Review of China Airlines flight Hong Kong Taipei in Economy

Airline China Airlines
Flight CI924
Class Economy
Seat 8F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 27 Sep 19, 21:20
Arrival at 27 Sep 19, 22:50
CI 96 reviews
Jett Tyler
Published on 10th April 2020

Hong Kong Chep Lap Kok- Living in the Airport

As I'm not flying much right now (as are many people), I'm going back over some flights I did in 2018/2019 for this site that I've not yet published, just to keep me sane. So here is my Boeing 737 experience from China Airlines- it felt fitting to do now, given I already did the return of this trip in late 2019 (link bellow).

photo 92159012_3195397710483300_7618465100483002368_o

This trip report begins a good 11 hours before the flight. I checked out my hotel in Kowloon, and took the public transport to the airport in order to spend time spotting at the Airport, I was hoping to use the Sky Deck- however due to the civil unrest, the deck was closed- so any spotting had to be done, AIR SIDE… Which meant living in HKG Airport for 11 hours ahead of my flight. Something I am accustomed to!

photo 92145859_3195397747149963_1169051610769260544_ophoto 92273275_3195397777149960_7424347980456525824_o

I've heard stories about how good some of the Far Eastern airports are, and given how good Singapore is meant to be- I was very impressed by Hong Kong International. This is one of the youngest airports I've visited as the airport opened in late 1998, a good 18 months after I was born. Replacing the iconic Hong Kong Kai-Tak.

photo 92104027_3195396600483411_1240163560382791680_ophoto 92266614_3195396393816765_7177155132054831104_o

Due to this being my first trip to Asia, I was keen to see most of the short-haul Asian traffic and Asian budget airlines which don't operated to Europe, or London in general. I felt like a kid in a candy shop- seeing all these new airlines for me and seeing the airlines I often see at LHR with Boeing 777 or Airbus A330- I'm seeing the Airbus A320's, Boeing 737's…. It was fantastic!

photo 92219346_3195396520483419_1722281688127504384_ophoto 92708347_3195396470483424_4637722797370507264_o

I also spotted the London Heathrow arrivals from the UK airlines. The Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787 was the same one that did my SEA-LHR flight in November 2018 (G-VCRU). I also spotted the Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A380-800 services done by British Airways.

photo 92367515_3195396670483404_4301275378892144640_ophoto 92528376_3195396780483393_4978259501456031744_o

One sight that caught my eye was the Qantas Airbus A330-300. I have never seen the A330 from Qantas- only the Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 fly to Europe, and before that was the Boeing 747-400 before 2012. Another amazing find was an Eva Air Airbus A321 in the HELLO KITTY livery, I'd only seen the B777 a few times in London.

photo 91912345_3195396727150065_8216794331609038848_ophoto 92411961_3195396790483392_4667576483684810752_o

China Airlines CI924

photo 92186645_3195398563816548_453566911737757696_o

Much as I enjoyed exploring Hong Kong Airport, my flight's departure time came around eventually, and I made my way to the Gate to find my Boeing 737-800(WL) B-18658. The aircraft had been delivered brand new to China Airlines in September 2015, making it 4 years old at the time of flying it.

photo 92230615_3195397907149947_8674137863924744192_ophoto 92308965_3195397873816617_3278463328627720192_o

Given most of my flights on 737's have been on European airlines (except a few US flights), this was one of the nicer Boeing 737 cabin's I've experienced. The seat legroom was plenty for economy, there were overhead IFE Screens and the seats were comfortable with pink fabric, adding some colour to the cabin. 

photo 91672357_3195397937149944_3538001944557649920_ophoto 92242401_3195398333816571_3468118939706327040_o

We pushed back and subsequently took off from Hong Kong for the 80 minute ride on the Asian "Golden Route". More narrow-body aircraft are featuring on this route, which once had almost all flights daily operated by the Boeing 747, though China Airlines is the only airline using the Boeing 737-NG on this service (Eva Air, Hong Kong Airlines and Cathay Dragon use Airbus A320-family).

There wasn't a lot to see of HKG as we departed into low cloud at night, however a nice tint from the mood lighting and an inflight-map came into operation from the ceiling.  

photo 91857257_3195398217149916_1835850935650222080_ophoto 92460582_3195398297149908_5626146539144478720_o

For an economy class flight of 80 minutes, it is somewhat unheard of in Europe or the USA to get a meal included, but China Airlines provided a small meal (which I wasn't quite expecting), they offered beef or chicken with rice and water rounded off by a chocolate/almond biscuit. I opted for chicken (beef I had on the return flight). Whilst it didn't look like much- it was substantial and enough for a short flight- as well as a welcome bonus!

photo 92133248_3195398363816568_978883159120674816_ophoto 92594020_3195398177149920_3845516418925723648_o

As we descended past Taiwan, lining up for Taiwan, the airline played a Taiwan Tourism arrival video. It was regarding the usual business of declaring certain items and any cash above a permitted amount, whether you'd been involved with live stock (to prevent the islands pigs being infected by illness).

Taipei came into view from the plane during decent, it was a lovely sight to see this countries capital city from above all lit up! 

photo 92110403_3195398450483226_7500204919744364544_ophoto 92206443_3195398517149886_5281050469576212480_o

We arrived just shy of 11pm, local time. We had a short taxi past various aircraft of China Airlines including some brand new Airbus A330 and Airbus A350-900, which will replace the Boeing 747/777 fleets eventually as the main backbone of the fleet.

I asked for a flight deck visit, but was told this wasn't permitted by Taiwan, which is fair enough- the law is the law.

I exited the Boeing 737, reflecting on a nice flight and a solid introduction to flying with a mainline Asian airline. This was definitely one of my favourite Boeing 737 experiences, with probably the best cabin service I'd get from an airline on one. Immigration was a breeze to get through, despite there being a few flights also coming in, and I went to my guesthouse for the night.

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China Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Hong Kong - HKG


Taipei - TPE



China Airlines- Fantastic short haul product from my two experiences, their Boeing 737 is well kitted out for their shorter flights. Comfy seating, an IFE Screen as a bonus, proper inflight meal provided. I recommend for future flights!

Hong Kong Airport- Well organised, though massive airport. Great place to be having a stop over in!

Taipei Airport- Nice arrival experience, didn't take too long. But Airport doesn't hold too well on the departures area (or was that just my experience?)

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  • Comment 550469 by
    JW19 120 Comments

    Nice report with lots of great pictures. Technically the B777s that CI has are new delivered between 2013 and last few years meant to replace the 747s. A350s were meant as Fleet expansion.

    • Comment 550589 by
      Jett Tyler SILVER AUTHOR 239 Comments

      Thank you, I knew the Boeing 777's were young, but thought the A350's would replace the younger B747's which are all 2002-2005 builds. I think China Airlines is due Airbus A321-neo to replace the older Boeing 737's? I could be wrong on that though!

  • Comment 551031 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5759 Comments

    Gotta love short-haul within Asia...a full hot meal on a 1h flight! We're lucky if we a tiny bag of pretzels for free in the US or Europe haha. The cabin looks pretty comfortable. Did they play anything on the overhead screens during the flight or was it just the map?

    Nice planespotting bonus.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 551165 by
    Jett Tyler SILVER AUTHOR 239 Comments

    The screen played a map, the safety demo, and arrival information into Taipei. No tv-shows or movies being broadcast.
    Definetly one of my best 737 flights. Service was there at 11, but Delta is slightly better because of the personal IFE screens, lacked by this 737- everything else was fantastic!

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