Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Los Angeles in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ38
Class Business
Seat 11K
Aircraft Airbus A340-500
Flight time 17:30
Take-off 01 Jan 13, 16:20
Arrival at 01 Jan 13, 17:50
SQ   #3 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 701 reviews
By 18893
Published on 11th September 2013
Hi folks,

This is the English translation of my FR from SIN to LAX. The original FR in French can be found there

This is the first leg of a long routing mixing holidays and business trips over 3 continents.

My first stop is Chicago.
From Singapore, there are several options to reach Chicago.
- Westbound with 1 stop in NRT: SIN-NRT-ORD on SQ then NH or UA.
- Eastbound with a connection in Europe: SIN-LHR-ORD / on SQ then VS or UA.
The stopover could also be in CDG rather than LHR, which would allow me to visit my homeland (France).
Last options are the 2 future ex-ultra long haul SQ flights: SIN-LAX or SIN-EWR followed by a domestic flight to ORD.

At the time of booking, to my surprise the cheapest options turned out to be via LAX on the direct SQ route then a domestic flight on UA. To keep the budget under control, the LAX-ORD leg will be in economy class. Even more surprisingly (to me, at least!), the most expensive option is SIN-NRT on SQ then NRT-ORD on UA.

So, let’s settle on SIN-LAX direct on SQ followed by LAX-ORD on UA.
Obviously, as you noted, being a SQ PPS and LH M&M member, only *A options were looked at.

A quick word on the SQ flight on 345.
Currently (and until later in 2013), SQ operates the 4 longest commercial flights, between SIN and EWR and LAX, operated on all-J Airbus 345. These flights are respectively 15,300kms in 18hrs40mins (EWR-SIN) and 14,100kms in 17hrs20mins (LAX-SIN).
According to my research on the internet, not only these 2 flights are the longest in 2013 but also the longest in the history of commercial aviation (scheduled flights only). By mentioning « scheduled flights only », I intend to exclude the longest ever flight of a commercial jetliner, a 777-200LR which reached LHR from HKG non-stop through the East route, a nice 21,600kms (22hrs40mins). At that time (2005), this flight aimed at promoting the 777-200LR against the Airbus 345.

All right, time to fly off to LAX!

2 :30pm, my pickup to reach Changi airport
photo 20130608_142705

3pm : check-in at Changi T3. Oddly, only 2 check-in banks are open. Although the J check-in at the T3 is rarely overcrowded, 2 banks is not much.
photo 20130608_150332

According to the agent at the check-in bank, reason for this is a flight leaving for Mecca, lots of pax and lots of well-wishers… so lots of staff have been requested to join and help.
photo 20130608_151052photo 20130608_151119photo 20130608_151634

Being a SQ PPS, I am now chasing the SEN status on LH. That’s a double dip, my « regular » miles should be credited to my LH account while my PPS $ should go towards PPS requalification. Since a couple of flights, this has proven to me a pain in the &%$^ ! Double dip has failed many times at check-in, resulting in a need of many follow-up emails to SQ and LH to make things right afterwards.

In line with this, once again, my check-in took forever. According to the agent, this is due to the new IT system implemented since less than 1 month. My BP SIN-LAX and LAX-ORD are issued. In terms of FFP, one is fully LH without mention of PPS or SQ KF while the second one (LAX-ORD) shows the correct information (LH number but also *G derived from my PPS membership).
Anyway, it seems indeed complicated (or staff are not properly trained, not sure…). After printing 5 sets of the BP always showing the wrong information, the agent left his desk for 15mins to seek help from colleagues.
I eventually give up, this is taking way to long and nobody seems to know what’s going and how to manage the double dip. I’ll follow-up later through emails with PPS and M&M.
photo 20130608_153923%2520blur

Passport control is cleared quickly like always in SIN. Due to this flight going to the US, only difference with other flight is a 2nd passport check just before boarding (at the entrance of the aerobridge).
Gate A14, let’s go !
photo 20130608_155822

