Review of LATAM flight Buenos Aires Asunción in Economy

Airline LATAM
Flight LA1310
Class Economy
Seat 17A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:57
Take-off 03 Jan 20, 23:55
Arrival at 04 Jan 20, 01:52
LA   #59 out of 101 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 145 reviews
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Published on 4th January 2020


Sadly, good moments come to an end. After spending New Year's Eve in the lovely Buenos Aires, it was time to head back home. As in the inbound flight, we flew on LATAM's (LA) Airbus A320-200 (A320) to Asunción (ASU), my home airport. On this report, I will comment on my insights of the flight. As it was a red-eye flight, there will not be many aerial pictures, making this report a little brief. The routing was the following:



We booked both flights (inbound and outbound) two months in advance, through LA's website. For this flight, there were three types of fares in Economy (Y) available: Light, Plus and Top. In the Light fare, you have to pay for your luggage as in a low-cost carrier. Seat selection was not free on LA, nevertheless, we chose to pay for it. 


We arrived at Buenos Aires Ezeiza Aiport (EZE) around 21:30, more than two hours before our scheduled time of departure (STD). LA uses the older (but refurbished) Terminal A.

photo 20200103_213130

The yet to be inaugurated new departures hall could be seen on the background. It looked in a good state despite the collapse on one of the structures in September 2019.

photo 20200103_213136

The already classic main hall at Terminal A:

photo 20200103_213405

LA's check-in counter. We only had to drop our luggage, as we did web check-in earlier that day. However, we still had our boarding passes printed.

photo 20200103_213442photo 20200103_213520

After dropping our luggage and saying goodbye to our family, we headed to the security and customs area. The line was HUGE, and it followed a snake-shaped pattern. I had never seen a such a crowded line in any airport before. It took around 50 minutes to finally clear customs and head to our gate. 

photo 20200103_214324photo 20200103_215112

Terminal A gate section. 

photo 20200103_223944

Departures screen. Our flight was listed on the bottom left, being the last scheduled flight of the day.

photo 20200103_224002

Other picture of Terminal A:

photo 20200103_224156

Awesome kids plane-themed playground:

photo 20200103_224242

Despite LA operates from Terminal A most of the times, our flight was departing from gate 10, which is located on Terminal B.

photo 20200103_224530photo 20200103_224649photo 20200103_224656

EZE Terminal B.

photo 20200103_224853

The plane that would be flying us home that night was already on the gate. It was an A320-200 registered PR-MBS, and was a little less than 18 years old. It flew for JetBlue before flying for TAM Airlines and LATAM.

photo 20200103_230252


- Airline: LATAM (LA)
- Aircraft: Airbus A320-200 
- Registration: PR-MBS
- Age: 18 years
- Scheduled time of departure: 23:55 (ATD 00:12 on 4-1-2020)
- Scheduled time of arrival: 01:52 (+1) (ATD 01:40)
- Take-off from runway: 11
- Landing on runway: 20   

The ground crew called us for boarding around 23:30, 20 minutes late. Passengers were divided in 6 boarding groups. We were on group 4. In general terms, boarding was done orderly, and people respected the lines. At the door of the plane, we were received by the chief purser. 

We had the beautiful Aeromexico "Quetzalcoatl" 787-9 to the left of our plane.

photo 20200103_233359

The cabin was very well kept despite some very subtle signs of the plane's age. The seats were from the slimline type of RECARO, and were from the previous generation. The greatest disadvantage was the absence of power outlets.

photo 20200103_233604

View of the cabin from my seat, 17A.

photo 20200103_233834

View from the window:

photo 20200103_233853


We started pushback around 20 or 25 minutes after boarding. Again, the FAs did the safety demonstration manually, despite most of LA A320s having overhead PTVs. Afterwards, the plane started taxiing to runway 11. As it was very dark and there was no much to show, I didn't take any pictures. Some seconds after positioning ourselves on runway 11, the engines roared. We were airborne at 00:12, 17 minutes behind schedule.

photo 20200104_001045

We could see the city lights from the Buenos Aires metropolitan area as we turned towards the north.

Like during taxiing, I didn't take any aerial pictures during practically most of the flight, as it was pitch dark outside. I spent a great part of the flight chatting with a woman seating on the aisle seat. 
30 minutes after take-off, the meal service was done. It consisted of a croissant with a beverage of your choice. I chose a Coca-Cola. The croissant was a little dry, but good anyways. The meal was more than enough for a 1.5 hour midnight flight.

photo 20200104_004256

View of the cabin mid-flight:

photo 20200104_004302

The seat pocket contained the safety card and the January 2020 Portuguese issue of Vamos, LA's in-flight magazine. Besides the magazine, you could access the app LATAM Play, where you have a selection of movies, shows, games, music, and a flight map with data. However, my mom said the Wi-Fi network wasn't functioning well. There was no Wi-Fi available for social media or emails.

photo 20200104_005851

The crew was well-intentioned and did their jobs efficiently, but weren't Singapore Airlines level polished.

I spent the rest of the flight speaking with my dad to the woman on the aisle seat. Because I was so invested on the conversation, I didn't feel the plane descending. I realized that when I looked out the window and saw the lights of Asunción.

photo 20200104_013048

After overflying the city, we turned south and landed on ASU runway 20 at 01:40, 12 minutes ahead of schedule. We compensated for the delayed departure because the flight time of a EZE-ASU usually is around 1 hour and 30 minutes instead of the scheduled 1 hour and 57 minutes. The same happens with the ASU-EZE flight.
After vacating the runway, we taxied to gate 1. As we taxied to our gate, a Copa Airlines 737-800 and another LA A320 could be seen.


After saying goodbye to the crew, we disembarked, and went through customs very quickly, as we were the only flight arriving at the airport at that time.

photo 20200104_015243

Baggage carousel:

photo 20200104_015721

ASU arrivals hall:

photo 20200104_020656

We took an airport cab (regular cabs and Uber drivers are denied pick up rights at the airport) to get home.

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Cabin crew8.0

Buenos Aires - EZE


Asunción - ASU



This was a uneventful and brief red-eye flight, and LA's service was enough given the flight time and midnight schedule. The meal was okay for the flight duration, and for entertainment you had the flight magazine and the app LATAM Play, despite it not working well. The cabin was well maintained. The only negative aspect was the absence of power outlets. It seems lines are extremely long at EZE nowadays, so I definitely recommend to arrive 3 to 2.5 hours before your scheduled time of departure. ASU should allow Uber drivers to pick up passengers; forbidding it is ridiculous and backwards.



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    Chibcha 436 Comments

    It seems the lack of competition between airlines in South America has sent them in a race to the bottom...what a shame.

    I enjoyed this read as we seldom see something about Paraguay, thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 535705 by
      DiegoSS02 AUTHOR 73 Comments

      Thanks for your comment! I still remember the days of the TAM Mercosur Fokker 100 in the mid-2000s, when we were served a full lunch service (usually pasta) for a 1.5 hour flight. In my opinion, the LA service was enough for a short red-eye flight, but it's obviously a downgrade from its predecessor years ago. You also have to take into account that LA, along with Aerolineas Argentinas, offers the best service you can get on the ASU-EZE route (concerning the othe two carriers, Paranair is pretty lacklustre, and Flybondi is a ultra low-cost carrier).

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