Review of Thai Airways flight Bangkok Tokyo in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG642
Class Economy
Seat 33E
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 05:45
Take-off 27 Mar 19, 00:15
Arrival at 27 Mar 19, 08:00
TG 373 reviews
By 1209
Published on 30th June 2020

Hello everyone!!

Welcome to one of my reports. Firstly, as usual, sorry for my bad English and also bad quality of the photos.

Here are parts of the journey:
26-MAR-2019: Jakarta (CGK) - Bangkok (BKK) by Thai Airways TG436 (Airbus A330-300)
27-MAR-2019: Bangkok (BKK) - Tokyo Narita (NRT) by Thai Airways TG642 (Airbus A330-300)(you are here)
08-APR-2019: Tokyo Haneda (HND) - Bangkok (BKK) by Thai Airways TG661 (Boeing 747-400)(coming soon)
08-APR-2019: Bangkok (BKK) - Jakarta (CGK) by Thai Airways TG435 (Boeing 787-8)(coming soon)


This report comes quite late, more than a year after the trip, because I was too busy to do my daily business and finish my undergraduate program until the end of 2019. The COVID-19 outbreak has forced me to stop one of my businesses, that I have more time to relax and do some leisure things, including writing this report.

Back to the time before the trip. My sister, an undergraduate program student focusing on Japanese literature, was sent by her university to attend 1-year student exchange program in Tokyo since September 2018. Our family had promised to visit her learning place in Japan before she left.

At the end of 2019, after my sister got her holiday schedule, we decided to visit Japan on upcoming Spring, especially to see the falling cherry blossoms.

Checking the flight ticket prices, just as we had guessed, the ticket was higher than usual, as it was one of "golden period"s for people around the world to visit Japan. Direct flights had costed more than US$1,000 return, so we had to leave this option. Transit flights were significantly cheaper, except LCCs like Air Asia which had also more expensive ticket price than usual for that period.

There were 2 strong candidates to choose: Thai Airways and Philippines Airlines. We had never been onboard both of them, so we were too "blind" about how the flight experience would be.

PR offered slightly cheaper ticket price (but quite significant for groups of family like us), but with long transit in Manila both outbound and inbound. How about Thai Airways??? Slightly more expensive but much shorter transit, and even the chance to be in one of their 747s for inbound flight from HND.

Without too much thinking, we quickly grabbed Thai Airways' ticket for about US$ 450 (return) each person. Only 3 people (me and my parents) would be onboard Thai Airways, while my sister has booked the Malaysia Airlines for her Tokyo-Jakarta return flights. Tickets of separated flights each way with different carriers would cost 2x than the method we took.

About 3 weeks after my sister came home and we prepared the itineraries, visas, hotel bookings, and the JR Pass, we were ready to go on March 26th, 2020.

MARCH 26th 2020, 10.40 p.m. (Bangkok time, UTC+7)

Firstly, once again, the boarding pass.

photo 49186671063_9e3f520071_c

After 3.5 hours flight on TG436 CGK-BKK, we finally entered Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport's transit area. I've told you on the previous report that perhaps the renovation or upgrading project made the terminal's inside looked like a warehouse.

Our next flight would be TG642 to Tokyo-Narita.

photo 49187163641_672929fa8f_c

As usual, there was another security check before entering the gates. The check was stricter here; we had to remove our shoes.

Gate A1.

photo 49187163596_6c1ccb5daa_c

Waiting hall.

photo 49187358547_d4969223bd_c

Bad airport layout made us unable to see sights outside the window clearly.

photo 49186646573_918375b712_cphoto 49187163431_acd6b9b48a_c

At 11.30 p.m. we were called for boarding.

photo 49187163216_7a7dc84832_c

Entering the cabin.

photo 49187163141_bac37f1ce6_c

We once again didn't get the window side. More sadly, I was separated with my parents. I had to seat in the middle of 2 Japanese men. The man on my left side had been sleeping when I reached my seat.

photo 49187358242_4b44dc2ee7_c

The fleet for this leg was Airbus A330-300 with registration code HS-TEN and nosename "Suchada". Compared to the fleet on the previous leg, this one had fresher cabin and newer type of IFE.

The boarding process was surprisingly quick for such long-haul wide-body flight, less than 30 minutes. Then the safety video started.

photo 49186665078_634e3a2411_cphoto 49187162976_df050fc6d8_c

The cabin light was dimmed, not only before take-off but still hours after take-off, as this was red-eye flight. Still sad that I couldn't see anything outside the window, especially that I would reach Japan for the 1st time. I was really curious about its skyline.

After take-off, seatbelt sign was turned off, and I chose to explore the touchscreen IFE because the cabin was dark, making me unable to take good pictures.

photo 49186664738_ebf04e6584_cphoto 49187162636_5562fec14e_cphoto 49187162366_fceaa30510_c

Checking the musics, I was surprised that albums of Davichi and Wanna-one, both Korean groups, were included in "Japanese" section.

photo 49187357577_04e62aa61e_cphoto 49187357272_222cab8f38_c

Flight info.

photo 49187357537_b63eda1ba3_cphoto 49186664168_b075f5b189_c

The flight info could be accessed easily while browsing other sections of the IFE.

photo 49187161971_38ff489e3c_c

Cabin crews then started distributing our supper: sandwich and mineral bottle. Also a refreshing tissue. Sandwich is not my favorite cuisine but this still tasted good enough to fill my stomach during midnight.

photo 49186663743_b0f1259cf4_c

Stuff inside the seatpocket was still same with the previous flight.

photo 49186663558_0ab751bf2b_cphoto 49187161421_c7c20fda18_c

Cabin lights were still dimmed, and I slept peacefully. I hadn't been in such long-haul red-eye flight after my trip to Europe in 2013.