My aircraft today, a 345 number 9V-SGE, was born in 2004. Like its 4 siblings in the SQ fleet, it will be returned to Airbus in Oct-Nov. 2013 when the direct routes to the US will be discontinued (LAX will remain through NRT and EWR will be replaced by JFK through FRA).
photo IMG_0517

I haven’t had time to check in online, therefore no windows seat ? I’ll be in 14F, in the front of the cabin. The all-J cabin is divided into 3 sections. Galleys are only in the very front and very back of the cabin. Toilets are in the central dividing sections in between each section.
As mentioned before, the configuration is all-J, 100 seats in 1-2-1 with the famous SQ long-haul seat. I really enjoy this seat for an overnight flight as it turns into a wide full-flat bed. As a normal seat, I find it to be too hard and always use a cushion under my bottom lol
The cabin is obviously narrower than that of a 77W but it doesn’t feel cramped at all. I estimate the flight to be 90% full. Crew is 14 commercial and 4 pilots.
photo IMG_0524

A view of the cabin
photo IMG_0525

Another view from the back, a sea of J seats, 100 that’s a lot !
photo 20130608_161535

The corporate picture
photo IMG_0528

This flight is almost full. I ask a crew to switch to a window seat, I can see 11K seems empty. My wish is granted. The chief pursers tells me, although she had other similar requests, I get the seat due to my PPS status, thank you ma’am.
photo IMG_0530

While I move my belonging to my new seat, she hands over to me some earplugs and warns me there may be some noise due to proximity of the galley, nice gesture.
photo IMG_0614

The crew in charge of my area takes my order for post-lunch drinks.

Doors are closed. The captain introduces himself, the 1st officer, the relief pilots and the IFS (in-flight supervisor). He mentions a flight duration of 15hrs40mins and an expected landing time in LAX at 5:20pm local time (same day). He also makes an announcement which is unusual to me : « at the request of US authorities, we kindly request passengers not to congregate in groups in the cabin », probably post 9/11 security procedure.

4:25pm, we push back (5 mins delay). The plane will then stay still for quite a while after pushing away from the gate.

I have 2 windows, nice, however rainy weather on SIN today, so the spotting will be limited.
photo IMG_0533

I was still able to spot a few birds while taxiing, though : QR
photo IMG_0547

China Eastern A300-600
photo IMG_0550

SQ 77W, about to depart to SFO via HKG
photo IMG_0552

A320 Sichuan Airlines
photo IMG_0554

SQ 388 later departing for CDG
photo IMG_0556

This is the reason for the mess in the terminal, the Saudia flight
photo IMG_0559

photo IMG_0565photo IMG_0566photo IMG_0567

The same in one shot
photo IMG_0573

Lion Air 737-900ER and Air lagentsecret (TK) in the background
photo IMG_0574

This means « take it easy » lol
photo IMG_0583

LH 388
photo IMG_0586

A Silk Air 320 departing to Hyderabad
photo IMG_0589

Another Silk Air (319) on its way to Coimbatore (CJB, India) photo IMG_0595

4:46pm, take off !

Shortly after (4 :52pm), the seatbelt sign is switched off.

Here is the menu. 3 meals will be served: dinner, snack during the night then another meal (kind off early dinner before landing).

For diner, I pick the sirloin:
photo IMG_0534

The second meal is only upon request because in the middle of the night Singapore-time.
photo IMG_0535

The 3rd meal, before landing. I will have the cod
photo IMG_0536

The drinks section of menu shows Bollinger is served, great news, Bollinger is way better than Heidsieck ! I ask a crew who is passing by, he goes for a check and come back to deliver the bad news… only Heidsieck :(
He is super smiling and cheerful and asks if my France jersey is football or rugby lol

This aircraft is fitted with wifi. I won’t use it though. A plane is the last place of peace, no internet no phone and I’d love it if it stays that way !
photo IMG_0537photo IMG_0538photo IMG_0539

