Review of LATAM flight Buenos Aires Neuquen in Premium Eco

Airline LATAM
Flight LA7670
Class Premium Eco
Seat 4L
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:36
Take-off 16 Oct 19, 07:14
Arrival at 16 Oct 19, 08:50
LA   #56 out of 67 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 158 reviews
Published on 19th August 2020
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This is flight LA7670 from Buenos Aires to Neuquen, operated by Latam
It was operated by a 15 year old Airbus A320 (LV-BRY)
Take off was programmed to be at 7:10 and estimated arrival time was 8:50

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We boarded the aircraft at 6:35. The aircraft was first boarded by Premium Latam Pass or OneWorld status members and premium economy travelers. As you can see legroom is good but could be better.

photo ae03dcc4-6712-4342-90cf-4a57d02639cc

We took off from runway 13 at 7:14 . We maintained a speed of 370 knots and a cruising altitude of 34000 ft.

photo dfb298ee-ec42-463b-a2fc-3b5218f1613a

Some minutes after take off, crew handed out this little paperboard artefact to hold a smartphone or a tablet to watch during the flight, very nice detail. Latam planes are equipped with their entertainment streaming system Latam Play. But they do not have WiFi on board.

photo 25488c78-4299-4b8f-b5ed-1c037e214169

This was the only service offered. Sadly, over the last years, airline’s service have been reduced to make traveling cheaper but Latam has always had a very good service on board. I was shocked about it but that’s their service now.

photo 03425ece-1b8f-4fe6-98df-75a1b0fb8b5a

We landed into Neuquén’s capital at 8:50 exactly as it was estimated. Next to us a Norwegian Boeing 737-800 with the Astor Piazzolla livery (LV-HQH)

photo 98f4290c-4a5c-45f8-abb5-196b0991a61d

Generally it was a good flight onboard Latam.

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Cabin crew6.0

Buenos Aires - AEP


Neuquen - NQN



To sum it up it was a good flight, on time, fast and efficient boarding, good legroom and great and helpful crew.
Thing to improve: ad WiFi to the aircraft and a better onboard service and even more during lunch times.
Do I recommend traveling Latam for national flights?? Yes, of course I do. Latam is a great airline, very punctual and with friendly crew. Sadly it will no longer operate flights inside Argentina. Ticket price $2700 ARS / $60 USD (July 2019) AEP-NQN tram only.



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  • Comment 561253 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 545 Comments

    Thanks for sharing your report and welcome to our community.
    Aviation these days in Argentina is a tough sector with a large devaluation of the peso in comparison with USD and the oil prices, so it does feel like it is currently mandatory for those airlines to cut heavily on added things like service. Unfortunately it is a common sight with little improvement and I fear Covid-19 will only increase the poor service given by many more airliners.

  • Comment 561384 by
    Fernando 60 Comments

    Bienvenido y nice report AvGeek!

  • Comment 561660 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5591 Comments

    Thanks for sharing! There aren't many reviews of LATAM Premium Economy out there. It's a shame that LATAM Argentina has ceased operations. The Argentinian market was growing the past few years with Norwegian entering on domestic routes as well and now, they are both gone.

    • Comment 561662 by
      AvgeekArgentina AUTHOR 8 Comments

      Yeah it’s a shame all airlines are now going away. Qatar Airways has also announced today that it will no longer fly to Argentina. The main problem here are the political decisions, and I sadly think the only two resting low cost airlines, Flybondi and Jetsmart, will also go away from Argentina.

  • Comment 569165 by
    Pilpintu SILVER 766 Comments


    Lamento venir a comentar a estas alturas, pero no había visitado en mucho tiempo con esto de la pandemia!

    He volado por Argentina un par de veces - en Aerolíneas, Andes y Flybondi - pero parece que ya no alcancé a volar en latam Argentina. Una lástima que se estén yendo (o ya se fueron?) Ojalá sea solamente por un tiempo. Justo ahora que habían mejorado un poco las condiciones para bajar los precios de los vuelos en Argentina!! Volar en Argentina siempre me ha parecido carísimo!!

    Oye! No vayas a ganarte la misma mala fama que yo! Me ha pasado varias veces que vuelo en cierta aerolínea y Zas!, la aerolínea muere!!! jajajajaj

    Qué buena idea tuvieron con ese soporte de cartón para la tablet!! No lo había visto en ninguna parte. No sé si lo estarán entregando aquí en Chile. Espero volar en latam en julio, si es que las cosas mejoran. Ahí lo sabré. Se ve muy coleccionable, jejej

    Neuquén es una ciudad que me gustaría mucho visitar. Desde donde vivo se puede llegar por carretera. Tal vez por tierra hasta Neuquén y después volar de regreso por Bs As y Santiago?? Voy a tener que planificarlo.

    Por lo que leo más arriba, parece que este es tu primer informe, verdad? Bueno, bienvenido!! Me alegra ver más "reporteros" locales que muestren las bellezas de este hermoso rincón del mundo.

    Estaré atento a tus siguientes informes! Que estés bien!!

    Nelson Fernando (alias Pilpintu) (y prefiero Fernando. Gracias)

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