Review of Daily Air flight Green Island Taitung City in Economy

Airline Daily Air
Flight DA7312
Class Economy
Seat 3C
Aircraft Dornier 228
Flight time 00:15
Take-off 23 Feb 12, 16:40
Arrival at 23 Feb 12, 16:55
DA 10 reviews
By GOLD 2619
Published on 25th September 2013
This is segment 3 in the discovery of Taiwan's eastern islands

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This return flight starts with some plane spotting, because the surroundings of GNI are ideally accessible. With three daily flights, it is unfortunately impossible to devote only a time slot for this activity in the day AND take advantage of all favorable spots, and I shall let the next visitors complete this iconography.

A small road leading to the cemetery goes around the end of the runway, slightly lower for the sake of safety, but there is an ideal access at the end of the runway on both sides to adapt to the current lighting conditions, with a simple wooden fence which does not hamper photography.

photo P1230632a

From there, in the middle of the day, we can see the last passengers boarding Flight DA7304. This would be an excellent spot for a landing.

photo P1230633aphoto P1230634a

We only need to take the wheel (or the scooter's handlebar, for 99.5% of the island's rentals are scooters) to reach the cemetery and find a better place to catch the take-off. I take bets on the car vs scooter rental ratio, in view of the alignments alongside the harbor.

photo P1230607%2520pano%2520a

Let's go back to plane spotting.

photo P1470331a

The Do-228 lines up,

photo P1470327a

… is very quickly airborne, for the headwind is non negligible…

photo P1470328aphoto P1470329a

… and the landing gear is retracted.

photo P1230638aphoto P1470330a

How do I return the car that the hotel provided to me? Just leave it on the parking lot of the airport with the keys on the ignition and do not lock the doors. It's cool, on Green Island.

Do not lock the doors before slamming them shut, because the locks do not work even since they have been picked in a distant past. I do not know how many kilometers I drove in a day and a half, because the odometer stopped for good at 179,667 km, which is 10,000 laps of the island. Anyway, a thief could not go very far, because I left as little gas as when I took it. Gas was then 30.4 TWD a liter for unleaded, and I was not going to waste any, even though it was around only 0.75 EUR per liter, or half the current price in France.

Anywhere, we are back to Lüdao = Green Island Airport

photo P1230645a

In case of a disaster, there is adequate equipment.

photo P1230647a

This is the entire Departure and Arrivals hall of GNI.

photo P1230648a

Traffic is actually not intense in GNI: only three daily flights, like in MFK.

photo P1230650a

Not only the evening flight is full, like on the way in …

photo P1230649a

… but there are already thirty names on the waiting list, on the foreground.

photo P1230658a

We are not on a waiting list, and this time I chose the right hand side.

photo P1230668a

After check in, we check in the luggage at this counter which has an old fashioned scale, and the employee fills in by hand what appears to be the weight statement of the aircraft.

photo P1230665aphoto P1230663a

Next, there is an information counter, but this is not the real tourist office, which is a few hundred meters away from the terminal. There are two more in the island: that is on par which the dense network of tourist information center in Taiwan. Note the self-serve reading glasses – I saw the same in post offices and banks in Mainland China.

photo P1230652a

The hall from the other direction

photo P1230654a

Like in TTT, there are brand new bicycles, which are made available for free to visitors, who only need to leave an ID.

photo P1230653a

Likewise, the landside toilets are functional, have the same general information on air travel, but nevertheless spot clean, with the same plants for decorative purposes.

photo P1230659a

To keep the place clean, there are no fewer than three cleaning persons, whose names are made public just like in TTT.

photo P1230661a

They come by rotation five times a time, which is a lot if you remember that there are only three flights a day.

photo P1230662a

The safety check opens a few minutes before the take-off. It is not very stringent: I only needed to show the cell phone that I had forgotten in my pocket when the gantry rang, and we joined the aircraft.

photo P1230671a

In the background, the lighthouse which was built after a ship was wrecked ashore on Green Island by the Kuroshio (黒潮 : "the black current", in Japanese).

photo P1230673aphoto P1230674a

There is a privileged PAX in Seat 1A… and two empty seat at Row 2. So much for the fully booked flight and the long waiting list. In Taiwan, since no-shows are not penalized, many passengers sign up on the waiting list just in case – I had already seen that to a lesser extent in MKG.

photo P1230675a

Right engine start,

photo P1230676a

… and a ground staff stores the ground power unit.

photo P1230677aphoto P1230678a

Once at the end of the runway, the pilot puts full throttle for several seconds: the aircraft vibrates violently until it lurches forward when the brakes are released.

photo P1230679a

The plane is airborne in less that half of the runway length, like the plane that we observed a few hours earlier.

photo P1230680a

Since GNI's runway is at the near end of the island, Taiwan's coast is immediately in sight.

photo P1230681aphoto P1230682a

A last blink at Green Island

photo P1230683a

I have a perfect view on the altimeter from my seat. The flight profile is simple: a quick climb to 3,000 feet, hardly any level flight and a long slope down to the destination. This is already the coast of Taiwan, but my camera's autofocus has a hard time leaving the engine.

photo P1230686a

Fengnin Air Force Base is on the right.

TTT is on the opposite side of the city: contrary to what happens in Taichung, civilians and military are clearly separated in Taitung.

photo P1230697a

This is again the river, whose nearly dry bed is very wide, because of the enormous amounts of water poured by the typhoons.

photo P1230699a

TTT is in sight on the right.

Touchdown at 16:50, which makes it a ten minute flight, thanks to the tailwind

photo P1230709a

I kept this unfocused view of the terminal for its giant Taiwanese flag, just in front of the control tower.

photo P1230713a

Oops, I was about to forget the reverse side of the safety card to complete the previous FR! There it is, I took the picture just before leaving the aircraft.

photo P1230717a

Some views of the parked Do-228.

photo P1230718aphoto P1230719aphoto P1230721a

Not by the way that the mechanics made progress in their hangar since the day before.

photo P1230720a

A set of courtesy umbrellas for the passengers between the terminal and the aircraft in case of rain, like in other airports in Taiwan and elsewhere in Asia.

photo P1230723a

A last look at the two aircraft assigned to the flights towards GNI in the background and KYD in the foreground.

photo P1230724a

Luggage delivery will be fast, because there are so few of them.

photo P1230726a

On the right, just before the exit to the public area, an elevator allows passengers connecting to Taipei (TSA) to reach the security checkpoint.

photo P1230727a
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Daily Air

Cabin crew10.0

Green Island - GNI


Taitung City - TTT



We improved our record: the flight lasted ten minutes only, thanks to the tailwind. I keep the same top comfort grade (but it will be lower on the next flights), and the absence of FA on board is equally appreciated, since that allows unrestricted picture taking. No food or drink on board, of course.

Who could doubt of the virtue and serenity of Daily Air Corporation ? Its real Chinese name - 德安航空公司 (De'an Hangkong Gongsi) means Virtuous and Serene Airline.



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