Review of British Airways flight Glasgow London in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA2215
Class Economy
Seat 11A
Aircraft Embraer E-170
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 27 Jun 19, 20:05
Arrival at 27 Jun 19, 21:15
BA   #49 out of 74 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 889 reviews
Jett Tyler
By GOLD 912
Published on 17th August 2020

BA Cityflyer- Glasgow to London City

I arrived into Glasgow Airport on one of many FIRST 500 Glasgow Shuttle buses that run from the Airport into the city and back.

I had bought a ticket for £12 the previous day on arriving to the Airport, and I had up to 28 days to use the return journey. Making this one of the best public transport offers available in the UK for a Airport-City service.

photo 118163007_3563390067017394_1293052126632695996_o

I managed to get a seat on the upper deck in the seat right by the front of the bus, giving me an all around view of where I was travelling to!

photo 118030611_3563388560350878_1367576942685434851_ophoto 118081915_3563388530350881_8085426736439949373_o

I arrived at GLA about 3 hours ahead of my flight. I had checked in online earlier in the day, so I made my way airside through the security check point. At the time my FLIO App offered me 15% off a dinner at the Airport Frankie and Bennie's- so I enjoyed dinner there after a long day exploring Glasgow.

photo 118134194_3563388513684216_8862126512157389222_o

I had to eventually leave for the BA Gates in the Airport. So I walked on over, I had booked to fly into London City on the Embraer fleet, I fancied a day in London rather than coming straight home, so this would lead to a day in London before taking a coach to the south. Also a ride on the E-jets meant free bar service and the possibility of taking a cheeky free alcoholic beverage with me, have you seen London prices!

photo img_0131photo 118010823_3563388867017514_120182413400431682_o

Sure enough my flight showed up and it was to be operated by the BA Cityflyer E-170 G-LCYI, a 9 year old aircraft delivered brand new from Embraer to replace the then out-going Avro RJ100 fleet. European Air Travel is mainly dominated by Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 aircraft, so this was something of a treat for me!

The Good Old Fashioned service!

Now this is how a good BA experience should be done- take note Alex Cruz!

photo 118059304_3563388777017523_7050150923375055106_o

G-LCYI was my Embraer E-170 operating tonight's BA Shuttle down to London City. This aircraft was delivered in early 2010 to BA Cityflyer, it has operated from its LCY base for its entire service life, and during the Covid-19 pandemic was stored at Edinburgh from March 22nd 2020 to July 21st 2020, it is now back in back in service for BA Cityflyer.

photo 118015203_3563421847014216_1188910548622076609_o

After letting off the in-bound passengers to Glasgow, we had a few minutes wait before they began calling in the boarding groups.

I was in Group 3, there wasn't many people from the first two groups, so I got on pretty sharp. As there were a lot of Groups 4 and 5, I asked for a short visit to the flight deck before we left as I was seated towards the rear half of this aircraft.  

photo 118227846_3563421803680887_2178103186672889429_o

This is my second flight on the BA Cityflyer E-170, but my third time flying on BA Cityflyer. All three reports can be found on my page on this site.

I took my seat for the evening's flight, sat over the end of the wing, allowing for a good view around plus the "workings" of the flaps! 

photo 117951776_3563421857014215_4631877742343492264_ophoto 117661756_3563421930347541_8240247896948239658_o

Our push back and taxi went uneventfully and we were soon powering out of Glasgow International and on wards towards London!

I find evening flights quite scenic, the sunset really can add to the ambiance! 

photo 118240751_3563421983680869_2703044959453865081_ophoto 117981433_3563422080347526_5554305698597337986_o

As we cruised along this short flight, the crew performed the bar service, which as of 2020 is still standard on BA Cityflyer flights. They haven't adopted the M&S Buy on Board, I had the corkers crisps along with a can of cola with a gin & tonic, asking for two tonics- taking one with me to my hotel that evening… naughty, I know!

photo 118046769_3563422010347533_256683796563446563_ophoto 118070054_3563422183680849_6939274764087173194_o

We flew over North-East London before coming into LCY over the Thames and docklands. A pretty standard arrival for an everyday Shuttle between two of the UK's most iconic cities!

The evening sunset adding a lovely touch to the arrival and view as we arrived into the small docklands airport.

photo 117996437_3563422153680852_6445709215391985429_ophoto 118040566_3563422243680843_1323134861653393568_o

After awaiting most the other passengers to leave the cabin, I thanked the cabin crew for a great flight, ending an amazing trip, and as I left I quickly grabbed some pictures of the Embraer E-170 as I exited.

Its one of my personal favourite parts of the open board/disembarkation!

photo 117955398_3563422360347498_5518478837603627806_ophoto 118137134_3563422333680834_2605038975177196708_o
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British Airways

Cabin crew10.0

Glasgow - GLA


London - LCY



Though an uneventful flight, it was amazing to get a ride on the BA Cityflyer E-jet after a number of A320 flights that year.

Glasgow was pretty good for a major UK Airport and the Terminal felt modern, clean and easy to navigate.

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