Review of Air Namibia flight Windhoek Johannesburg in Economy

Airline Air Namibia
Flight SW 729
Class Economy
Seat 19
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 19 Jul 13, 15:00
Arrival at 19 Jul 13, 17:45
SW 12 reviews
By GOLD 17024
Published on 12th September 2013
As summer is fading away, why not waking up some fantactic memories ?

This report was first published in its French version.

After two weeks wandering around the dusty gravel roads of Namibia, time has come to drive back to Hosea Kutako’s.

Namibia is a world of its own where the visitor loses all his familiar references among wild life and desert landscapes. Therefore, I am happy to share some of the moments I will never forget.

The cheetah looks out in the Na’askuse wild life orphanage where injured animals or abandoned cubs are offered shelter.
photo DSCN3148

Further away, brother Leopard would enjoy to taste the white tourist’s flesh ;-)
photo DSCN3194

This wild dog looks so cute !
photo DSCN3240

Shortcuts are at own risk.
photo DSCN3329

Tar roads only link major cities as the Namibian road network is mainly made of gravel roads.
photo DSCN3500

Our discovery of Namibia starts in the Namib Desert, especially the Namib-Naukluft national park famous for its red dunes.
photo DSCN3402

Panoramic view from the top of « Big Daddy » some 280 meters high. Deadvlei’s pan on the foreground, Sossusvlei at the back.
photo DSCN3735

photo DSCN3690

At the bottom of the cracked pan, some 600 year old fossilized acacia trees. photo DSCN3776

Who is watching out ?
photo DSCN3787

The colors palette is part of the magic show.
photo DSCN3796

Dune 45 stands at the 45th kilometer on the tar road that drives through the park.
photo DSCN3462photo DSCN3591

Mysterious and majestic vastness.
photo DSCN3427

The wind shapes the sand once come from the Orange river valley.
photo DSCN3435

The rare trees can survive with a few rain drops a year and the humidity of the morning dew.
photo DSCN3471

In winter time, sunset starts at 4pm.
photo DSCN3408

A lonely Oryx on his peaceful trek. To some greener pasture?
photo DSCN3495

Driving Northward, we cross the Tropic of Capricorn.
photo DSCN3859

Next to Usakos, Philips cave is famous for some Bushmen’s paintings. Among them, the white elephant.
photo DSCN3879

Further away on the Grootberg road, Twyfelfontain is a UNESCO heritage site. Among the bushmen engravings, the white lion.
photo DSCN3902

Girafe and human feet.
I had heard and read so much of Twyfelfontain that I was a bit deceived. There is not that much to see.
photo DSCN3924

At the top of Grootberg pass is Grootberg lodge, flagship of a regional sustainable development project funded by the EU. The lodge helps raising funds for the local community, gives qualified jobs. The most interesting issue is the will of sharing water between farmers and their cattle and the desert elephants.
From the top of the pass.
photo DSCN4116

After hours tracking the desert elephants we get our rewards..
photo DSCN4208photo DSCN4233

Elephants and villagers have to live together, thus they must share the water resources.
photo DSCN4130

The Himbas and the Hereros are cattle feeders. The latter have been more influenced by the German and Afrikaan pastors whereas the Himbas keep a traditional way of life.
A Herero woman ;
photo DSCN4102

A Herero teen ;
photo DSCN4105

Young Himba girl ;
photo DSCN4041

Young Himba child : the plait on the forehead means she is a girl.
photo DSCN4016

He is a boy !
photo DSCN4095

Traditionnal hairstyle.
photo DSCN4023

Traditionnel piece of jewelry.
photo DSCN4064

Young nubile maid who has not been married yet.
photo DSCN4037

Young boy hoping for a bright future.
photo DSCN4020

A beer for the road to end this Namibian extra.
photo DSCN4110

Time has come to drive back to the airport, some 40 km east of Windhoek.
photo DSCN5376

