences

photo img_8591

We come back above the city

photo img_8592photo img_8593

Still descending

photo img_8594

We fly-over contryside again

photo img_8595

Right turn, then we enter a thunder cloud, it's rock'n'roll

photo img_8596photo img_8597

Again, we can now re-see the CBD

photo img_8598

Saigon is a very polluted city

photo img_8599

The tower lookslike Burj Khalifa

photo img_8600

We cross a last time the Mekong, at least, a part of it

photo img_8601

Tan Son Nhat is located on Saigon city-center

photo img_8602photo img_8603

There is queue
for take-off

photo img_8604

A350 Asiana

photo img_8605

touchdown at 12:25pm

photo img_8606

A321 Vietnam Airlines taking-off

photo img_8607

We cross the take-off runway

photo img_8608


photo img_8609

Some liveries at the International Terminal. We continue to the Domestic

photo img_8610

773 Eva Air

photo img_8611

MD-11 Lufthansa Cargo

photo img_8612

A330 Cathay Pacific

photo img_8613

Many A321 (the only medium-haul aircraft of VN)

photo img_8614

Domestic Terminal

photo img_8615

It looks like we're in the city, but on a plane

photo img_8616

The buses arrive immediately

photo img_8617

Then everyone stands up in chaos, welcome in Viêt Nam!

photo img_8618-65771

the cockpit

photo img_8619

After that we did a quick bus journey, but it was…special. Usually, bus drivers respect the "road code" (idk how to say that) but here, our driver crossed all the white lane, crossing the way of many aircraft while they were moving etc…

Then we go inside TSN for our transfer to Da Nang. Thank you for reading, sorry for the mistakes I could make.

flight radar 24

the flight

photo img_8628

Approach on Ho Chi Minh Ville / Saigon / TSN

photo img_8629

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Vietnam Airlines

Cabin crew7.0

Duong Dong - PQC


Ho Chi Minh City - SGN



VN : Comfy cabin, our crew was correct, disappointing catering.

PQC : Fluid, nice but no wi-fi avalaible

SGN : Quick deboarding, but we'll see in the next reports that transfers are very wrong done.

Information on the route Duong Dong (PQC) Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)


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