When I woke up, sky was shining outside the window. I checked the time, and it was 6.00 a.m. (Japan time, UTC+9).

photo 49187161281_93ed3c77cb_cphoto 49187356387_864f6d3a09_cphoto 49186662378_3c52982617_c

A little bit refreshing in the lavatory.

photo 49187160721_2ea7ee2d35_cphoto 49186662613_ba0168ef58_cphoto 49187355802_3332486d0b_c

Back to my seat. I changed music on my IFE to the more upbeat songs by K-pop girl group "Fromis_9".

photo 49187161096_17086ea25f_c

Flight info in the morning.

photo 49187356172_7b8796bf2d_cphoto 49187339347_302eacdd86_c

Checking my phone, pay-to-use Wi-fi was available too.

photo screenshot_20190327-003922photo screenshot_20190327-004007photo screenshot_20190327-004025

Cabin crews came once again to distribute our breakfast. A complete set containing rice, kungpow chicken (I guess), croissant, fruits, yoghurt, and juice. For me, personally, rice is always better than noodles. This tasted so nice and big enough for breakfast.

photo 49187356027_cc33776dbf_c

While eating, I watched a Thai TV program titled "Tasty Journey" on the IFE. I frequently watched this program at home through our cable TV. The host, a Thai girl nicknamed "Kat-toon", explored interesting places around the world like Japan, Spain, Myanmar, and even Bali to try interesting foods.

photo 49187355972_2fb0073c16_cphoto 49187355937_92a418093a_c

Then I played one of my favorite games: 2048.

photo 49187160406_089d2eab89_cphoto 49187355452_46f4c1118a_c

Some minutes before landing, cabin crews came to distribute the immigration form.

photo 49187355342_44b8d1dd9d_c

Still sad that I couldn't see anything outside the window, only a brief of it.

The plane landed smoothly on Narita Airport at 08.00. After the plane stopped perfectly, the door was opened and woooowwww, I could finally felt the spring breeze for the 1st time. I've been to 4-seasons countries like China and European countries, but not during spring.

Time to leave the plane, and say goodbye to my seat.

photo 49187355172_5d96c3859f_cphoto 49186661893_99a98d9ce5_cphoto 49187354957_56080dfc73_c

Last shot of the plane. Not a good shot. Please look on the other sites to see the better picture of this plane (HS-TEN).

photo 49187354907_f34244d32a_cphoto 49187159781_4f155d78c1_c

Yeah, I finally reached Japan!!! One of countries in the world I was very curious about. The birthplace of some of my favorite foods (katsu, teriyaki, udon, ramen), anime, manga, electronic devices, cars, motorcycles, AKB48, Nogizaka46, and 3 members of my favorite K-pop group "TWICE".

And the spring breeze, wow, even until going out from Narita Airport I still didn't believe that I had been in Japan.

photo 49186661128_8a87f2f753_c

Some shots of the airport terminal before immigration check.

After immigration check, we continued our walk to the baggage carousel to pick our bags.

photo 49187159086_c5992615c4_cphoto 49186660823_b6d4e4bdd9_c

Entering the landside, we then waited for my sister which hop different flight (Malaysia Airlines). Her flight landed on other terminal of NRT and she had to approach us by bus.

Our sister came with her bag, and we continued our journey together.

photo 49187353742_8535f15e07_cphoto 49187158911_2982692184_c

Before leaving the airport, we had to exchange our JR-Pass confirmation letters to get the pass at this counter. The staff spoke good English, and there were instructions in various languages including Indonesian.

Time to leave Narita Airport for Tokyo Station, to hop our Shinkansen train to Osaka.

photo 49187157136_c0a2f6384b_cphoto 49187156196_917eebcc24_c
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Thai Airways

Cabin crew7.5

Bangkok - BKK


Tokyo - NRT



I think the HS-TEN plane had more "fresh" cabin. I might be wrong to choose the word "fresh" but yeah, I felt something fresh compared to the previous flight with same aircraft type. Especially the newer type of touchscreen IFE, and more fresh interface too. I felt more comfortable on this flight. I could also sleep about 4 hours. Cabin crews were nice, polite, and speaking good English. Like other Thais, they always greeted us with "Wai" gesture or "Sawasdee". Food tasted great, especially the breakfast set.

About the airports, I was first time entering both airports on this journey so I couldn't mention anything to improve.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport's inside, once again, looked like a "warehouse" for me. Facilities were standard. And I hate the layout which made me unable to take pictures outside the window.

Narita Airport, very amazing, clean, helpful and friendly staff, although without "sophisticated" design, either inside or outside. The airport was also in upgrading project as preparation for the upcoming Summer Olympics, which was sadly delayed due to Covid-19 outbreak.

Thanks for reading!!!

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