Review of Thai Airways flight Bangkok Lahore in Business

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG345
Class Business
Seat 16K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 04:19
Take-off 05 Sep 19, 20:20
Arrival at 05 Sep 19, 22:39
TG 373 reviews
Published on 31st October 2020


In case you are reading this review directly, there is no review of checkin as I was just transiting via Bangkok enroute to Lahore. Firstly let's a take a tour of the lounge. I spent my entire time there very busy and little time for relaxation so I will let the lounge photos do the talking without me typing !

photo 20190905_145428photo 20190905_145508

Taste of Thailand store

photo 20190905_152824

Only in Thailand !

photo 20190905_152802


photo 20190905_1501440


photo 20190905_150233


photo 20190905_150258


photo 20190905_150327


photo 20190905_150511


photo 20190905_152753photo 20190905_160253photo 20190905_160417


photo 20190905_160547photo 20190905_160618photo 20190905_160832


photo 20190905_161000photo 20190905_161034

The Golden Egg Yolk thread "Foy Thong" tasted superbly delicious and the bean paste disguised as fruits was yummy ! Washed down by lovely Apple Juice !

photo 20190905_175520

Thai Airways had arranged for me to be given several copies of the previous Sawasdee inflight magazine as it had a beautiful piece on Mahjong vases. I only took a few as I had tonnes of hand luggage by now !

Close to departure time,I headed towards my gate for Lahore just as a Thai Airways flight to Sydney was on final call.

photo 20190905_190026


photo 20190905_190754photo 20190905_190929


photo 20190905_191114


photo 20190905_191334


photo 20190905_191508


 Not a great view of my ride but I promise plenty of photos inside ! I am a poet and I did not even know it !

photo 20190905_191024

My ride to Lahore tonight is an A330 ( at the time of travel) the 9 year old HS-TEU "Chai Buri" with 36 Royal Silk and 263 Economy Class seats.

photo 20190905_191545


photo 20190905_191916

Ooooh the feeling of priority PRIORITY boarding !

photo 20190905_191919

Quick peek into Economy just as crew were getting ready to welcome the Lahore bound passengers tonight.

photo 20190905_192049photo 20190905_192906


photo 20190905_192912photo 20190905_192916

I Boarded and my jacket was taken promptly. I was warmly welcomed by the smiling Inflight Manager Mr Chotipong.

I noted that only seats that were assigned to have a passenger, had red Amenity Kits placed on them ( from the Mandarina Duck brand ).

photo 20190905_192020

My seat,pillow,blanket and Amenity  Kit.

photo 20190905_192442

I believe an engineer slept in here during the flight with the curtains drawn.

photo 20190905_192026

As if tempting my own fate by taking a photo of a seat across the aisle !

photo 20190905_192726

I was brought a refreshing orange Juice and towel.

photo 20190905_193646

Airshow and Thailand videos played, again on grainy video screens. Thai Airways can not get brand new aircraft soon enough !
Again the fuzzy screens really made my eyes ache !

photo 20190905_193021


photo 20190905_194437photo 20190905_194501photo 20190905_194018

All seats had a wrapped embroidered logo blanket and a lilac or cherry coloured THAI logo pillow.

photo 20190905_194030photo 20190905_201332

Safety Card

photo 20190905_193735

The view for now

photo 20190905_195048

An Airhostess called Jane came through the cabin and introduced herself and advised the flight time and took meal orders.

Boarding got into full flow by 1920pm and was completed by 1943pm.

Jane told me the aircraft registration as the Internet had not worked for me in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi.


No eyeshades so I requested these separately and even snagged an extra amenity kit !

photo 20190905_194726


photo 20190905_195411photo 20190905_195342photo 20190905_195418


photo 20190905_195453

Remember earlier when I photographed seats across the aisle ?
At 1945pm the doors closed and I don’t know if it’s me, but why oh why do I always get problem seats ?!

The Massage function broke – a loud mechanical noise sounded over and over. I also had an issue lifting the legrest to go into a comfortable cradle position.

I did not want this for 4+ hours so I changed to 16K ( luckily the cabin was empty but imagine if it wasn’t ! )

Upon changing my seat, I noted the Pakistani politician Sheikh Rasheed sat 2 rows ahead of me - more on him later.

My New Seat !


photo 20190905_201004photo 20190905_201225

Pushback started at 2012pm – outside the rain made views unclear but gave me a cozy feeling to be in the warmth of the cabin !


photo 20190905_201702photo 20190905_201754photo 20190905_202050

take off

After much taxying, take off commenced at 2020pm and we made our way high into the night sky of Bangkok ( Bangkok I love you ! )

photo 20190905_202037photo 20190905_202358photo 20190905_202659


photo 20190905_203325

Post take off and Pre meal, Nuts,drinks and a towel were brought round ; Jane asked if I needed anything else.

photo 20190905_201109


photo 20190905_201435


Economy Class headsets again. Not a Premium touch at all

photo 20190905_201252

Sawasdee inflight magazine was available in abundance. The article on Thai chocolate was decadent !

