Review of Thai Airways flight Karachi Bangkok in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG508
Class Economy
Seat 33A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 04:55
Take-off 16 Jul 17, 23:45
Arrival at 17 Jul 17, 06:40
TG   #23 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 381 reviews
Published on 1st April 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to  another flight report. This time it is on Thai Airways.I will be flying from Karachi to Bangkok onboard one of there Airbus A330-300s. For those  interested a video version of this flight report is available on my YouTube channel. It is linked above.So lets dive right into this flight report.

So after a 40 minute drive from my house , made it to Jinnah International Airport for my flight to Bangkok. When i reached the airport there were quite a few people due to number of  flights departing and arriving at that time.

photo img-7107

At the check in hall there were couple of desks reserved for our flight so the entire process didn't take much time. A little  background information on my flight,TG508. It is actually a flight from Muscat-Karachi-Bangkok. Thai airways fly daily to Karachi, but on Tuesdays,Thursdays and Sundays and extra connection to Muscat is also flown while on Mondays,Wednesdays,Fridays and Saturdays they only operate BKK-KHI and KHI-BKK only with flight numbers TG341and TG342 respectively.

photo img-7048photo img-7049photo img-7050

Alright i am done with Check in and immigration, time to head to the international satellite terminal.

photo img-7051

After making it to my gate my aircraft was already at the gate after arriving from Muscat. A 2009 built Airbus A330-300 with the registration of HS-TEN will be flying me to Bangkok.

photo img-7052

Very soon it was time to board the A330. I always like to board towards the end as that way i don't have to stand in queues that form usually in the jetway.

photo img-7099

Made my way to my seat,33A,for the 5 hour flight.The seat was location right next to one of the RR Trent 700s so it would definitely provide good views at least  not now but later on during the flight.

photo img-7053

The seat featured a decent sized IFE screen and some pretty average legroom for the 5 hour red eye flight. Also side note this is of a flight taken in 2017, as of now all the HS-TE…. a330s have retrofitted seats now so don't worry if you fly Thai Airways A330s now you won't have this particular type of seat.

photo img-7060photo img-7106

Present on my seat were a comfortable pillow and blanket. Along with that a headset for the IFE system was also there.

photo img-7105photo img-7104

The seat pocket contents consisted of "Stop Prestige" inflight duty free catalogue, "Sawasdee" inflight magazine,another magazine,disposable bag and finally the A330-300 safety card.

photo img-7086

We commenced our pushback from our gate on time and those RR Trent 700s power up to life. Sitting right next to those engines i could feel those vibrations during the start up.

photo img-7055photo img-7056

After a short taxi and line up, we lifted of Runway 25L on our way to Bangkok.The RR Trent 700s may not be  GE 90s but they do have some powerful roar while spooling up.

photo img-7057photo img-7058photo img-7059

For those interested the take off from Karachi is linked below.

The Inflight entertainment system had a good number of movies,TV shows games etc to keep you busy even on a flight longer than this one.My only complaint would  be the screen being a tad bit small and with not the best graphics but as i said earlier there seats are now history so you shouldn't worry about this.

photo img-7062photo img-7061

Immediately after reaching cruising altitude , the cabin crew commenced the dinner service.I guess the reason being allowing more time for people to sleep during the flight. For the main meal there was choice of chicken with rice or lamb with rice for which i opted for the latter option.The main meal consisted lamb in some tomato sauce rice and green beans. It was accompanied by a tuna salad , a bread roll, a piece of cake and a cup of water. My brother who was sitting on the seat next to mine went for the chicken with rice so also took a picture of the chicken option.Overall the meal was nice and filling but considering the time the meal was served i couldn't finish it and was in dire need of a nap.

photo img-7063photo img-7088

After the meal service i completely dozed off and woke up few hours later.Sadly i didn't wake up in time for the sunrise but still this was the first time i could actually see something out of the window the entire flight.

photo img-7089

Slowly we were very near to our destination , Bangkok. At this time almost everyone was awaking from there  naps.

photo img-7090

And very soon we commenced our descent into Suvurnabhumi Airport.

photo img-7091

Rice paddies on approach, definitely a clear sign we are landing Bangkok and not some other airport.

photo img-7125photo img-7124

For those interested the approach and landing Bangkok is linked below.

On finals for Runway 19R.

photo img-7092photo img-7093

And we touchdown in Bangkok, Suvurnabhumi Airport on time. Good job by the the pilots with the smooth touchdown.

photo img-7127

Taxiing past a huge Thai Airbus A380 as we make our way to our gate. The A380 is one aircraft that i haven't flown on yet , definitely plan on flying on one in the near future.

photo img-7094photo img-7095

We parked next to another Thai Airbus A330-300 at one of the remote stands bringing us to the end of this flight report.

photo img-7096
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Thai Airways

Cabin crew7.5

Karachi - KHI


Bangkok - BKK



Overall i have travelled with Thai Airways a number of times and to be honest they really never disappoint.The seat overall was comfortable ,although a bit old school seats but then again i got some good sleep on this red eye flight. The meal served on this flight was delicious and fresh.The IFE was pretty decent with good number of entertainment options and with the new seats the IFE experience will be even better.The cabin crew on this flight were also happy and cheerful but also professional in their job.To conclude Thai Airways are one of the best airlines in Asia and i most definitely recommend flying with them.



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  • Comment 549389 by
    Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE 935 Comments

    Hi, triple7lover!

    Thank you for this very interesting report.

    When i reached the airport there were quite a few people due to number of flights departing and arriving at that time.

    Could I ask you about men's clothes in Pakistan? I am a very ignorant person and live far from Pakistan, so it calls my attention that some men in the photo are wearing "western style" clothes, while others are wearing white clothes. Is that difference based on religion, perhaps? Or is that the uniform of the airport workers? Or is it just personal choice? I apologize for my ignorance.

    I always like to board towards the end as that way i don't have to stand in queues that form usually in the jetway.

    Very good policy. especially when the jetway is not air-conditioned and it's hot outside! I'll copy that.

    The seat was location right next to one of the RR Trent 700s

    I usually feel safer when I can see the engine from my window. Maybe because the sight of that huge, imposing, powerful thing keeping you in the air is reassuring... until you hear an explosion and you see the engine engulfed by fire, I guess. The feeling would be quite different. Haha. But that hasn't happened to me yet, luckily!! :D

    a comfortable pillow and blanket.

    Too bad airlines always make it very clear that the pillow is THEIR property. And this one in such a nice color!! :(

    Along with that a headset

    Are you reading this, LATAM??? Thai's headsets are SANITIZED!!! In ECONOMY!!!

    dinner service

    Asian carriers always seem to lead the way in this respect! (Again, are you reading this, LATAM??? Not like your lame omelettes!!!)

    Good job by the the pilots with the smooth touchdown.

    I have experienced all kinds of landings (except crash landings) and I have read that their smoothness depends more on the weather conditions than on the pilot skills. For example, if the runway is wet, touchdown will probably be a bit rough, in order to avoid skidding.

    Thanks again for sharing! And yes, I have a grudge against LATAM. hahah

  • Comment 549390 by
    Triple7lover AUTHOR 27 Comments

    Firstly thank you for going through my flight report. Regarding the clothing , it’s called “Shalwar Kameez” and you can say it is like the national dressing , it doesn’t really have any religious connection and literally anyone wears it and believe me on a hot day it’s perfect clothing ? Boarding towards the end is always my go to option ? hahahaha I can see you have quiet a grudge against LATAM ??Hopefully in the future you have nicer flights with them ?

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