Review of Turkish Airlines flight Bangkok Istanbul in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK059
Class Economy
Seat 19B
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 10:25
Take-off 20 Aug 19, 09:25
Arrival at 20 Aug 19, 15:50
TK   #18 out of 99 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 624 reviews
By 1539
Published on 25th January 2020

Hello all my lovely readers <3

On 20AUG2019 I had visited Turkey for some short holidays. And it was my first time flying with the turkey's flag carrier Turkish Airlines. Depart from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) to New Istanbul Airport (BKK). Let's travel with me on this pleasant flight! :)

First of all let's see some informations of my flight
Airline company : Turkish Airlines
Flight number : TK059
Departure Station : Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)
Arrival Station : New Istanbul Airport (IST)
Aircraft Type : A330-300
Aircraft Registration : TC-JNR
Boarding Gate : E5
Boarding Time : 08:35 LT
Schedule Departure Time : 09:35 LT
Schedule Arrival Time : 15:50 LT
Flight Duration : 10:25 hours
Seat : 19B

photo s__12411085

7.00 A.M. in the morning. I arrived at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) And I immediately take a look for Turkish Airline's check in counters which are located on row N. When I walked into the queue, the staff sticked an airline's logo sticker on my shirt.

photo s__12411087-57236

I got my first TK's boarding pass. The boarding gate today was E5. ฺBoarding Time 08:25 LT. And since I am a staff so my seat was on standby.

photo s__12411088

After security check and immigration process. I immediately direct to the gate E5 to get my seat number. Guess who is waiting there? TC-JNR, he's Mr.Halic (or Golden Horn in Turkish) A330-300. (I really hate how dirty BKK airport is. They should clean the mirror sometimes) 

photo s__12411089-66557

Skip to boarding, Turkish Airline's A330-300 economy class is divided seat configuration into 2-4-2. Total are 261 economy seats.

photo s__12411090

Finally I got 19B which is an aisle seat. (I prefer aisle seat on every long haul flights, and flight duration today is 10.25 hours).
Seat Pitches is 13-33 inches (I'm not sure an actual number) but it was comfortable for me on long haul flight.
Seat Widths is 17-18 inches (not sure actual number also)

And in front of you are the Personal TV touch screen, remote control, Coat hanger on the left, USB and charging ports on the right side.

photo s__12411092

On every seats are well prepared by a red pillow, Blanket, and Headset.

photo s__12411091

Total view of the seat, this in the seat next to me (19A).

photo s__12411093

The next gate is Oman Air bound for Muscat. :)

photo s__12411094

After aircraft taken off and seat belt sign has been turned off too, cabin crews start servicing.

On every long haul flights you will get an amenity kits even you're in economy class. The contents inside are consist of eye patch, slippers, socks, toothbrush, lip balm, Headphone covers and ear plugs. (And on the return flight from IST to BKK I got an amenity kits from Mandarina Duck which Thai Airways giveaway for Business Class passengers)

photo s__1241110945

Follow by foods & beverages menu. Actually I forgot to take photo of the actual flight, so this photo is from return flight back to bangkok.

This flight will be served 2 times because of long flight duration.

photo s__12411095

Breakfast has been served, there's only one choice which is consist of…
- Omelette, mushrooms and grilled tomato as a main dish.
- White cheese salad.
- Yogurt with cantaloup.
- Bread with strawberry jam (not in photo)

For the drinks I ordered water and sour cherry juices which is Turkish Airline's signature.

photo s__12411097

Breakfast finished, the next service will be Hot drinks. Coffee or tea, ofcourse I ordered hot tea…

photo s__12411100

Let's take a look at the lavatory, The one in the middle of Ecomomy class is a big rest room. If you travel on TK's A330 let's use it. In front of the sink is well prepared by cologne and body lotion (or hand cream?) from Atelier Rebul, Famous Turkish's cosmetic brand. Not only that but they provides small tulip on the mirror also. (I didn't take photo)

photo s__12411102

Before the first meal service will be officially stopped. Cabin crews serve Peanuts and bottle water as the last. I asked for homemade lemonade if they have but it has not been prepared in the cart. Later male crews brought it from business class for me! Thank you so much!! <3 I can remember his name is "Erdem" Many thanks again.

