Review of LEVEL flight Paris Newark in Economy

Airline LEVEL
Flight LV8009
Class Economy
Seat 10A
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 08:50
Take-off 01 Mar 20, 19:00
Arrival at 01 Mar 20, 21:50
LV 21 reviews
By GOLD 1173
Published on 23rd March 2020

Report No: 2020-202E

Ladies and Gentleman,  

After a long break not publishing flight reports, I'm back here in Flight-Report with this short series of two transatlantic flight onboard the European low-cost carrier LEVEL Airlines on a trip which I did take just because I found the prices extremely cheap and award myself an extra vacation.

The second flight of this series would be the westbound flight from Orly to Newark. This time I have used their IFE system and ordered some food items from the BoB menu and I would cover those in this report.

Also, a small reminder that I would continue posting recent trip reports, however, if I have time, I would share my trips from 2019 which I didn't have the time to write the respective flight reports.

The simple itinerary for this trip;


Loads for the Flight

Premium: %95-100
Economy: %90-95


This time I've completed OLCI, on my phone via the web browser.

photo img_1114

To pass US Immigration quicker, I had already paid for a seat at the front of the cabin a few days ago the flight. On LEVEL, if you don't pay for seats, they would auto-assign you one.

photo img_1115

The seat map for now. 10B is empty for now but it would be occupied during the flight

photo img_1116

For ex-ORY flights, you could create a mobile boarding pass

photo img_1117

The day of the flight, after having a beer at my hotel, I left the hotel and used the RER Train and OrlyVal to access Orly Airport

photo img_1161

OrlyVal operated from 6:00 to 23:35

photo img_1163

LEVEL uses Terminal 3. As I mentioned in the previous report as well, Pegasus is the only non-EU carrier operating from Orly 1,2,3. Of course excluding EasyJet Switzerland.

photo img_1164

Paris Orly AIRPORT - ORY

FIDS just after I arrived at the airport. There was 1h45min until my flight

photo img_1165

Orly 3 is a short walk from Orly 1 where the OrlyVal arrives and departs.

photo img_1166-min-53264

As I had a mobile boarding pass, I skipped stopping by the check-in counters and directly headed toward security. Security at Orly 3 was pretty efficient, 3 lanes were open at that time and there was no wait.

photo img_1167

FIDS after clearing security

photo img_1168

After security, it is mandatory to pass inside the duty free store.

photo img_1169

The Schengen area of Orly 3 has lot's of stores and restaurants. After purchasing some gifts and macarons from Ladurée to friends,

photo img_1170

It was time to clear passport control where the wait was less than 3 minutes for non-EU citizens.

photo img_1171

The Non-Schengen areas has two cafés and a few stores

photo img_1172photo img_1173


Today's gate would be gate D20, there was enough seating area for all passengers around the gate and a passenger was playing the piano which made me feel relaxed a bit.

photo img_1174

A few minutes later, our aircraft was towed to our gate.

photo img_1175

F-HLVM would be operating todays flight to Newark Liberty International Airport

photo img_1176

And jetbridge connected

photo img_1179

After the cabin crew boarded, 40-45 minutes before scheduled departure boarding has started with the respect of group numbers. I have boarded with Group 4.

photo img_1180-21697

After a document check by aviation security officers, at the podium my passport details were verified and I was ready to board the aircraft.

photo img_1182-75339

I hope to see you soon Paris

photo img_1181

However, as the aircraft was not ready yet, there was a huge queue at the jetbridge.

photo img_1183-36520

After a 15-20 minute wait at the jetbridge the aircraft was ready for boarding an we were inside the aircraft.

photo img_1184

La Compagnie A321 and Transavia 737 visible from the jetbridge

photo img_1185

Fuselage shot

photo img_1186


After being welcomed by the crew, I have headed to my seat 10A.

photo img_1187

The legroom was decent for a LCC

photo img_1188

Despite LEVEL being a low cost carrier, each seat is equipped by personal entertainment screens.

photo img_1189

March content was loaded to the IFE system and newer releases were available

photo img_1191

As usual, the seat pocket content. No inflight magazine. For the BoB menu content please refer to the previous report.

photo img_1190

As we were fueling during the boarding process, the cabin crew requested everyone to unfasten their seatbelts.

photo img_1192

A view from the window

photo img_1193

When the fueling was complete, the seat belt sign was turned back on, however, there was a chewing gum sticked to my seatbelt which was not nice.

photo img_1195

And 18 minutes later than our scheduled departure time we had started our pushback towards the runway.

photo img_1197

An EasyJet A320 at Orly 2

photo img_1198

During our pushback, the safety video was played.

photo img_1199


photo img_1200

And we're heading towards the runway

photo img_1201

An Alitalia Embraer was in front of us.

photo img_1203

After the AZ aircraft took off, it was our turn

photo img_1205

And we're in the air

photo img_1207

Some photos just after takeoff

photo img_1208photo img_1209photo img_1211

The IFE screen menu. Our flight today would be 7h50min.

photo img_1210

When the seatbelt signs has turned off, immigration forms were distributed. At most US airports, it's not mandatory to fill the immigration forms any more but at Newark, it's still required to fill one per family.

photo img_1212

Also comfort packs, blankets and headphones were available for sale and as my earphones stopped working,

photo img_1194

I've purchased one for 5 euros.

photo img_1213

Shortly later, I have visited the lavatory, which seemed to be clean but not super clean.

photo img_1214-20039photo img_1215

When I returned to my seat, I decided to order some food. For those who don't know, at LEVEL, food ordering takes place on IFE screens and the cabin crew brings it to you. You could either pay by online credit card, a physical credit card or cash in euros.

