Review of Middle East Airlines flight Beirut Brussels in Economy

Flight ME215
Class Economy
Seat 22F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 04:30
Take-off 08 Feb 20, 07:10
Arrival at 08 Feb 20, 10:40
ME 65 reviews
By 1947
Published on 9th February 2020

Marhaba Everybody,

After a one week in Beirut to visit my family, now its time to go back to Brussels on a stormy and rainy Saturday morning. I arrived to the airport at 5 am to an almost empty airport. No much people flying during this time and its not a high season in Lebanon.


photo 20200208_060406

That meant that I checked in very fast, quickly stamped my passport and off i went to wait for my flight. What I obviously noticed is the less security measure at Beirut airport and now its more efficient. In the past it was very slow and chaotic, well so improvement is made at least. 

I went to wait at Gate 8 for my plane which was the Airbus A320, MEA's smallest fleet aircraft.

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The boarding agent, who was a male, was very smiley and welcoming. I absolutely liked that and he wished everybody a safe flight with a great attitude (Bravo..). We boarded the plane at 6:40 am. The flight was 95% full in economy with five empty seats only and few empty seats in business class. 

At plane door, we were welcomed by 2 smiley flight attendants that showed us our seats. My seat was 22F. 

photo 20200208_064742

The metal bird took off on time at 7:10 am to a super rainy weather. They played the famous and entertaining MEA safety video and then we flew. It was smooth take-off (MEA's pilots are world class and thats a fact).

photo 20200208_064817

10 minutes after the cheesy outdated ads that MEA forces us to watch, the IFE was turned on and a FA came to distribute the earphones to watch and enjoy the IFE. No WIFI onboard MEA.
The same selection was as on my flight from Bru-Bey 7 days before, which was a very good selection as i said in a previous report. I watched the 2019 animation movie of Addam's Family Values. You can't go wrong with such a classic… 

photo 20200208_072715

We experienced some turbulence along our way and it is because of the storm that is hitting Lebanon, but still nothing major. That's why the meal service was delayed a bit until 45 minutes into the flight (usually its 30 minutes on this flight). 

It was an early morning flight so it was breakfast. As I noticed lately, MEA cutted off their economy meal menu (maybe to cut costs) and that is a slight draw back. Anyways, the two nice flight attendant gave us a choice of Knefe or Omelette, I opted for Omelette. 

Oh my god, it was a truly delicious meal and this proves what I said in my previous report, food coming out of Beirut is top notch on MEA. The meal was yummy, generous and flavorful along with tea.  

photo 20200208_075432

I had my meal along with the turbulence but managed to finish it well and continued my movie.

My earphones were in my ears and me watching the movie and still couldn't stop hearing the snoring of the man sitting two seats near me in 22D. It was embarrassing and annoying for everybody and when he was awaken up, he wasn't in his best mood let's say that :P 

Also, an adorable few months old toddler, decided that she wants to sing her opera verse aka. crying hehe. It was loud and all over the place, so when the movie ended, I simply opened the window curtain and kept on looking at the view from outside.  

photo 20200208_102410

Time passed by and we were ready to land. It was a smooth landing and good weather in Brussels. 

Off-boarding was good this time and a FA was on the door to say goodbye to us. Then I continued to passport control and baggage collection and ta-daaaa, in literally 10 minutes I was out waiting my train to catch. 

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Middle East Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Beirut - BEY


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MEA, I love you and love flying our Lebanese airline. Now after I took many flights between Lebanon and Belgium, I can say that BEY-BRU flights are way better than BRU-BEY flights in terms of quality, not only the meals, but the overall thing. Will continue to fly MEA always and hopefully they can maintain this level and be better onward despite the crisis in Lebanon (though the menu removal is not a good sign). I hope i can see this route on Business Class soon to review it and see if the experience differs.

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