Review of Air France flight Toulouse Paris in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF 7785
Class Economy
Seat 5F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 31 Aug 13, 13:40
Arrival at 31 Aug 13, 15:10
AF   #36 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 4745 reviews
By GOLD 3514
Published on 7th September 2013
This report is the English version of my recent native French opus.
After nearly two months away, time has come to fly back to the “Red Island.” This report relates the first leg of my homeward routing to Madagascar.

Once the TT car returned, I make my way to the check-in area. TLS airport has already been presented by Icare and so have I in my previous TLS-PRG FR.
photo DSCN6613

AF check-in area is in Hall C as Hall A faces major works.
photo DSCN6614

AF is proud to promote an unmanned procedure.
photo DSCN6619

I check-in an print both my boarding pass and luggage tags.
photo DSCN6615

I head to the Sky Priority line as FB Silver members are welcome. The lady in charge is a lovely agent, not only because she accepts my overweight luggage. Would have a machine?
photo DSCN6617

It is time to walk to the security check.
photo DSCN6621

An advert for a new wildlife park 50 miles from Toulouse. A place worth the visit. photo DSCN6611

The departure post.
photo DSCN6628

A map of TLS.
photo DSCN6625photo DSCN6622

The security check is held by a very polite staff.
photo DSCN6624

You are welcomed once airside, as if the landside area was not the airport.
photo DSCN6631

Perfumes on one side;
photo DSCN6632

Alcohol and Tobacco on the other side.
photo DSCN6633

Let’s walk in this bright terminal. I am not welcome to the lounge this time.
photo DSCN6644

Some souvenirs from the « Pays d’Oc »
photo DSCN6645

Airbus-signed gadgets.
photo DSCN6647

You can find the same over-priced items when you visit the A380 plant nearby.
photo DSCN6646

Spirit of Toulouse…
photo DSCN6649

… Spirit of Namibia, undelivered yet.
photo DSCN6638

The Beluga has not moved since my last visit.
photo DSCN6639

Our A319 is being loaded.
photo DSCN6641

He is a real teenager now, aged 14.
photo DSCN6640

The time has come to go to gate.
photo DSCN6634

I bet it is not my plane.
photo DSCN6648

Gate 42 is in the newest part of the airport. Although the area is very bright, it is not spotter-friendly. But the traffic is very little.
photo DSCN6654

The main change is this area is related to the hung adverts. The Rolls Royce ones have been removed for Pratt and Witney. Thus, which ones am I gonna chose?
photo DSCN6655

A hurrying passenger.
photo DSCN6656

The non Schengen destinations depart straight ahead. Therefore, I turn left.
photo DSCN6662

The boarding gates are in a semi-circular building. The main building is on the right.
photo DSCN6664

Downstairs you board by paxbus ; upstairs are the jet bridges.
photo DSCN6665

The front landing gear.
photo DSCN6667

Germania A319 to Dubrovnik.
photo DSCN6668

Our gate 42.
photo DSCN6670

First shot from seated in the aircraft : an AF bro.
photo DSCN6673

Further away, zizijet and another bro.
photo DSCN6674

The pitch is fine for a short flight.
photo DSCN6676

Safety card.
photo DSCN6725

Air France magazine had been delivered one day early.
photo DSCN6677

We drive to the take off position. Air Philippines et Durian Air in the Airbus delivery area.
photo DSCN6683

Air 007 debriefing Germania and TAL (Tassili Airlines).
photo DSCN6685

Ready to take off.
photo DSCN6691

This white bird stands always there to say good bye. ;)
photo DSCN6693

Here we go !
photo DSCN6694

Bye TLS.
photo DSCN6696

TAL and TK at Hall D.
photo DSCN6697

From left to right : a BA A380 (another one is being produced), the blue tailed A380 belonging to some Middle East fellow, Concorde, A300 and Caravelle.
photo DSCN6701

A388 BA.
photo DSCN6702

South of France countryside.
photo DSCN6703photo DSCN6706

As we fly northward, the sky is more and more cloudy.
photo DSCN6717photo DSCN6711

Coffee and biscuits
photo DSCN6721

With a glass of water.
photo DSCN6722

The cabin.
photo DSCN6684

The clouds are thick.
photo DSCN6727

During the descent, one may see the openfields surrounding Paris.
photo DSCN6729

A Farm.
photo DSCN6733

A lovely city. No doubt Saraoutou knows it.
photo DSCN6740

Castle or abbey ?
photo DSCN6742

Automn sky.
photo DSCN6744

EK grouper.
photo DSCN6757

XL area.
photo DSCN6762

photo DSCN6768

XL again.
photo DSCN6767

AA and EY-AF.
photo DSCN6763

The unloading can start.
photo DSCN6774

We are on time.
photo DSCN6775

The most unpleasant part of the trip is starting right now.
photo DSCN6776photo DSCN6777

The luggages are expected at 3.24. The delivery will start 20 minutes late. ADP is improving !
photo DSCN6780

A few shots while waiting.
photo DSCN6779photo DSCN6778

It is time to walk to Terminal 2A.
photo DSCN6781

To be continued…

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Air France

Cabin crew8.0

Toulouse - TLS


Paris - CDG



We arrived on time.

The crew did the job.

Being 2 in a row of 3 makes the flight much more comfortable.

TLS is a pleasant place to be as the staff attitude has improved.

The long lasting wait for the luggages in CDG is a really shame for one of the world major airports.

Thanks for reading this first experience in English. Hope no one is hurt ;)

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