Apparently it cost USD 30 for 30Mb of data, how does this compare with the competitors ? Looks pricey, isn‘t it ?
photo IMG_0540

Unlike in PVG, I haven’t met with lagentsecret and Numero_2 last night so no hangover, I can treat myself to a glass of champagne ;)
photo IMG_0541

The front galley
photo IMG_0542

Space is plentiful, both in breadth and in length. I like this seat, much better as a bed than a seat (I find it too hard in the normal seating position).
photo IMG_0545

The chief stewardess (crew 2nd in command)
photo IMG_0546

No neighbor on my left ;)
photo IMG_0594

After takeoff… this 777 is very strange, the 2 engines have been moved under the same wing, so no engine on the left side ? lol
photo IMG_0599

A view looking back from my seat, J all the way
photo IMG_0601

and looking forward !
photo IMG_0602

Now let me show you this seat, its environment and features
Directly in front of me, the screen is really wide !
photo IMG_0531

The command panel. This is a lie-flat, not a toboggan. The seat can be moved forward a bit only but the backrest folds into bed position.
photo IMG_0532

The connectors around the IFE screen
photo IMG_0607photo IMG_0608

this is for ladies…
photo IMG_0609

A hook
photo IMG_0610

The panel above my seat
photo IMG_0611

My view into the galley will be limited to this for most of the flight… the curtain
photo IMG_0612

photo IMG_0613

The IFE remote control
photo IMG_0616

The geovision system of the IFE is fairly recent. Usually it’s an older version on the 333 and 777.
photo IMG_0618

This is the comfort kit… NOT !! Only the smurfs socks and sleep mask. photo IMG_0621photo IMG_0622

That’s me ! Ugly but comfortable. SQ is clearly behind most competitors when it comes to amenities and comfort kit.
photo IMG_0624

Being on the first row of seats, I have this ottoman
photo IMG_0626

Why would anyone sit on the ottoman with such a big seat !
photo IMG_0627

5:07pm, my wine order is delivered. The Chablis usually on the menu for regional flight sis missing ? Too bad I wanted to give it a try… cheers, that’s a Medoc 2009
photo IMG_0631

The drinks section (except the spirits section which I did not pictured)

Here we are, cruising altitude !
photo IMG_0637

5:15pm, I go to the washroom (yes, fascinating, I know ;)
A few pictures. It starts with an orchid
photo IMG_0639

5:21pm: satay time
photo IMG_0643

My goal is to not leave anything!
photo IMG_0646

The wine, fair but not outstanding.
photo IMG_0649

5:30pm. No luck for the month of heavy travel for me, the movies choice is really not great… I’ll start with A good day to die hard.

Bruce Willis is on the wrong side of the cannon!
photo IMG_0650

5:40pm. The chief stewardess comes back to refill my glass. I interrupt her thinking that she’s pouring a different wine than the one that was first served to me. She smiles, shows me the bottle and says « No worries, we know what you’re drinking Mr. Durian »

5:41pm. Start of dinner service. The starter
photo IMG_0653photo IMG_0654

The breadbasket
photo IMG_0658

and my favorite, the garlic bread !
photo IMG_0659

5:55pm: Bruce Willis starts his killing spree

5:56pm: Bruce Willis is done killing all the bad guys

6:10pm. Main course, the sirloin turns out to be a very good choice, it is very tender and tasty.
photo IMG_0662photo IMG_0663

Desserts, only for the picture (I’m a cheese person, not dessert ;)
photo IMG_0667

6:25pm, another glass of red wine and all-I-can-eat garlic bread
photo IMG_0668

The cheeses tray
photo IMG_0673

that’s my selection, better than on SQ regional flights.
photo IMG_0674

7:15pm: 2nd movie, « l’affaire Dumont », a French movie based on a true story about parents abusing their children… at watching this movie, I felt a bit depressed ;(

7:20pm : in jolly mood again due to 2nd round of cheese !

