Review of British Airways flight London Amsterdam in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA430
Class Economy
Seat 26A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 21 Jan 20, 09:15
Arrival at 21 Jan 20, 11:20
BA   #45 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 821 reviews
Jett Tyler
Published on 30th January 2020

Welcome to 2020!

Well 2020 is here and I'm making my first trip of the year and new decade!

So my trip is to Toulouse, but I got to fly there from Amsterdam- as I cashed in Flying Blue miles I stashed up over the last few years. However I need my OneWorld miles and flights for my status- So positioning with BA being some £50 cheaper and donating towards my annual Ruby tier membership- it was worth it!

I'm not a huge fan of flying the BA428 anymore as it will always be "That Flight" I associate the Boeing 767 with- so I jumped for the BA430 option, allowing me a 4 hour gap in Amsterdam, just in case things go to pot, boy was I right to do that! 

British Airways BA430 LHR-AMS

photo 84342197_3034534049903001_390227551554895872_o

The 80 minute ride from Christchurch in Dorset to London Heathrow in Hounslow was a pretty average and uneventful ride which I've done in the past a few times. Nothing much to worry about when driving at 5am! Got there for 06:50am (give or take a few minutes), giving me plenty of time to get through security and have a browse through London Heathrow Terminal 5…. for the seventieth or so times I've been there since my 18th Birthday almost five years earlier!

photo img_2247

My flight that morning was to be operated by a new Airbus A320 for my BA flight log: G-EUUU.

There was some major weather problems in Amsterdam that morning it would turn out. The flight was boarded on time, and as the final passengers loaded on- the captain announced the problems our flight was to encounter… 

photo img_2260

I couldn't help but notice that behind us was the BOAC Boeing 747-400 G-BYGC, looking fantastic in the early morning sunrise!

photo img_2267

Fog and Mist had been forming in Amsterdam- which had led to reduced visibility, so the airport had to restrict its slots causing flight's to go into long holds or divert. We couldn't leave London on schedule.

To help the other BA flights coming into LHR on time, it was decided to board us, push back and sit parked on a remote stand for up to 55 minutes. So we parked on a taxiway running between Terminal 5 and the departure runway that morning (Runway 27L).

photo img_2265photo 83844246_3035363053153434_7518246754504933376_o

A lot of people have been criticising BA for their legroom in their Airbus A320 cabin, but I have never had an issue with the legroom and I come in at an average male height of 5-foot 9-inches (1.55m). As you can probably see in the image above- I've got enough room….
Thankfully our plane was deiced before we boarded, so we didn't have to worry about any further delays to our journey after we got our clearance. It gave the wing a Sci-Fi influenced green glow!

photo 83583973_3035363033153436_7162686314947543040_o

We got told by the captain we would begin taxiing for departure after 40 minutes waiting in our parking space, so anyone who had left their seat for a walk or to use the facilities had to go and sit back down and strap in for take off.

We taxied down to Runway 27L, which was quite quick with little wait. We lined up next to Concorde G-BOAB, who has resided at LHR since her last flight in mid-2000, and we lined up and departed finally at 09:15am, 45 minutes later than scheduled… We were under way! 

photo 83625497_3035363236486749_3615863581305733120_ophoto img_2279

The BA wi-fi wasn't installed on this Airbus A320-ceo, but the website's main page was working enough to allow us to track our flight's time. The buy on board was distributed across the Euro Traveller cabin, It has been three years since BA introduced their M&S Bistro- I'm ok with it and its definitely better quality than some rival options, but I still think there are areas of improvement and I personally have objections to this practice on an airline that is supposed to be more up market than their budget airline rivals…. I am probably always going to be 50-50 on it…

Anyway- I bought myself a Speedbird100 IPA Beer for £4.65 (for later in TLS) and I also enjoyed a cup of this new "detox" herbal tea which was £2.50, however as I decided to bring my own (and slightly larger) travel mug- I was able to get 15p off my drink, making it £2.35 in total. It's not a lot, but the amount of Euro-Traveller flights I do on BA, it does build up!

photo 84756431_3035363263153413_29315011516039168_ophoto 84182954_3035363013153438_6679073899361075200_o

We began descending towards Amsterdam after making a circuit over towards the South of Amsterdam, again this was down to the backlog caused by the weather which hadn't fully cleared out yet… We must have descended a good 15,000ft in cloud and fog before seeing the runway no longer than 15 seconds before we touched down on the runway!

photo 83699526_3035363199820086_633166007216635904_o

Rejoice we had finally arrived! Unfortunately for me- they landed us on the Polderbaan!

I am not keen on having this runway (given its a 15 minute taxi) on a good majority of my trips… My pot luck in deed….

photo 83711445_3035363349820071_8137916308030226432_o

We parked on the D-Gates where all EI/BA/BACF flights arrive and depart in Amsterdam Schiphol's mega complex. No flight deck visit on this flight as the first officer was on a training flight and thus with the extra captain on board reviewing his performance, i was advised that I wouldn't be allowed entry, which is fair enough, I would be on a BA A320 coming back anyway in 2 days, I could wait!

So I left the plane after a nice enough flight, despite the delay at LHR, to enjoy a three hour wait in Amsterdam. I will continue the stop over on my next flight report on the KLM flight to Toulouse I did…. Stay tuned! 

photo img_3736
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British Airways

Cabin crew9.0

London - LHR


Amsterdam - AMS



British Airways- Standard experience on a Euro Traveller service. Still a pleasure to continue flying with them!

London Heathrow- Nice to do an Amsterdam flight which didn't result in a B or C Gate departure for once! I never use the cafes, but the Dixon staff were helpful as I required some cheap headphones (I left mine at home by mistake). Boarding process was as efficient as can be with BA Staff.

Amsterdam Schiphol- "Polderbaan" arrival isn't my biggest friend, but it is a fantastic airport for me personally- never had a bad experience to date!

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5513 Comments

    Hey Jett, thanks for sharing!

    British Airways- Standard experience on a Euro Traveller service.

    A standard BA Y experience a few years ago, unfortunately--now with the new super-slim ironing boards being installed behind the exit rows, these "old" (only 4 years old) Pinnacle seats are an above-average experience anymore as they're more comfortable with better padding.

    I have a BA A320 flight coming up in a few weeks...hoping I get these seats and not the new seats.

    Personally, I think the M&S prices are too high for drinks, but reasonable for food.

    Thanks for sharing!

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