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Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL091
Class Economy
Seat 37G
Flight time 09:35
Take-off 01 Jun 17, 10:30
Arrival at 01 Jun 17, 14:05
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Published on 18th February 2020

Hello everyone & welcome to another flight review!
This one is from three years ago, and now that I have finally found all of the pictures of my flight, I thought it is about time to share my trip from  Düsseldorf to Atlanta with you all. Hope you enjoy! ;)


photo 20170607_084848

Delta Air Lines now mostly departs out of Terminal A in DUS, but that day my gate was in Terminal B. I had a nice view of the airplanes, such as this Etihad Boeing 787 Dreamliner, as I made my way from security to passport control, and then the gate from there.

photo 20170607_084852

I really miss Air Berlin! I remember when LTU, which I flew from DUS to Orlando, Florida as a kid, went out of business and Air Berlin took over. It's a shame that the same thing happened to them!

photo fb_img_1518047171466

Our aircraft was a Boeing 767-400ER. It was the second time I had flown on the longer version of Delta's famous 767 and I absolutely love this airplane! Old, but unique! :)

photo 20170607_105101

We left the gate on time, and as we taxied to runway RWY 23L, the Captain made his announcement about a few details of our flight, saying that our flight time would be around 9 hours and 30 minutes and that we would most likely land early in Atlanta.

photo 20170607_105107photo 20170607_105804

And off we go!! Until next time, Düsseldorf! :)

photo 20170607_105815photo 20170607_105909

DUS Airport behind us as we make a right turn to the northwest.

photo 20170607_105916

Flying over the Rhine River as our turn becomes more shallow… A must-see sight, by the way, if you haven't been there yet! ;)

photo 20170607_110100

It doesn't take long to reach a flight level above the clouds, which for me is always a highlight. :)

photo 20171017_130341

Shortly after we had reached our cruising altitude, lunch was served. To be honest with you, I find chicken okay, but am not a big fan of it. My favorite option when flying is the pasta/tortellini, so I went with this. And of course, coke with my meal to wake up, because if you get up at 6am to be at the airport almost 3 hours prior to departure, then what you need by noon is caffeine! ;)

photo 20170607_110512photo 20170607_134503

It only takes about 2 hours to leave the European continent and then proceed further west towards southern Greenland. Although I have traveled the exact same route over and over and over again, it is always exciting and a huge adventure to be crossing the Atlantic, knowing you can make it to the other side in such a short period of time! Boy, what would we do without airplanes?! :)

photo 20170607_160224

Getting close to the Canadian mainlands…

photo 20170607_152532

About half-way into the flight, the crew came through to serve a light snack. Of course, with my favorite Starbucks coffee! :)

photo 20170607_152656photo 20170607_171308

Slowly but surely making it into US airspace…

photo 20170607_180712

Lake Erie to our right…

photo 20170607_180852photo 20170607_190255

About an hour and a half before landing, we were served our pre-arrival snack. I would say it's not much, but for me it's enough for a few hours until I get a real lunch at the airport. Everybody loves burritos, right?! ;) (And ice cream :))

photo 20170607_185814

Almost there! :) I do apologize for the poor quality on some of the pictures! I took them with my old cell phone, which was still good enough to take at least a few nice photos, but you could never tell.

photo 20170607_192933

As we approached the state of Georgia, the Captain announced our descent into Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The weather was mostly cloudy skies with very hot temperatures. And, as expected before, we landed about 20 minutes early! Great job, Delta!

photo 20170607_194446

Flying over the city of Atlanta…

photo 20170607_194632

Extending the spoilers to help with our descent…

photo 20170607_195642photo 20170607_195743

Yep, not so sunny in Atlanta today… :(

photo 20170607_200054photo 20170607_200329

On short final for runway 08L…

photo capture

Made it!! The landing is always fun, because you come in fast, you touch down (sometimes a little rough I might add), and you slow down so quickly. We exited the runway right by Concourse E and F, so we didn't have to taxi that long. Usually pilots always try to request the runway closest to the arrival gate to save time. And looks like it worked. :)

photo 20170607_200739

Rolling to the gate at Concourse E…

photo 20170607_200800
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My conclusion about my trip with Delta Air Lines is not going to be different than the ones I've submitted in previous flight reports. An on-time and reliable airline, always superior service and great options from the IFE. Until next time, Delta! :)



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