Review of Turkish Airlines flight Amman Istanbul in Business

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK815
Class Business
Seat 3A
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 24 Sep 19, 02:10
Arrival at 24 Sep 19, 04:40
TK   #9 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 665 reviews
By GOLD 1737
Published on 13th August 2020

Each year, my mother and I spend a few days in Jordan.

This year we decided to give TK a try but from FRA, as the prices from BSL were 50% higher. We took the ICE from Basel to Frankfurt.


amm airport

We've been dropped off in the middle of the night in front of the airport:

photo img_2634_resultatphoto img_2635_resultat

The check in process took a very long time. First there was a couple having issues with their connection and next a woman who is clearly overweight with her bags. She screams she won't pay for it and after more or less 10 minutes of drama the agent sends her off to the ticketing desk to pay for the excess and finishes by stating that when done, she needs to go back to the economy counters since she is neither travelling in business nor holding a gold card. He could have sent her ways earlier to the correct desk as there was a lot of passengers waiting at the business class desk (only one desk available).

We then head over airside:

photo img_2639_resultat

rj crown lounge

The lounge welcomes most of the airlines:

photo img_2640_resultat

There is only a single elevator to access the lounge, no stairs other than the emergency exit, are available. This is pretty weird.

photo img_2641_resultat

The welcome was friendly enough and we take a seat next to the screens wall that looks close to its end of service life :)

photo img_2642_resultat

Some views of the lounge:

photo img_2643_resultat

I have a look at the offering, I know from past experience that the buffet isn't worth it at night.

photo img_2644_resultat

There is no good surprise, the offer is exactly the same as at my previous visits.

photo img_2645_resultatphoto img_2646_resultatphoto img_2647_resultat


photo img_2648_resultat


photo img_2649_resultatphoto img_2650_resultat

Very light salad bar:

photo img_2651_resultatphoto img_2652_resultat

Bread station:

photo img_2653_resultat

Cookies and muffins:

photo img_2654_resultatphoto img_2655_resultat

Those sandwiches are also always the same. Dry and tasteless.

Tea and coffee stations:

photo img_2660_resultatphoto img_2661_resultat

Cold drinks:

photo img_2662_resultat

For hard drinks you would need to get at the bar, but at night, no waiter is on duty.

photo img_2663_resultat

Some people simply went behind the bar to help themselves :)

The view from the lounge :

photo img_2664_resultatphoto img_2665_resultat


photo img_2667_resultatphoto img_2668_resultat

Orange juice and where it comes from :)

photo img_2669_resultat

I give a try, again to a sandwich and the sausage thing, but both are as expected: awfully dry and tasteless. Cheese was ok, though. Note the plastic cups for the apple juice.

photo img_2670_resultat

Boarding passes:

photo img_2671_resultat-59706

The last three Jordanian visas (sadly 2020 will be without Jordan, since the country is still closed for visitors):

photo img_2672_resultatphoto img_2673_resultat

The lounge is clearly a shame for the flag carrier, we didn't stay more than needed.

photo img_2674_resultatphoto img_2677_resultat

Some arabic delights are available for purchase here:

photo img_2678_resultatphoto img_2679_resultat

Our 332 is waiting for us:

photo img_2680_resultatphoto img_2681_resultat

I liked the screen display:

photo img_2684_resultat

More views of our bird:

photo img_2685_resultat

the flight

Boarding starts a full hour before the flight, which is ways too much.

photo img_2687_resultatphoto img_2688_resultatphoto img_2691_resultat

Finger controls:

photo img_2692_resultat

Aircraft door:

photo img_2693_resultat

Very nice welcome at the door, unfortunately we have, again, the old cabin we had inbound:

photo img_2694_resultatphoto img_2695_resultat

Side view:

photo img_2696_resultatphoto img_2697_resultat

This is the max recline of all seats, even if they are, in theory, angled lie flat seats:

photo img_2704_resultatphoto img_2705_resultat

One of the crew members sees me taking those pictures and asks if there is a problem. I quickly explained the concept of Flight-Report. He liked the idea of it and started to apologize for this cabin and said he hated it. He didn't understand why the airline offered such a bad product. He also gave me some insights about it: the seats are blocked to this maximum recline since they are always having technical issues. So all seats can be converted to a craddle seat at best. Unless the passenger asks for lie flat specifically and in that case, the crew can do it manually. But it needs a very, very hard push that not everyone can do. (even not him, he admitted)

photo img_2699_resultat

Safety card :

photo img_2700_resultatphoto img_2701_resultat

There was a light load that evening with only 50% of the seats taken. Behind us the row was free.

photo img_2698_resultat


photo img_2706_resultat

And welcome drink:

photo img_2707_resultat


photo img_2708_resultatphoto img_2709_resultat

Outbound there was no vegetarian option, inbound it is only vegetarian :) -no meat, no fish tonight ^^-
The very generic drinks menu:

photo img_2710_resultat

The pitch:

photo img_2703_resultat

Limited storage:

photo img_2702_resultat

A quick lavatory tour:

photo img_2711_resultat

We pushed back 15'' earlier since every one was on board due boarding starting 1H before the flight. ERJ 195 Royal Jordanian:

photo img_2713_resultat

320 United Nations:

photo img_2716_resultat

Fly Jordan 733:

photo img_2717_resultat

LX sends some of its Airbus to AMM for heavy maintenance:

photo img_2718_resultat

So does EW:

photo img_2720_resultat

Followed by take-off:

photo img_2723_resultat

Hot towels mark the start of the service:

photo img_2724_resultat

The breakfast tray looks superb:

photo img_2725_resultat

Only the croissants weren't that good:

photo img_2726_resultat

The gözleme is excellent:

photo img_2727_resultat-32911

I spend the flight watching a movie and soon enough, we begin our descent:

photo img_2730_resultatphoto img_2731_resultat

We fly over Atatürk airport, sorry couldn't do any better pictures.

photo img_2735_resultatphoto img_2736_resultat

And landed:

photo img_2737_resultat

Stay tuned for the next and last part of this trip :)

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Cabin crew10.0

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The cabin is, as per the outbound flight, a shame, but still far better than everything we have in Europe for a similar flight time.
The crew was absolutely wonderful: pro-active, attentive, smiling. TOP.
IFE and catering were great.

AMM does it job, so does IST but there is really a lot of walking in the new airport.

The lounge in AMM is just ... a shame.

And as always, a big thank you for reading.

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  • Comment 561229 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 570 Comments

    He also gave me some insights about it: the seats are blocked to this maximum recline since they are always having technical issues. So all seats can be converted to a craddle seat at best. Unless the passenger asks for lie flat specifically and in that case, the crew can do it manually. But it needs a very, very hard push that not everyone can do. (even not him, he admitted)

    An honest anwer, but probably not the wisest answer to be given, but the meals seem to be excellent indeed on your flight. Thanks for reporting.

  • Comment 561661 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5843 Comments

    It's crazy how inconsistent TK's J hard product can be...hell, they have like a million different products just on the A330 alone! Some A330s are ex-WOW and have kept the old Premium recliner TK has A330s with Recliner seats, Angled lie flat seats, and full flat seats....almost every kind of seat type you can think of, except full-access.

    One thing that is consistent with TK--or at least was pre-Covid--is the catering. As always, it looks really good and has a truly premium feel, even on short flights like this.

    Thanks a lot for sharing :-)

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