Review of SilkAir flight Singapore Shenzhen in Business

Airline SilkAir
Flight MI 968
Class Business
Seat 1A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 03:45
Take-off 24 Dec 19, 19:10
Arrival at 24 Dec 19, 22:55
MI 59 reviews
By 1500
Published on 13th January 2020
Due to the recent Hong Kong political unrest situation, I had tweaked my original flight to HKG and changed to the neighbouring city of Shenzhen. Was a good choice as there were several demonstrations in Hong Kong over the Christmas holidays.

Shenzhen was once the poor gateway from Hong Kong into China, but with recent rapid developments taking place, this secondary Chinese city has transformed into a very modern city rivaling the mega cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. It was almost 15 years since my last trip to Shenzhen and I was very surprised by the progress the city had made over these years.

Started the trip at Changi Terminal 2, where check-in was done at the sole SilkAir Business Class counter at Row 2.

photo 49333755977_26ce2736ea_o_d

Felt something was missing, turned to Row 1 where SQ's First and Business check-in row was, and yes indeed, the carpets at the premium check-in counters have been removed.

photo 49333533551_dfa6afa27e_o_d

Boarding pass was printed on SQ stock.

photo 49333533486_87100bff8c_o_d

First stop was the Silver Kris Lounge at Terminal 2.

photo 49333533321_61295e8146_o_d

At the entrance of the lounge, boarding passes were checked and we were directed to the Business Class section. Overheard some Star Alliance elites who were flying SilkAir economy being turned away as 'SilkAir is not part of Star Alliance'. Guess this problem would be gone in a year's time when SilkAir is fully integrated into SQ.

photo 49333755642_96b19ec0cf_o_d

photo 49333755942_e546e5c37c_o_d

Work area near the entrance.

photo 49333533366_231fa86513_o_d

Seating area. The lounge is in need of a total revamp, and hopefully revamp will commence after the lounge at T3 is completed.

photo 49333066518_17db5106f7_o_d

photo 49333533506_06a2e7a06a_o_d

Buffet and dining area.

photo 49333533371_761b652a0e_o_d

photo 49333755862_9f48b3f4e9_o_d

photo 49333533416_0d68598fb0_o_d

Decent selection of buffet items were available.

photo 49333755757_06c69135b6_o_d

photo 49333066713_63945b7258_o_d

The single 'live' station was offering a Christmas dish of Roasted chicken with chestnut stuffing.

photo 49333066648_fdbb619317_o_d

My selection from the buffet. Surprisingly, the food were all rather tasty as compared to my previous visits.

photo 49333066663_ff5f389c32_o_d

photo 49333066598_12296e21a2_o_d

photo 49333066578_83843dc4b3_o_d

Left the lounge and headed to the gate. With the movement of Scoot to Terminal One, Terminal Two was now much quieter than before.

photo 49333755637_8ed41a6a56_o_d

photo 49333066333_fc1a13cf0e_o_d

Some plane-spotting, with the only interesting aircraft being the LOT Polish Dreamliner.

photo 49333755597_14d12d6df7_o_d

photo 49333533266_cf7d551b2a_o_d

photo 49333755477_f2e1297152_o_d

The aircraft I would be flying on.

photo 49333066348_60339372a9_o_d

24 December 2019
MI 968
Singapore (SIN) - Shenzhen (SZX)
Business Class
Flight Time: 3H45M

Boarding gate at E2.

photo 49333066298_128e5d0f58_o_d

The baby Boeing for this evening's flight to Shenzhen.

photo 49333755437_cd4dcd4f6a_o_d

Judging by the number of passengers at the gate, the flight seemed rather full. Boarding was called and priority boarding was enforced.

photo 49333533146_a3bfcc3883_o_d

photo 49333533126_3625acf396_o_d

Stepped onboard and was warmly welcomed by the crew. SilkAir's B737-800s were fitted with recliners in Business Class. Not the best seats out there, but sufficient for this sub-4hrs flight. This could also well be my last SilkAir Business Class experience before the airline is absorbed into SQ by end-2020.

photo 49333066243_14b5bc1b05_o_d

My seat at 1A. A pillow and blanket was already placed on each seat.

photo 49333755382_ee063b7512_o_d

Mechanical seat controls.

