Review of Delta Air Lines flight Atlanta San Jose in Premium Eco

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL2059
Class Premium Eco
Seat 14F
Aircraft Boeing 737-900ER
Flight time 05:05
Take-off 04 Jul 19, 17:10
Arrival at 04 Jul 19, 19:15
DL   #28 out of 87 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 680 reviews
Published on 12th June 2020

delta air lines | atlanta-san jose | economy | boeing 737-900er

Hello there!

Welcome to my very first report on this website!!

Because of the Coronavirus, we can't travel. So I've decided to create an account and write reviews!!

Also, if you want to see a full in-depth version of this trip, go to the bottom. The stuff here is the main part of the report with the photos! The in-depth version is just about the trip as a whole!
This took place back on 7/4/19 ENJOY!!!!!!

After getting off a long seven hour flight on a Virgin Atlantic 747 from Manchester, going through a long customs line, grabbing our bags, and getting the ATL PlaneTrain, we made it to our gate! Gate A21.  

Getting off the 747, i saw a Virgin Airbus A330 off to Heathrow!!

photo img_0298

In line at Customs

photo img_0300

And a few photos while at our gate before getting some food. Delta Airbus A320 and McDonnell Douglas MD-80 (RIP Delta MD-80s)

photo img_0303photo img_0304-31833

Got a Boars Head sandwich but forgot to take a picture. Good sandwich though!!

After that it was boarding time. A three year old Boeing 737-900ER. Unfortunaltly I lost the registrations. If someone in the comments could find it please do. It was a Delta 737-900ER departed on July 4 2019 at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

photo img_0306

I actually got bumped up from seat 36A to 14D for some reason. Right in front of the "Delta Comfort+" rows. I don't know but this seat may have had a bit more pitch then normal economy seats but all i was excited for was siting right near the engines!! Also Delta 757-200 which I'm pretty sure it was heading to Las Vegas!!

photo img_0307-76604

Delta A350!!!!

photo img_0310

Boeing C-32 in Hanger??

photo img_0311

During takeoff, I managed to video these planes while we were taking off. I took screen shots of them on my iPad

Southwest Boeing 737-700 

photo img_0933

Delta Airbus A330

photo img_e0935

Bunch of Delta planes by the Renaissance Hotel

photo img_e0937

Bye bye Atlanta!!!!

photo img_e0938

Snack: Cheez Its and Cranberry juice!

photo img_0316

July and there is snow on the top of the Sierra Nevada's!!!

photo img_0317

Beautiful Sunset!

photo img_0318

San Jose Giants minor league baseball game going on not far from our plane!

photo img_0319

On final approach (I-880)

photo img_e0941

Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A321neo!!!

photo img_e0949

Southwest Boeing 737-800

photo img_0324

Awesome view of ramp

photo img_0325

FUll In-Depth review

This would be my second time going through ATL. The first being just over week ago. After arriving off the Virgin Atlantic 747 from Manchester, it was very easy to find our way to the Customs line. The line didn't take that long compared to what it was like in San Francisco in 2017 which was the last time I went to the UK. After customs we went to pick up our bags at baggage claim and found them quite easily. We re-checked our bags and went through security again because of the connecting flight. After security we made our way down to one of my favorite airport trams out there. The PlaneTrain. We arrived from International Terminal Concourse F to Concourse A where are flight would be departing out of. We went to our gate Gate A21 but our flight wasn't there yet. In its place was a Delta MD-80 who just arrived at our gate. I do wish it was our plane but it wasn't. The gate next to us was a Delta A320. Both pictures of them are on this report above. Sadly at the time of upload, Deltas MD-80s are already retired at the time of writing.

