Review of British Airways flight London Gibraltar in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA490
Class Economy
Seat 9F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:50
Take-off 18 Feb 20, 12:40
Arrival at 18 Feb 20, 16:30
BA   #45 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 821 reviews
Jett Tyler
Published on 23rd March 2020

Gibraltar- The Six Year Itch!

Now for part three of my European Tour of 2020. This time, I'm scratching a massive itch that has lasted a good 4 years…. GIBRALTAR

My last visit to Gibraltar was from Feb 14th-17th 2014, back then I flew with Monarch Airlines from London Luton as part of a package deal on an Airbus A320 (G-MRJK), sadly since then Monarch, who was the most frequent user of GIB, has gone out of business having served London Luton/Gatwick, Birmingham and Manchester at the time of bankruptcy. 

photo 20140217_110351

Some tourism from that visit:

photo 20140215_121439photo 20140215_104603

Flying the Flag: British Airways BA490 (LHR-GIB)

This is one of my better deals with British Airways. I booked this trip first, and it was about 7 months before the flight. I got a good deal for a BA return from LHR to GIB, only £66 return, given I hold the OneWorld Ruby status, I don't have to pay for seat selection (which is good given it was £23 to £17 to pre-select). Making this one-way flight equal to £33!

Not bad for a 3 hour LHR originating BA flight during the half-term school holiday!

photo 90238073_3159959474027124_5754389027037904896_ophoto 90255101_3159959347360470_4084007942758596608_o

First off I had to clear a connection security clearance at LHR as I came from an Aer Lingus flight from Belfast. There was a bit of a wait due to there being many people connecting to American Airlines services that were due to leave around lunchtime/mid afternoon. However this allowed for some good spotting opportunities, especially since the 80's retro Landor B747-436 "City of Swansea" followed me into Terminal 3 from Miami!

photo 90663572_3159959360693802_4572145870895579136_ophoto 90770619_3159959334027138_2355992387391586304_o

After a few hours of indulging my avgeek hobby, I discovered I was to be boarding at a bus gate, meaning an open board- my first on a British Airways A320 at London Heathrow- I was quite pleased by this! I made my way down, got scanned through, and whilst waiting for a bus to bring us to the A320- I got some more shots, including the Qantas B787-9 that does the LHR-PER-MEL service.

photo 90355107_3159959457360459_4182419215606611968_ophoto 90721950_3159959514027120_514556375053893632_o

My flight to Gibraltar was to be operated by the Airbus A320 G-EUUH. This aircraft is a 17 year old aircraft that was initially due to be sent to Aer Lingus in 2002, but the order wasn't taken up and it has been operated its whole life by British Airways since Oct 2002. The aircraft was given the 180 seat configuration in December 2019.

photo 90235952_3159959607360444_4438961258623926272_ophoto 90311951_3159956537360751_1810599173649596416_o

I was ecstatic to get an open board at London Heathrow- for me its a very rare occurrence. I've only had this twice before! So I planned to savour every second of this and bag as many images as possible on my GoPro!

photo 90238956_3159956527360752_4275105425898078208_ophoto 90526588_3159956774027394_6770248079300886528_o

Getting on the aircraft, I took my seat in Row 9. This was the last of the £23 window seats available when my 7 day allowance was due, so I got to save myself quite a bit of money. The flight boarded, and was effectively full, when I went down to the rear of the plane mid-flight, I didn't see a single free seat. 

photo 90524696_3159956734027398_720622901551693824_o

We taxied out to the South Runway, taxiing up next to the resident BA Concorde, G-BOAB, before rocketing out of London Heathrow, flying towards the south onward for Gibraltar!

photo 90238520_3159956714027400_3170464026622689280_o

We passed over western tip of France, the Bay of Biscay towards mainland Spain.

The crew did their Euro Traveller service which is a buy on board courtesy of M&S. I chose to buy the £7.95 deal on the new Steak Pie with a BA100 IPA beer, adding a Cola drink for another £1.95. 

photo 90267864_3159956874027384_3125264151576838144_ophoto 90549489_3159956900694048_6960211970247098368_o

Rest of the flight wasn't very eventful, there was quite a build up clouds, which meant that our arrival might have necessitated a go-around if it came to it, however the crew said they'd do their best to get us in with one go!