photo 49333066128_388790739d_o_d

Radio channels? Wonder if they were even used at all.

photo 49333754462_9681a7c876_o_d

Legroom was sufficient at Row 1.

photo 49333755212_f7b12dfb36_o_d

Overhead drop-down screens showing how to download SilkAir's wireless IFE app. No need to download for Business Class passengers as IFE devices would be provided later.

photo 49333755227_1aa6febb52_o_d

View out the window.

photo 49333066198_08d98077cb_o_d

Inflight magazine, duty free and safety card.

photo 49333066133_df3d1df3fc_o_d

No menus were available, but a beverage list was provided at every seat.

photo 49333066143_08ca26a861_o_d

photo 49333755307_5fb3aaa1fd_o_d

During the bustle of boarding on this narrowbody, the crew managed to take our pre-departure drinks orders. Got a glass of coke with ice, as well as an apple juice.

photo 49333533081_170fc83ecf_o_d

photo 49333066208_378e4df534_o_d

Scented hot towels given out.

photo 49333532991_d2398fefac_o_d

Doors closed and safety demonstration was played overhead. Business Class cabin was 9/12 this evening, a rather healthy load for the holiday season.

photo 49333066018_17cabcd7b1_o_d

While awaiting pushback, crew handed out iPads and earphones. The earphones were definitely not Business Class quality, and similar to what is provided on SQ Economy.

photo 49333532871_9db72dedd8_o_d

photo 49333755102_2105e2c10d_o_d

Pushed back.

photo 49333755192_6035c48b20_o_d

photo 49333066043_e7d4ff3dc8_o_d

Taxiing to the runway, with various aircraft departing.

photo 49333532911_94e7ef9890_o_d

photo 49333065963_6812b6742d_o_d

Garuda B738 and a couple of Air New Zealand B787s (bound for AKL and CHC).

photo 49333065943_eb61c8ffd0_o_d

photo 49333065913_f7144d98ed_o_d

photo 49333532801_cca19cb649_o_d

We are next in line, with a long queue of aircraft behind.

photo 49333065898_abc8456911_o_d

photo 49333755042_06bea6a5e8_o_d

Departure from Rwy02C.

photo 49333755037_2619ba64a0_o_d

photo 49333755032_a5e635d1eb_o_d

photo 49333755022_eb11b04b49_o_d

photo 49333065853_b2a81939a7_o_d

photo 49333532706_63070549a5_o_d

photo 49333754947_75a1eba9c5_o_d

photo 49333754867_41db5f84d0_o_d

For easier viewing of the iPad, you can request for a tablet holder from the crew. Not many passengers knew about this.

photo 49333532681_460c921cea_o_d

photo 49333065768_5b0d331a54_o_d

The female purser and a steward would be serving us in Business today. Interestingly, the rest of the crew in economy were all guys as well. We were all handed a pair of slippers.

photo 49333532641_c967d4c370_o_d

Shortly after takeoff, we were offered more drinks as well as a selection of bites of chips, pretzels or nuts. Went for SilkAir's signature cocktail 'Joy', which was beautifully prepared, as well as chips and pretzels to enjoy with Dark Phoenix.

photo 49333065743_e0fbf8a2bd_o_d

photo 49333065688_0973ae5e88_o_d

Crew conducting service.

photo 49333754827_9843b974cc_o_d

Meal orders were taken but as we had pre-booked the All-Time Favourites (SilkAir's version of Book-The-Cook), the crew double confirmed our orders while taking orders from other passengers.

Meal trays were delivered, which consisted of a selection of Chinese starters, selection of bakery items and a Christmas dessert.

photo 49333754792_e5a0bb8f15_o_d

Chinese starters consisted of braised peanuts, pickled vegetables and a cold meat.

photo 49333754807_2aaf150c9b_o_d

Warm garlic bread and onion roll.

photo 49333532556_d6a4fec042_o_d

Dessert was some vanilla mousse cake with blueberry compote.

photo 49333804301_cf87138bc9_o_d

For the main, I had pre-ordered the Masala Fish Biryani served with Dhal and Egg. When serving the main, the crew remarked that this was the best choice today on the flight! And boy was he right. Not only was the portion huge, but flavours were great too! A very tasty meal onboard a plane.