7:51pm: cabin light is switched off. From what I saw by walking around, many pax are sleeping, which IMO is a mistake, this time is early morning LAX time and early evening SIN time.. why sleep ?

8:30pm: I press the call button to have water. 2 crewmembers arrive at the same time, one from the left one from the right… I’m embarrassed because I don’t know whom to talk to ;) they spot my (relative) embarrassment and laugh ! Professional yet relax atmosphere on board.

9:15pm: 3rd movie, Moebius, with Jean Dujardin

10:15pm: Jean Dujardin wins of course ! He eventually killed the bad guy

10:50pm: actually Jean Dujardin has lost, he was misled and betrayed by a woman !

The SQ Girl who’s in charge of my area notices I down my glasses of water fast so she gives me big bottle for the night, more convenient ;-)
photo IMG_0677

10:55pm: time to take a nap. Although a full night of sleep is not my plan, a few hours of rest will help me be tired enough upon reaching LAX and beat the jetlag (hopefully !). The crew prepares my bed and I request for a wake-up in 5 hours, at 4am Singapore time.


04:00am: I am woken up by a sweet voice, I open my eyes then the window blind… bright sun, and it is 1pm LAX time. I ask for a double espresso, most pax are still asleep and the cabin is still dark. I will now do some work for the next 3 hours.
I got a new laptop from my office, Excel in English is much better than in mandarin like on my previous laptop !
photo IMG_0687

We’re getting closer to LAX. When looking at the map, I can’t help thinking that I feel safer with 4 engines.. in case of a technical problem, there’s really nowhere around to land ! The Azores glider without Azores for landing is not a great idea!
photo IMG_0686photo IMG_0688

04:20am: I skip the night snack that a crew offers to me. I’ll take another coffee, will finish my work and eat the 3rd meal.

At 6am (2hrs30mins before landing), cabin light is switched on again.
Drink service. For me, fresh orange juice.
photo IMG_0689

06:40am: pre-landing meal.

photo IMG_0694

Starter: endive, very uncommon in Singapore ! Reminds me of my childhood.
photo IMG_0695

Very delicate fish, awesome.
photo IMG_0699

some more cheese ! (I can’t get enough !)
photo IMG_0700

8am: we are now above ground. The captain announces that we are 200 miles from LAX, landing is in 35mins and 10mins later at the gate.
photo IMG_0707

It’s time to complete this form
photo IMG_0710

LA residential lol
photo IMG_0715

No doubt we are in the US, what a big football stadium !
photo IMG_0719

We’re getting closer from the airport, housing has turned into warehouses
photo IMG_0722

And here we are, touchdown!
8:31am on Sunday Singapore time, 5:31pm on Saturday local time. Flight duration has been 15hrs45mins.
Ground temperature is 20 degrees (Celsius).

1st plane spotted after landing…. CX, I feel at home!
photo IMG_0732

Air Pepsi
photo IMG_0733

Air Fiji et Asiana
photo IMG_0734

Nice group shot: Air New Zealand, Virgin et V Australia
photo IMG_0744

Qantas 744 and 388
photo IMG_0747

LH 744
photo IMG_0750

Air Marathon (Eva Air, which has joined *A since that flight)
photo IMG_0754

A VX and this building typical of LAX
photo IMG_0756

Time difference is 15 hours, ouch !
photo IMG_0761

A first time for me, Southwest 738
photo IMG_0765

Air Berlin, I deleted the picture of the plane by mistake but I kept the picture of the plane number, it’s a 332 built in 1999 but delivered in 2011 to Air Berlin
photo IMG_0766

We have reached the last turn near the gate then we stop. The captain announces that we will be pulled to the gate… strange, first time I experienced this procedure.
photo IMG_0759photo IMG_0763

5:45pm: we are at the gate.

The aerobridges’ bank !
photo 20130608_175210

Arrival, let’s follow the signage
photo IMG_0771

Run, Forrest, run!
photo IMG_0772

This local celebrity welcomes us !
photo IMG_0774

I think we were the only international flight landing at that time, there was no line, and immigration was cleared within 5 minutes.