photo s__12411104

It's time to rest…. While other passengers are relaxing in their own way. I am enjoying with the In Flight Entertainments. There're a lot of movies, musics, games. To be honest I like Turkish Airlines's IFE the most (compare with some full services airlines I have flown such as Thai Airways, EVA AIR, Vietnam Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Royal Jordanian… and more)

photo s__12411103

Around 1.30-2.00 hours before landing, cabin crew started serving second meal. Consist of…
- Meat, stream vegetable and rice as main dish
- I'm not sure but I think it was mashed potato cream
- Shrim salad
- Choux cream and chocolate (I like it so muchhhhhhh!)
- Bread with butter

and I ordered Sour Cherry Juice again.

photo s__12411105

After second meal services completed, it's time to descending down to New Istanbul Airport.

photo s__12411107

Landind on time, last shot of TC-JNL. Thank you for a pleasant flight.

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Pro or what I like
- Amenity kits provides for all passenger even in economy class.
- I impressed with some small details which are unnecessary but make me feel good ( & drinks menu, peanut serving, flowers prepared in lavatory)
- Homemade Lemonade was so tasty!
- Got one big lavatory in Economy Class.
- Service mind of cabin crew were excellent. (espacially Mr.Erdem)
- Luxury cabin crew uniform.
- IFE is nice and provides you a lot of movies, musics, and games.

Cont or what I dislike
- every flights to and from Bangkok are operate by A330-300. (Actually it isn't a problem but I would feel happier if they operate flights by B777-300ER or B787 Dreamliner...)
- I don't like some food tastes, but it is depend on each other.
- Cabin color and atmosphere are not so comfortable for long haul flights.



  • Comment 539143 by
    Aigle_voyageur GOLD 659 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR.

    - every flights to and from Bangkok are operate by A330-300. (Actually it isn't a problem but I would feel happier if they operate flights by B777-300ER or B787 Dreamliner...)

    You have a point. Because these aircarfts's cabin is one of the latest compared to the one you flew with. Having said that personnally, I'd rather fly a A330 than a Boeing because of its configuration. Besides, it seems you didn't have any neighbors for this flight.

    • Comment 539149 by
      burtshhh AUTHOR 6 Comments

      Hello, Aigle_voyageur!
      Thank you for visiting my FR <3
      Yes that's correct as you said, and on the trip I travel alone, so I sit with other passenger I don't know :)
      If I travel with another one, ofcourse A330 will be the first A/C type I'll look for.
      Hope you'll enjoy my FR :)

  • Comment 539315 by
    Manbou 40 Comments

    Hi Burtshhh,
    thanks for sharing your flight report from me, too. I liked that you covered multiple aspects of the flight and provided some good photos. TK's Economy product seems to be nice indeed. The amenity kit and the second meal look especially good. So all in all, nice that you had such a great flight, and have fun in Turkey (if you're still there).
    On the aircraft, I would actually agree with Aigle_voyageur. While the A330 might be older (also in TK's fleet), I think the 2-4-2 configuration makes it such a nice plane to fly in, with enough space to your sides. But I can understand if someone wants to have a newer product - even if you rated the IFE 10 out of 10.

  • Comment 539766 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5399 Comments

    Hi Burtshhh, thanks for sharing this report on the TK A330. I agree with everyone else, if flying in Y I'd rather have a 330 and the 2-4-2 configuration rather than a 777. The cabin still looks pretty new and the seats have USB ports...only the IFE system is getting a bit old. Catering looks great as always on TK. You got lucky to have gotten an aisle seat and an empty seat next to you. When I worked for airlines and did staff/ZED travel, I often ended up in middle seats...if I got on at all. I stopped doing staff travel a long time ago because it was too risky and stressful.

    Thanks for sharing!

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