Here we are !
photo DSCN5382

The airport area is always jammed. You have to make your way in the hassle of the shuttle drivers, car rentals, luggage… It is not that bad anyway but after 2 weeks in remote areas you get used to quiet atmosphere.
photo DSCN5390photo DSCN5384

There is not much traffic to and from WDH. The number 1 destination is South Africa. Air Namibia also offers flights to Accra and Frankfurt. This latter is a kind of historical heritage.

photo DSCN5398

Let’s try to check in as no post shows our flight.
photo DSCN5386

The only open SW counter.
photo DSCN5388

My dusty suitcase.
photo DSCN5389

Behind the check in line.
photo DSCN5396

A narrow corridor leads to Immigration and security inspection.
photo DSCN5394

The waiting line may look long, but we do not wait that much.
photo DSCN5397

The airside area is overcrowded when 3 flights are waiting for their boarding calls. Thus, it is not that comfortable.
The duty free shop is not the place to buy anything as prices are 30 to 50% higher than in JNB.
There is a lounge but as I am a Y PAX today, I have to try to get a seat in this human jungle. photo DSCN5399
There is no real seat left. Why not going for some shooting?
BA Comair.
photo DSCN5400

A319 de SW. The company owns 4 of them.
photo DSCN5401

A319 V5-ANM we flew on the outward journey.
photo DSCN5407

A319 V5-ANL was born on the 11th of December 2007. SW bought it from Air Berlin on the 16th of September 2011.
photo DSCN5413

A US military service.
photo DSCN5410

SW owns 2 A340 for the twice weekly service to/from FRA.
photo DSCN5406

There is no jetbridge or paxbus. We walk to the plane. Some policeman tells me off when I try to take some pics.
First pic from the cabin. Winglet and control tower.
photo DSCN5412photo DSCN5411

The legroom is very decent for this short flight.
photo DSCN5414

The complete A319 fleet is now at home.
photo DSCN5417

We take off on schedule.
photo DSCN5419

The crew starts the service with the drink offer. I choose the Windhoek beer.
photo DSCN5426

I try some shooting from the air but the light is not that good. photo DSCN5421

Inside the cabin. SW A319 are new and clean.
photo DSCN5427

I was taking the last sip of my beer when the crew came back with the hot meal tray. Far too late after the drink was served !
photo DSCN5429

The same, topless ;)
photo DSCN5430

As I plan to have dinner at Tribe’s, I do not want to eat in the middle of the afternoon. But I wanted to complete my report with the food offer. Honestly, it is much more decent than what you are given on an European route.
photo DSCN5432

I did not want to have anything…. But I tasted the chocolate cake. Tasty.
photo DSCN5434

The sun sets.
photo DSCN5436

A neighbour.
photo DSCN5438

We have already started our descent for a while.
photo DSCN5445

JNB is not that far.
photo DSCN5451photo DSCN5453

The last air views suffer the lack of light. ?
photo DSCN5452photo DSCN5458

We had a kiss landing.
photo DSCN5463

On our way to the terminal : Virgin A340, Air Scones and a MS tailfin in the background..
photo DSCN5465

The immigration waiting line is as deserted as a Namibian gravel road. photo DSCN5469

We are on time. Here is the proof.
photo DSCN5470

After some duty free shopping, we walk to the luggage delivery area.
photo DSCN5471

Carousel 3.
photo DSCN5474

The luggage come very quickly.
photo DSCN5476

It is now time to check in at the guesthouse before visiting Tribe’s.

Thank you for your attention.

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Air Namibia

Cabin crew9.0

Windhoek - WDH


Johannesburg - JNB



This WDH-JNB service was on time.

The crew did its work very efficiently. They even had to cope with two women trying to scrounge one seat in the business cabin.

Even if I was not hungry at that time of the day, I really appreciate the meal service offered on that 1.45 hour flight. Nevertheless I regret drinks served 15 minutes before the meal.

WDH waiting room is not big enough to accommodate too many passengers. The building itself is new and clean, but there are not enough seats.

SW is a very good alternative to SA when flying to Namibia, except if you are a *A FF.

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The average flight time is 1 hours and 46 minutes.

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