Review of Uni Air flight Taipei City Hualien in Economy

Airline Uni Air
Flight B78971
Class Economy
Seat 8A
Aircraft ATR 72-600
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 07 Jan 20, 07:30
Arrival at 07 Jan 20, 08:20
B7 42 reviews
By 526
Published on 11th January 2020

Hello all my lovely reader!

First of all may you please let me explain about the beginning of this flight report ? ^^'. Is it weird if I would like to say one of my dream mission is I want to fly EVA AIR's sanrio flights? To be honest after I read a lot of EVA kitty jet's reports I really really want to fly with them. And when a chance has come, I had visited Taiwan again as the third time (for my short holiday). I decided to start my first step of my dream by flying EVA AIR's regional airlines which also has one sanrio aircraft as her mother! She is "UNI AIR" with Bad Badtz-Maru Livery! <3 <3  

For this trip, I departed from Bangkok Donmueang (DMK) to Taipei (TPE) by Nokscoot (would have no flight report because it was a night flight and I slept -,.-). Return back home from Taichung (RMQ) to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (BKK) by Thai Vietjet Air (flight report will be published so soon.) And while I was in Taiwan I took flight from Taipei Songshan (TSA) to Hualien (HUN). 

 OK if you ready, Let's start! <3

photo s__12132357-53003

Check-in Counters
Start in the early morning at Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA). Around 6:30 a.m. I arrived and direct to domestic departure terminal. UNI AIR's check-in at row 1. Guess what  I saw at first? Bad Badtz-Maru with gang in front of the desk of UNI AIR check-in counter! OMG they're so cute <3

photo s__12140546-88105

UNI AIR provides 7 kiosk self check-in machines for passenger. But the last kiosk on the right is limited for passenger on Bad Badtz-Maru flights only (because of different boarding pass). It been hiding by a sign which I don't know. But when I informed a ground staff I am going to Hualien, she immediately brought me to this special kiosk and assisted me to check-in my flight. She was so helpful. Thank you <3

photo s__12140548

Can somebody knows chinese translate for me what does the sign said please? 

photo s__12140550

The special boarding pass made me so crazy!! OMG I really love it!! <3 <3

Here are some information about my flight today;-
Airline company : UNI AIR
Flight number : B7-8971
DEP-ARR station : TSA-HUN
Aircraft Type : ATR72-600
Aircraft Registration : B-17005
Boarding Gate : 12 >> changed to 13
Boarding Time : 07:10 Local Time
Schedule Departure TIme : 07:30 Local Time
Schedule Arrival Time : 08:20 Local Time
Flight Duration : 00:50 hours
Seat : 8A

photo s__12140551

Skip to boarding gate. The boarding pass shown as gate number 12 which is bus gate. But later I found it been changed to 13 (bus gate also). From the screen I found some flights has been cancelled due to weather condition. I only pray for my flight T^T Please don't break my dream.

photo s__12140552-91366

Let's gooooo, get on PAX bus! <3 <3 due to only few booking (estimate from what I saw may be 15-20 persons). So only 1 PAX bus is enough.

photo s__12140553-26263

When the bus approaching to the aircraft, my heart almost fall to pieces. The cute plane I wish I could fly has been changed to simple livery TT^TT She is B-17005 (The sanrio's one is B-17001)

photo zzz

This is the livery I expect I will fly today… OMG I was sad…

photo s__12140554

But I still have luck. When I get on the plane, it was a Bad Badtz-Maru flight as usual! I don't care about the livery anymore. Since there is sanrio concept inside, that makes me happy already <3 Woohoo~

photo s__12140555

My seat today. I select 8A (window seat) because it was my first time on ATR model so I wanna see how its propeller working from my seat. 
Let's see those super cute headrest covers. There are 2 different expressions.

photo s__12140556

Seat pocket contains airline's magazine and safety instructions card. And ofcourse, also in Bad Badtz-Maru character.

photo s__12140566

And air sickness bag (from EVA AIR) is also in Bad Badtz-Maru character.

photo s__12140557-93529

Boarding completed, cabin crew demonstrates safety instruction.

photo s__12140559

Taking off in the bad weather condition of Taipei… luckily my flight hasn't been cancelled or delayed.

photo s__12140560

To be honest I like ATR since the first time. When the aircraft is cruising on to the right altitude, I found the weather was so clear! 

photo s__12140562-80812

After seat belt sign has been turned off, cabin crews start serving. For this short haul domestic flight they only provide beverage service. I'm not sure how many choices do they offer. But as far as I know are water and fruit juice.

photo s__12140563

I order water because I want a cute Bad Badtz-Maru's paper cup. Served with UNI AIR refreshing towel in Bad Badtz-Maru chatacter. see how adorable they are (espacially for whoever loves sanrio) <3

photo s__12140565

The Magazine onboard.
Some details of Bad Badtz-Maru and EVA AIR sanrio's aircraft liveries family. My next mission will be Gudetama (Comfort flight) on Taipei to Sendai route. And Little Twin Stars (Shining star) from Taipei to Singapore.

photo s__12140564

Everything is Bad Badtz-Maru. I believe who loves it would be very happy to fly on this flight. And after I finished taking this photo, cabin crew starts trashing. and then seat belt sign is on for arrival…

Oh! I have asked for playing cards onboard from cabin crew. But she informed me no cards prepared for domestic flights. It provided on international routes only. If my lovely ready fly on EVA AIR kitty jets let's try to ask for it :)

photo s__12140567

Decending to Hualien Airport. Has anyone see me? It's my shadow on the road ^^

photo s__12140568-26514

Landing safety. Thank you Mr. (or Mrs. ?) B-17005 for carrying me on this cute flight. Even you are not sanrio livery as I expected (TT^TT) but you gave me a very impress experience on the first ATR. Thank you and I'm sure I'll miss you whenever I have chance on ATR again. <3

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Uni Air

Cabin crew9.0

Taipei City - TSA


Hualien - HUN



My personal ranking

10.0 for Cabin = Cabin looks new, clean, and fresh even on the day I flew the aircraft is 6 years old already.
9.0 for Cabin crew = Good services but sometimes one of them seem sleepy... may be too early morning flight. (I also sleepy)
6.0 for Entertainment/Wifi = No entertainment, no wifi. 5.0 should be an average... but I give 6.0 because the catoon concept onboard makes me enjoyable. (Is this also an entertainment? I don't know)
5.0 for Meal/Catering = average score because only beverage service (due to short haul flight)

Departure Airport
10.0 for Efficiency = Nothing to complain or unpleasant, the airport is small but everything is convenience.
10.0 for Access = the airport is located in the city, easy to access by MRT.
10.0 for Services = ground staff was helpful, also staff at security check point and boarding gate. Perfect.
7.0 for Cleanliness = mostly area is clean. but on the ceiling is dirty... I'm not sure was it dust or was it old.

Arrival Airport
10.0 for Efficiency = Nothing to complain or unpleasant, the airport is very small so everything is convenience.
7.0 for Access = A bit hard to access by public transportation. Only bus or Taxi. (I may give 10.0 if any metro connect between airport and city)
10.0 for Services = Only 1 staff I asked for help is a guy at travel information desk. He is helpful.
10.0 for Cleanliness = Very clean and everything looks new. So perfect!

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