Review of Thai Airways flight Kuala Lumpur Bangkok in Business

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG416
Class Business
Seat 15K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 05 Sep 19, 13:45
Arrival at 05 Sep 19, 14:35
TG   #20 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 388 reviews
By 1667
Published on 31st October 2020


After my short but holiday in Kuala Lumpur for my 40th Birthday,I thought I would let the celebrations continue with a further treat !

I would be flying from Kuala Lumpur to Lahore via Bangkok….for GBP 425.00…in Thai Airways ‘Royal Silk Business Class !

I arrived at KUL at 0930am but checkin was just being setup and I was told they would open at 10am.

photo 20190905_092139


photo 20190905_092238


photo 20190905_092255


photo 20190905_092356photo 20190905_092602

I sat and waited nearby until 0955am just as Desks were being setup.

I was Checked in in no time by a friendly lady ; The Thai Airways KUL Duty Manager Mohammed who was stood nearby wished me a nice flight !

It sure was nice and exclusive to be flying Business Class and having paid for it too !

photo 20190905_095506


photo 20190905_095839

Boarding Passes and Premier Lane invitation.

photo 20190905_100601

As I began walking off to immigration a gentleman from POS Handling approached me and said he would escort me to the Royal Orchid Lounge.

He carried my bag to the monorail and escorted me to the lounge and advised the Duty Manager had asked him to escort me !

Last minute Malaysian shopping !

photo 20190905_100913photo 20190905_100841


Upon arrival at the lounge, the friendly Michelle said the wifi was not working and the toilets were out of service. Brilliant !

I used a washroom nearby and came back to the lounge to grab a quick bite and maybe do some work. A 2018 youtube review for this flight/route showed the toilets were out of service then too.

There was some noise from 2 guys in the lounge including one who had a sports tournament on a small pocket tv.

I was hoping not to be sat next to either onboard as I am unable to bear noise from inconsiderate people ( think @passengershaming on Instagram ). A not so deep look at the Lounge as I was fairly busy during my short time in there. There were many traditional Thai ornaments and artefacts.

photo 20190905_103627

Nuts and Lemony coke with crispy garlic bread !

photo 20190905_110246

Just after Michelle helped me setting up a PC, Mr Lon the Thai Station Manager came and put his hand together in a Wai.

He thanked me for flying Thai Airways and said that as a Belated birthday gift, he would open up the VIP area of the lounge for me  ! #exclusive !

photo 20190905_114625

Malaysia Airlines staff dropped in to give me a birthday gift of an amenity kit by Aspinall of London !
Close to boarding time Michelle escorted me to my gate and wished me a nice flight ! Live security announcements concluded with "Have a nice flight" and slipers were offered to go through a further security check.
It may not look it here, but I noted that a huge proportion of the waiting passengers were of Pakistani and Indian origin.

photo 20190905_123705


photo 20190905_123307

And here is my ride to Bangkok !
HS-TKA is a 21 year old 777-300 named "Sriwanna"
She is configured with 34 Royal Silk and 330 Economy Class seats.

I was chosen to board first and I was delighted ! I Boarded at 1255pm. A very friendly steward Chandrabat welcomed me and as we chatted, he asked if id flown the A380 of Thai ?

I quickly got some Economy Class shots - hence a lil blurry  on photo 1 !

photo 20190905_125741


photo 20190905_125935


Time to look around my Royal Silk cabin !
The 2 x 3 x 2 seating looked spacious and the cabin décor was a bit aged but unmistakably Royal Silk !    .


photo 20190905_125639photo 20190905_133043


photo 20190905_134652photo 20190905_130442


photo 20190905_130834


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photo 20190905_131151


photo 20190905_131200


photo 20190905_135714


photo 20190905_135605


photo 20190905_135542photo 20190905_135414photo 20190905_130848

A Nice hot fluffy scented towel was brought to me - I asked for small tray for the purpose of a photo !

photo 20190905_135426photo 20190905_131522

There were Menucards in the seat pocket and economy headsets on the seat. I wasn’t too bothered about the headsets for such a short flight, but on a longhaul flight ( which this 777 often operates,it would have seemed poor.

photo 20190905_134148


photo 20190905_132326


photo 20190905_131937

The tv screen was very fuzzy but I wasn’t in mood for tv. Imagine that on a 12 hour flight to Europe though – and in Royal Silk too.

Meal orders were taken by the friendly Ms Jun and the flight was fully boarded by 1325pm

photo 20190905_133716


photo 20190905_132659


photo 20190905_132714

At 1330pm the safety video played as we began taxying towards the runway.

The flight time was advised by both Ms Joy and captain as 1hr 50 mins approx.