photo 49333754727_b27255165d_o_d

photo 49333065633_27e6e0a1d9_o_d

Had a glass of champagne to go with my meal.

photo 49333754722_3c80ed3a4d_o_d

My friend had pre-ordered the Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee served with Belachan Chilli, which tasted fairly authentic as well. It was a good choice to have pre-ordered from the All-Time Favourites menu as the onboard choices served to the other passengers looked 'meh'.

photo 49333063373_b36e5f972f_o_d

Ending with the delightful cake.

photo 49333065583_cd97f9c976_o_d

To round up the meal, I had a mug of hot chocolate while spending the rest of the flight on the movie.

photo 49333065563_b30050c687_o_d

Visit to the lavatory, which was clean but nothing special, with the same amenities as you would find in a SQ Economy class lavatory. Definitely no branded amenities here.

photo 49333754667_cf221c234a_o_d

photo 49333754632_99e9b30c19_o_d

Before our descent into Shenzhen, crew came around to offer pralines in individual dishes and any other beverages.

photo 49333532401_0e7c605fbb_o_d

This was followed by more hot towels and sweets during descent. The service by the SilkAir crew were excellent! It may not be as formal and elaborate as SQ, but you could sense the service was genuine and crew was all out to please even with the very limited hardware.

photo 49333754552_aa79bf4dee_o_d

photo 49333752252_192eef56dd_o_d

Soon, we were approaching Shenzhen and landed in Bao An International Airport Rwy16 slightly ahead of schedule.

photo 49333532366_7bfd39a58f_o_d

photo 49333754532_36b33defbd_o_d

photo 49333065443_d150a45cb5_o_d

Lengthy taxi to the terminal and parked at the gate.

photo 49333065433_174d5e8304_o_d

photo 49333754507_827a9ee18a_o_d

photo 49333754397_c4a257ae5b_o_d

photo 49333754387_3a32cd1415_o_d

Disembarking and a last look at 1A.

photo 49333065323_36fafd51c3_o_d

Our aircraft at Shenzhen.

photo 49333532231_5ca3b6db71_o_d

photo 49333754327_67fd2ce53b_o_d

Some collectibles from the flight, courtesy of the literature pocket and cabin crew.

photo 49333754347_05fe5bc9a9_o_d

Immigration and customs were quick as there were no other international arrivals, and we took the airport bus to Luohu, which is the 'older' part of Shenzhen and at the MTR border between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Stayed for the 1st 3 nights at Shangri La hotel. This hotel is the 1st international hotel in Shenzhen, and as expected, the interior is a bit aged though well-maintained.

photo 49333065268_c0c6ec293d_o_d

photo 49333065263_f886878576_o_d

View from my hotel room the next morning. The hills ahead are actually in Hong Kong territory.

photo 49333754187_a8d85be70d_o_d

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Cabin crew9.0

Singapore Airlines Silverkris Lounge - Business


Singapore - SIN


Shenzhen - SZX



Though SilkAir is the poorer sister of SQ, with inferior hardware and less elaborate service, it was made up by the wonderful, casual and genuine service by its cabin crew. Service was not pretentious nor robotic (as a youtuber recently commented on SQ's service). It was instead more 'fun' where and we were treated more casually like friends, instead of the formal service usually on SQ which can get a bit uncomfortable sometimes. Guess I will miss SilkAir's style of service after it is merged into SQ later this year.



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  • Comment 537437 by
    wcha49 1 Comments
    Thanks for the review.

    i will be taking this flight in June and July. Cant wait!!

    i dont think SilkAir would merge any time soon with the 737 MAX issue.
  • Comment 538244 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6573 Comments
    Lovely report as always. For sure MI aren't on the same level as SQ but their J product is solid for regional J and it's great that you had a good cabin crew, which definitely helps to make up for a more basic hard product. The catering looks tasty!

    So funny how the mentioned YouTubers comments on SQ cabin crew have gone viral around the world--he got exactly what he wanted I guess. I've noticed he's taken more controversial positions in his videos over the past few months which has created some level of buzz. There's no such thing as "bad" publicity as they say, haha.

    Thanks for sharing!
  • Comment 538859 by
    JW19 120 Comments
    Even if *A gold flyers were allowed it would not be the silverkris lounge, should have been the krisflyer gold lounge instead, which meant they would have been thrown out regardless.

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