Main courses available

photo img_1216

Sandwiches available, probably they forgot to load sandwiches today

photo img_1217

And I placed my order and within 20 minutes my order has came. As I was paying in cash the order total shown at the screen was 0 euros.

photo img_1218

My selection today was the Chicken Tikka Masala with M&M's and a bottle of water.

photo img_1219

The meal had a decent portion and tasted good.

photo img_1220photo img_1221

By the way, on today's flight Wi-Fi was unavailable and not working.

photo img_1223

Later on, I started watching the movie Joker and slept for a bit after 30 minutes.

photo img_1222

When I woke up, I continued watching the movie and at some point I decided to order something for late dinner as well. I've ordered the combination below. However, shortly a cabin crew came and told that they were out of all sandwiches so instead of a sandwich, I requested a brownie alongside a hot chocolate

photo img_1224

Brownie and hot chocolate - The combo costs €5,50

photo img_1225

After my movie had finished, we still had 47 minutes until landing.

photo img_1226

I spent that time listening to music from my personal device.

Manhattan and the skyscrapers

photo img_1231photo img_1232photo img_1233

One World Trade Center

photo img_1234

And the Statue of Liberty at the right side of the photo

photo img_1235

Manhattan one more time

photo img_1236

We're continuing our descend

photo img_1237

And we had landed 25-30 minutes before our scheduled arrival time

photo img_1238

Port of Newark and IKEA

photo img_1239

Hmmm, look who is there?

photo img_1240

Some Delta aircraft

photo img_1241

A BA 777-200 heading to London Heathrow

photo img_1242

And a Virgin Atlantic A330-300

photo img_1243

Ethiopian Dreamliner, Eurowings A330 and Swiss A330

photo img_1244

And we're going to park at gate 55 at Terminal B Concourse 2

photo img_1245

After we had parked, G-ZZZA continued his pushback.

photo img_1246

And we had parked at gate 55

photo img_1247

When the doors were disarmed, the IFE system was disabled

photo img_1248

Look who is here: BA ground staff. A reminder that both BA and LEVEL are sub-companies of IAG.

photo img_1250


The last shot of F-HLVM before heading towards immigration.

photo img_1251

As the queues were short I was out of the immigration hall in less than 15 minutes which is quite good for the USA.

photo img_1252-58793

Now it's time to leave the airport and head to the AirTrain station

photo img_1253-23091

And I took the AirTrain to the Newark Airport Train Station.

photo img_1254

I purchased my ticket and I was in the NJ Transit train to New York, two minutes after the AirTrain arrived at the Train station.

photo img_1255-minphoto img_1258

And after arriving at New York Penn Station, I had a coffee and waited until my bus to Washington DC departs.

photo img_1259

And, the journey has came to an end.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you on another report.

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Cabin crew9.5
Buy-on-board menu9.0

Paris - ORY


Newark - EWR



Overall, the flight was good and I would not hesitate to use LEVEL again if they offer cheaper prices like this occasion; you pay what you get for and their aircraft are brand new with comfortable seats, a wonderful IFE, and a great cabin crew system compared to other LCC's. For this flight everything at Paris Orly was smooth and I really enjoyed flying from Orly 3 compared to both CDG T1 and T2. The only negative part of Orly was the wait at the jetbridge as the aircraft was not ready. Newark was also better than expected with a short immigration wait time despite arriving early and arriving at the same time with multiple international flights, however, purchasing a front-row seat for clearing immigration quicker was definitely worth it.

(+) Easy to access
(+) The wide selection of stores and cafés/restaurants
(+) Reasonable security and passport control wait times
(+) Boarding was made by the respect of groups
(-) Boarding started before the aircraft was ready so we waited 20 minutes at the jetbridge
LV 8009
(+) Comfortable seat and decent legroom
(+) Friendly cabin crew
(+) IFE selections
(+) BoB selections
(-) Wi-Fi was not working
(+) Immigration wait time
(+) Easy to access

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    flyLars 54 Comments

    Thanks for this flight report of this gem! In my opinion it is totally fine to spend about 30 Euros on food and drinks on such low cost long haul flights, as they are still cheap against legacy carrier with flight and food prices added up!

    • Comment 567048 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 368 Comments

      Hi FlyLars and thanks for your comment,

      In my opinion it is totally fine to spend about 30 Euros on food and drinks on such low cost long haul flights, as they are still cheap against legacy carrier with flight and food prices added up!

      - Indeed, I agree with your comment, the cheapest full service carrier was thrice the price of LEVEL for this trip and I didn't pay that amount to get free food and some other perks. Definitely, it's fine to spend about €30 on these kinds of flights.

      By the way, I hope LCC's traveling on the EU<-->USA route survive as we would need them in the future for cheaper travel.


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