Review of Air Canada flight Tokyo Toronto in Economy

Airline Air Canada
Flight AC2
Class Economy
Seat 35H
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 11:00
Take-off 16 Sep 13, 20:30
Arrival at 17 Sep 13, 18:30
AC   #21 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 307 reviews
Published on 5th October 2013
I'm just going to keep this report short also because I lost half of my pictures!

My flight was delayed by two hours that day from 6 to 7, but because of the supposed typhoon in Tokyo that day, other flights delayed so we didn't actually leave the gate until almost 8:30 pm.

The information about the delay was posted ahead of time so it did not cause as much of an inconvenience.

Taking AC before, right after the flight takes off, they usually serve some mixed nuts but not this time. The first meal they serve was the main meal.

Snack: Nissin Cup noodles (not worth taking picture of)
Breakfast: Omelettes that were nasty (not worth taking picture of)

photo DSC03016
The options were beef or fish and I chose fish. The fish was actually tasty compared to the picture but I feel like year after year, the portions are getting smaller and smaller.

The dessert was really good too! For drinks, they have a wide variety available from pop to wine.

photo DSC03021
The washrooms weren't anything special, some were clean, some were not, but the worst was when one of the passengers went out and opened the door, it smelled like crazy inside the cabin!

In Flight Entertainment
photo DSC03022

In terms of content, I thought AC's offerings were excellent compared to other Airlines! Although the screen was not as responsive compared to Emirates' and Cathay's, there were a lot of movies and shows to watch! The biggest annoyance for me though is that my Map wasn't working. I like to know where I am and it really bugged me how I had no clue where we were in the world and how many hours left before landing.

Flight Crew
I think this is where Air Canada I believe is on the tipping point of 4-star to 3-star. In some flights, you get EXCELLENT flight crew such as my flight from Hong Kong to Toronto last year. The flight crew that time could rival the ones in Cathay or Singapore Airlines. In this flight however, although there were ones who were amazing, it only takes one to ruin all of that. There was one old lady serving who acted like she was wayyy above that job and could not even ask, would you like a coffee? When she was serving drinks, she literally just stopped the cart and looked at us waiting for us to say what we want. Another one also conveniently forgot to serve my row meals.

The best part of Air Canada is: Mood Lighting

They really helped in making passengers fall asleep and wake up!

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Air Canada

Cabin crew6.0

Tokyo - NRT


Toronto - YYZ



Overall I would rate Air Canada 3.5/5 In terms of North American Airlines, I think it's still the way to go but I am still waiting on the day for Asiana and ANA to come to Toronto because when that happens, I'll never ever have to use Air Canada ever again.



  • Comment 89252 by
    Papoumada GOLD 6238 Comments

    Sorry for the loss of pics.

    AC seems veru so-so. Neither the food nor the crew could persuade me to fly with them.

    Thanks for sharing and welcome on board.

  • Comment 89286 by
    indianocean SILVER 7159 Comments

    You should be aware that Air Canada flights are never on schedule.
    The airline has been awarded as the best in North America. Or should they say the best among the worst.
    Thx for sharing

  • Comment 89313 by
    pititom GOLD 11119 Comments

    Thank you for this first report and welcome on board ! Too bad you lost pictures but the basics are here.

    All my experiences with AC involved delays...sometimes huge ones. So I am amused that this FR starts with My flight was delayed by two hours that day... ;)

    Thanks for sharing !

  • Comment 89341 by
    lagentsecret GOLD 12459 Comments

    Thanks for sharing your first FR and welcome on flight-report

    Sorry for your loss of pictures

    As long as it's a weather delay, nothing wrong to me

    The food doesn't look yummy

    How was the legroom ?

    All in all not a great flight

  • Comment 90888 by
    thegoodgatsby AUTHOR 4 Comments

    Thanks everyone!


    so far, I've only travelled with AC on long haul flights from Toronto to Asia and they've been always on schedule. Not sure about domestic flights.


    Leg room was actually not bad and I have pretty long legs, but then again, I was on the aisles.

    Air Canada definitely has a lot to improve on! Unfortunately, it's the only Air Alliance flight that can take me to Asia.

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