After that we walked over to Boars Head Deli and had some sandwiches which were pretty good! We headed to our gate and saw our plane arriving in from San Francisco! Turning right back around to the Bay Area which I found interesting for some reason. We waited for a little bit until boarding was to begin within the next 10 minutes. I realized that our names were on the TV screens above us on the ceiling. We were supposed to be in seats 36A and 36B. But we went up to the desk and they told use we were switch to seats 14E and 14F. After that we were in line for boarding when I heard a large booming sound from outside somewhere either on the ramp, taxiways, or runways. I looked back and saw our arriving Virgin Atlantic 747 back to Manchester taking off!! It was pretty cool seeing it leave as we were about to leave ourselves! We boarded smoothly and arrived at our seats. We waited for everyone to get on and was on our way. Taxiing and takeoff were nice and smooth. Soon after  food came around and I got cheez-its and cranberry juice. I had to purchase headphones on the flight for a reason I forgot. I couldn't access my own but $3 for them wasn't to bad. They were decent ones but they definitely could have been better. After this I was exhausted and just reclined back and watch a movie. However, after 30 minutes I paused my movie and fell asleep.

I woke up when we were over Utah/Nevada border and saw that sunset that you may have seen in the main review. I settled in for the renaming hour of the flight. We then began our decent into SJC just miles from the California/Nevada border. The sky was clear and definitely an amazing summer night in the Bay Area. Touchdown was nice and smooth and was able to see the normal visitors of SJC like all the Alaska and Southwest planes. However we were lucky to see a Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A321neo and a Delta Airbus A220 in the hanger looking nice and shiny. I actually checked Flightradar24 the next day and saw an A220 going up to Seattle and the age said "Brand New (4 months)" that most likely the one the night before in the hanger. After getting off we were at the same gate we departed out of a week prior from SJC-ATL. Gate 11. Thankfully that gate was right across from the arriving area. One thing I do like about the baggage claim area is in Terminal A's parking garage so you have to walk across a bridge that overlooks the street below as well as planes landing. We were able to find our carousel very quickly and grabbed our bags and headed out. While driving home I also saw fireworks because it was 4th of July!! 

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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew8.5

Atlanta - ATL


San Jose - SJC



This was my second time flying Delta, flying through ATL, and flying into Terminal A at SJC. First lets start with Atlanta Airport.

ATL has got to be one of my favorite airports now. Even though its the busiest airport in the world by passenger numbers, it was easy and clear to get through. Concourse F was really nice, customs was fast, the PlaneTrain was easy to use and clean, Concourse A had plenty of food options and looked very modern, and I am quite glad that Delta calls ATL home. Its kept nice for a reason because of the amount of people coming here everyday! The people who work there are super kind and willing to help when we needed it. I really hope to fly to Atlanta soon not just for a layover, but to see the city. The Delta Museum is on my bucket list and so want to go very soon and see the city as well. This will definitely not be the last time I see Atlanta.

Delta is my second favorite airline under Southwest but above British Airways. The flight attendants and staff at ATL and SJC are some of the nicest people I've seen! The cabin crew were friendly and funny for sure and were always there if you needed something. The airport staff at both airports were very nice too especially in Atlanta since we were confused that we were on that TV screen. The planes are well clean and not dirty in any way at all. The seats were comfortable, the IFE screen was full of great movies, songs, and TV shows on there, and the food may be snacks but the Biscoffs with the word "DELTA" on them is so awesome! Once again, this isn't the last time I'm flying on Delta.

Finally SJC. SJC is my home airport and I've flown out of there many many times. I've always flown out of Terminal B and never A. This trip would be the first time I would fly out of Terminal A at SJC. I'll explain more of what it was like on the flight going out. Getting off the plane and into the terminal was easy and the walk way for arriving passengers was right across from the Gate. We then had to walk across a bridge looking over the road which look pretty cool and different from Terminal B. The baggage claim area was located in the parking garage for Terminal A' which was really easy if your car was in the same building. Terminal A is currently the oldest terminal at SJC and you can tell it looks older than Terminal B. But there plenty to eat and shop!

In conclusion, Delta is now my second favorite airline, their service is amazing and definitly will be flying with them again. Atlanta is also now one of my favorite airports and the construction workers and team at ATL have been doing an amazing job remodeling the older facilities. Finally, Terminal A at SJC is old but definitely a classic. Truly hope to fly out of that terminal soon!!

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to leave a comment and if your into other aviation related things, check out my YouTube channel "AlaskaAirlines17" Link: (Copy and paste the link)

Stay safe and enjoy your day!!



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