Despite a windy approach, we made it into Gibraltar on the first go with the pilots giving the plane a slight slam dunk. We taxied past the Rock of Gibraltar and came off the runway, we parked on the taxiway for a good 10 minutes as the easyJet A319 ahead of us was still pushing back for its London Gatwick service, and running late too!

It wasn't long before the easyJet A319 was off, and we parked on stand at Gibraltar. 

photo 90375718_3160034947352910_9164315510685302784_o

I asked for a flight deck visit, and I got to sit in the pilots seat, allowing for a unique shot of the terminal from the pilots view! Despite being a very quiet airport- Gibraltar Airport is certainly one of the most photogenic in the world, especially for spotters!

photo 90233766_3159956947360710_5051159046522929152_ophoto 90382067_3159957040694034_1871835924002766848_o

Celebrity Send oFF: Lt General Ed Davis Retirement

photo 90393926_3159957054027366_8037264943449374720_o

I wanted to get a shot of my aircraft departing, as I managed to clear immigration quickly. I went to the viewing deck, and a few minutes into boarding the passengers, I noticed a group of photographers in orange "PRESS" high-viz jackets came out. I asked a woman and her child what was going on and found out that the Governor of Gibraltar, Ed Davis, had retired and was leaving Gibraltar that day- returning to London on the returning service I had flown out on! 

photo 90876559_3159958400693898_3906349940569276416_ophoto 90982790_3159958424027229_9162041553135337472_o

I took the opportunity to take a handful of pictures of this occasion, as it is something I probably wouldn't walk in on again in my life time.

The Governor  was given his traditional send off, the deputy Governor was to run affairs in Gibraltar until the successor takes over early in the summer. The Governor and his wife gave Gibraltar one final wave farewell and entered the Airbus A320, ready to leave for London.

photo 90232350_3159958414027230_5640496149434466304_o

As the plane pushed and taxied out, it was flanked by two fire engines from the airport- who proceeded to give the departing Governor and his wife a water canon salute, which is the first time I've seen one of those in real life.

Minutes later, after turning around at the end of the runway- BA491 (G-EUUH) departed for London Heathrow, playing a part in the conclusion of another chapter in Gibraltar's rich history! 

photo 90053058_668696020600767_364979268477779968_nphoto 90227936_3159957714027300_8968776507375747072_o

Hotel Recommendation: The Bristol Hotel

photo 90306221_3160063860683352_186754502404079616_o

My hotel for the two days was a hotel I stayed in back in 2014, the Bristol Hotel. The place definitely has a very retro vibe to it, giving the feel that it was a hotel built for the burgeoning 1970's package holiday industry of the day!

photo 90254270_3160063960683342_6959047724872237056_ophoto 90880730_3160063840683354_2175250774777397248_o

Overall, a hotel i can recommend, its half way between the South of the Island, and the Airport to the North. It can take a good 45 minutes to walk from the Airport to here, or a short £1.40 bus journey. The room comes with all the essentials, and a fridge to store snacks and drinks in, all though I was slightly irked by the lack of a complimentary kettle with tea & coffee…

photo 90841336_3160063797350025_7550831163846164480_o
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British Airways

Cabin crew10.0

London - LHR


Gibraltar - GIB



British Airways: Another solid Euro Traveller experience and a fantastic crew. I really enjoy the pie and beer offer that is offered now for longer flights.

Gibraltar- A small airport, but a very nice modern facility and I'm glad it has a viewing deck for people to view from, something many UK airports neglect. Some nice spotting photo opportunities, despite the lack of flights. Public transport is quite reasonable and well linked across the area.



  • Comment 549088 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5513 Comments

    Wow, how cool and unexpected to get to witness the Governor's departure ceremony on arrival. A pretty decent and average BA mid-haul flight. When you can get a good deal like that, the LCC aspects like paying for food/drink and seat assignments aren't as bad, but not so much when paying higher fares. I get charging for seat assignments in Y, but I find it so annoying that they charge in Club as well. Luckily, I have oneworld status.

    Thanks for this interesting report on an exotic "domestic" route!

    • Comment 549092 by
      Jett Tyler SILVER AUTHOR 210 Comments

      Glad you enjoyed the read! Gibraltar is a grey area as to it being a domestic UK flight. I really find it bad that BA charges in Business for seat selection: I don't have that on KLM, Finnair or even Swiss. I am slightly more tolerant of the BA Buy on Board, as its a good quality brand compare to EZY or RYA, but I have reservations on the practice.

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