Pushback was at 1335pm.

photo 20190905_133733photo 20190905_133918photo 20190905_133921


photo 20190905_133954

Just weeks after this flight, at least one of Malaysia's A380's would be based at Manchester to repatriate passengers after Thomas Cook Airlines and the Thomas Cook group went bust.

photo 20190905_134118photo 20190905_134142


photo 20190905_134411

At 1345pm after a long and powerful take off roll we lifted off into sunny Malaysian skies !

Once we started levelling out, a Premeal drink was served.

photo 20190905_134501photo 20190905_134728photo 20190905_134841


photo 20190905_135110



photo 20190905_1402190photo 20190905_140541

At 1401pm there was a PA which was very very muffled and inaudible – the 773 was 21 years old right enough so I wasn’t surprised !

The Crew had to be seated between courses due to turbulence which made for some comical yet ”heart in mouth” moments.

The whole aircraft shaking and my ringside seat at the front of the mammoth 773 really made me feel every bump and shake !

The service attention to detail was impeccable as always on Thai Airways.  


photo 20190905_132428photo 20190905_132447photo 20190905_132504


photo 20190905_132513


photo 20190905_132530photo 20190905_132545photo 20190905_132610


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photo 20190905_132645photo 20190905_132656photo 20190905_132337


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photo 20190905_132810photo 20190905_132836photo 20190905_133228


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photo 20190905_133247photo 20190905_133253photo 20190905_133319


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photo 20190905_135026


photo 20190905_132902photo 20190905_132907photo 20190905_132915


photo 20190905_132936


photo 20190905_132953

I chose the Prawn option and it did not dissapoint ! Strange to get a disposable salt and pepper holder which is not befitting in a Premium Cabin.

photo 20190905_131425


photo 20190905_133102photo 20190905_142139

Prawntastic !

photo 20190905_132920


photo 20190905_132852


photo 20190905_132856


photo 20190905_132912


photo 20190905_133152


photo 20190905_133139

The dessert duo seemed rather boring ( and very small )so I requested the economy dessert knowing it would be amazing and big ! – fruit jelly on shaved coconut cooked in condensed milk – Ms Jun said “enjoy sir ! the dessert was thoughtfully brought along with tuna starter – apologies for blur tuna photo

photo 20190905_135524


photo 20190905_133818

And I had more !

photo 20190905_134111


photo 20190905_135854


photo 20190905_135924


photo 20190905_135929


photo 20190905_1359110

Divana colognes - scentsational - photo taken in galley !

photo 20190905_135753


As you know from my 2017 Lahore to Bangkok review, I am a huge fan of the care from Thai Airways crews.This flight would show that many times !

After my meal, Ms Jun asked if I wanted tea or coffee ? I advised no at which she smiled cutely ad said to let hner know if I need anything else.

Ms Sutasini offered immigration forms – when I asked if I can have 2 as souvenier ( even though I didn’t need even one) she smilingly pulled out a Thai Airways pen and gave it to me as a gift ! I love Thai Airways for this reason. The thoughtfulness is unrivalled !

photo 20190905_134942

The thoughtfulness does not end there. I had a delightful Economy Class desert packaged for me to take away plus a cutesy gift from Ms Jun !

photo 20190905_142205

The Inflight Manager had wanted to give me a champagne bottle as gift for my wedding however he said I may not get through security. I advised I wouldn’t have been able to accept anyway as I don’t drink alcohol (for religious reasons ).

I had Photos with the crew – The Inflight Manager then surprised me when he gave me a bridal teddy bear for my bride as a gift !

photo 20190905_141559

After all that loveliness, we began to prepare for arival in Bangkok.
We landed at 1435pm having enjoyed beautiful views of Bangkok in the distance….how I long to go back ! 

photo 20190905_142257


photo 20190905_142610


photo 20190905_142638


photo 20190905_142737


photo 20190905_142810


photo 20190905_142845


photo 20190905_142917


photo 20190905_142931


photo 20190905_143032


photo 20190905_144318


photo 20190905_144322

Star Alliance partner Lufthansa's A340 D-AIGO "Offenbach" which had arrived from Frankfurt shortly before us.

photo 20190905_143803


photo 20190905_144918

Some of my crew were flying to Chiang Mai after this flight. I thanked my crew for a wonderful flight ! Even with an aged aircraft, the service was sensational !

Upon my request,I was met on arrival in the airbridge and escorted to the lounge – I am not sure if this is widely available but I was glad to be availing of the service. I was fastracked through security and liquids are checked by the way.

I had been promised a Myanmar Airways gift bag from the airline and after collecting this, headed to the Royal Silk lounge in Bangkok.

Thank You so much for reading and see you onboard my TG345 flight from Bangkok to Lahore !

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Super flight in true Thai Airways fashion.
The toilet inside the lounge at KUL needs to be fixed, as at the time of my travel,the issue was already a year old.
Economy headsets in a Premium cabin do not add to the exclusivity of the class of travel. Even the Economy dessert was way better than that in Business Class. Super caring cabin crew as always on Thai Airways !

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