Here is my suitcase coming. These employees’ job is to arrange the luggage on the belt with the handle upward and the baggage tag visible, very thoughtful.
photo 20130608_180704

Surprisingly, customs check will take longer time than immigration.
photo 20130608_180244

These are my luggages. The black one is empty. The price to pay for a long trip away from home is to bring back lots of stuff ordered on internet by Mrs. Durian and delivered to my hotel in ORD.
photo 20130608_181554

No, I’m not going to Disneyland!
photo 20130608_181832

This is what the hotel shuttle buses look like
photo 20130608_181951

Here we are, thanks for reading me!
photo IMG_0799
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Singapore - SIN


Los Angeles - LAX



Take off roughly on-time, landing before schedule time.
I had not time to go to the Krisflyer lounge at Changi airport.

I just love this cabin: very wide seat, lots of privacy, big IFE screen and hundreds of movies to choose from from all over the world.
Cabin crew are always present, sometimes even to beat my expectations. Professional, smiling, relax just the right balance.
I liked this food, I was able to be at peace with my diet with a healthy fish then have loads of garlic bread and cheese :)
Overall a good flight, I was able to manage my sleep well, could work 3 hours and sleep 5. A long journey, but a good one... unlike the LAX-ORD to come soon ;)

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Los Angeles (LAX)


If you liked this review or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post a comment below !
  • Comment 87087 by
    marathon GOLD 10152 Comments
    FR v2 seems to have a hard time with mapping transpacific routes; I had never realized that SQ's famous (and alas soon to be discontinued) SIN-LAX flights were so long :) I wish you had had a chance (and the bucks) to test SIN-EWR before it is phased out. You should not leave your spoiler in that English version, even though I wonder how many native English readers have ever heard of Jean Dujardin. Thank you for this double dip FR (one in French, one in English) !
    PS : and thanks for this nostalgic picture of a BR 777 :')
  • Comment 87092 by
    lagentsecret 12184 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR

    I'm so disappointed not having a visit of the KrysFlyer Lounge

    Unlike in PVG, I haven’t met with lagentsecret and Numero_2 last night so no hangover
    It was hangover 1 ;) Who knows : hangover 2 could happen !

    Nice seat and confortable bed

    Food looks yummy

    FAs are great

    This is the kind of flight that we would never see the end

    See you soon
  • Comment 89495 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this enjoyable report with great pictures. I have yet to set foot on a SQ flight but I was expecting a little bit more from an airline whose reputation is so high that some consider it the best in the world.

    First, I find your experience with the boarding passes irritating. SQ should be able to get this right regardless if the IT is new or not, especially in a premium counter. The lack of a decent amenity kit in J, especially on a flight of this length is troublesome. If TK is able to provide one for every Y passenger on their long haul, why can't SQ do the same for their long haul J passengers? I don't care if contents are stocked in the bathrooms, cost cutting should never be perceived in a premium cabin. We all know that a SQ J ticket is hardly discounted because people pay for it. I am also a cheese lover and whenever I fly in the front, I always look forward to the cheese/dessert trolley rolling down. However, I had to do a double take on the one that you showed. The presentation could be better and the addition of a tray with sliced fruits, especially tropical ones like mango or pineapple could have enhanced the presentation.

    Perhaps my expectation are set too high since I have read and heard so many praises about SQ. I really enjoyed your report.
  • Comment 137307 by
    SebastianRDCD 23 Comments
    Hi, very nice FR, very rare to find one of this nowadays... I liked it very much! How didi you feel after you landed at LAX?, Did you have any problem breathing inside the cabin? and how long was the flight?
  • Comment 137308 by
    SebastianRDCD 23 Comments
    Hi, very nice FR, very rare to find one of this nowadays... I liked it very much! How did you feel after you landed at LAX?, Did you have any problem breathing inside the cabin? and how long was the flight?

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