A look at the IFE during the flight. The fuzzy screen got slightly better after take off ( maybe the aerial was stronger lol ! )

photo 20190905_202510photo 20190905_203051photo 20190905_203332


photo 20190905_203351photo 20190905_203417photo 20190905_203449


photo 20190905_203537


photo 20190905_214248


photo 20190905_214301photo 20190905_214334


photo 20190905_214324


photo 20190905_214415photo 20190905_214454


photo 20190905_222517


As this flight was double the time of KULBKK, I felt more relaxed to take my time and really savour the flavours.
A look at the menu.

photo 20190905_193447photo 20190905_193456photo 20190905_193459


photo 20190905_193528photo 20190905_193846photo 20190905_193537

I opted for the Samrab Thai.

photo 20190905_202038photo 20190905_202157photo 20190905_202200

Plastic shakers holder again

photo 20190905_202252

The lemon  seasoning was fragrant in the chicken salad.

photo 20190905_202419

I am still to this day not convinced this was fish with eggs - I am a 101% sure this was eggs !

photo 20190905_202929


photo 20190905_202412

The main meal was over by 2110pm

Dishes were cleared – Mr Chotipong said to press the callbell if I needed anything else.  Dessert was brought and I asked for everything plus the Economy Class one !

photo 20190905_205249photo 20190905_205309photo 20190905_205508

Economy Dessert on this flight was this Butter Cake.

photo 20190905_205234

Jane brought cheeseboard and highly recommended some Thai tea but I opted for the English Breakfast version instead !

photo 20190905_204128

The Pakistan landing card was handed out before lights out

photo 20190905_204818photo 20190905_204821photo 20190905_204855

Jontaporn smiled as he brought me a little water bottle

photo 20190905_211356

Time for some rest - I had a power nap whilst listening to instrumental piano music.

photo 20190905_213831


A short summary of the lovely cabin crew of tonight's flight to Lahore.

Mr Chotipong the Inflight Manager came and switched off the tv screen next to me so I don’t get glare when I sleep – so so thoughtful ! Unmistakably Thai Airways !

I had Photos with the crew- I was told by the Inflight Manager that they prefer if passengers ask rather than just take photos of the crew - I am fine with that as it is common courteousy. I thanked Jontaporn for his warm service and I loved the blue and gold combination silk dress by Ms Pancharos.See my Lahore-Bangkok review in 2017 to learn more about Thai Airways uniform.
I noted 1 Airhostess wearing the Western uniform. 

Cute lil gift from the crew ! But having turned 40 just over a week before,I am past the stage for this so gave it to my niece in Pakistan !  

photo 20190905_211819

Quick washroom visit - loving the flowery towels and orchids !

photo 20190905_212952

I then went to the Galley to get more decadent coconut and banana dessert and had a short chat with the crew.

photo 20190905_224749

Soon after the lights came on and the preparation for cabin secure began.
There was a prerecorded Urdu language announcement that Pakistan nationals need not fill the Pakistan landing card.

At 2212pm we began our descent ; the Captain came over the intercom and said thanks for flying Thai Airways and “I hope you enjoyed the flight”.

photo 20190905_222531photo 20190905_222625

Agra in India- I tried but could not see The Taj Mahal !

photo 20190905_222827


photo 20190905_222911


photo 20190905_222934photo 20190905_223755


photo 20190905_213247photo 20190905_230002


We landed at Lahore and upon arrival at the gate, Royal Silk passengers filled the galley to disembark.

photo 20190905_224505photo 20190905_224612

We landed at Lahore and as soon as the aircraft door opened at the gate, Sheikh Rasheed barged past me after saying “ Excuse Me”..was this dude in more of a hurry than anyone else ? How damn rude.

Bye Bye Chai Buri - in Punjabi this means bad tea !

photo 20190905_225007photo 20190905_225532


photo 20190905_225637


photo 20190905_225838

Immigration and bag collection was over in 10 minutes ; helped greatly by the fact we were the only arrivals !

I exited arrivals to a welcome of flowers, courteous hotel staff and a luxury car with sweets,towels and fresh filtered water. Well done Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore – the byword for luxury and elegance in hotels in Pakistan. From landing at Lahore I was in bed within 45 minutes for some much needed rest !   Thank you so much for reading my review and see you on my next flight ! Between this and the next review I will be a married man !

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Beautiful lounge but WIFI did not work during my visit. Food needs to be labelled with ingredients and allergy information.
Again it is the Thai Airways cabin crew who help the airline get top marks.
The food was sensational but the aged cabin and poor quality headsets brought the experience down.
But Thai are retiring older aircraft so I hope to fly future Thai flights on more modern equipment inter Asia !



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