Review of Lübeck Air flight Lübeck Munich in Economy

Airline Lübeck Air
Flight 6I7446
Class Economy
Seat 8F
Aircraft ATR 72-500
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 21 Oct 20, 17:45
Arrival at 21 Oct 20, 19:25
6I 4 reviews
By GOLD 353
Published on 30th October 2020


Welcome to this domestic German flight report on very new regional airline Luebeck Air. 
I arrived at a very quiet Luebeck Airport ca. 1,5 hours prior to departure by regional train from Luebeck Main train station - the ride is ca. 10 minutes and the airport has its own but small train station. The walk to the terminal building takes ca. 5 minutes. 

photo img_4122

Once inside the empty terminal I was surprised how nice and brand new everything is. Everything is sparkling clean and looks almost unused. I quickly dropped off my hold luggage without any queue at a very friendly lady at the Check In hall.

photo img_4123

She also printed my boarding pass in a very nice design - however just to mention: Luebeck Air also provides very modern online booking & check in processes and you can e.g. download your boarding pass without any issues into Apple wallet.

photo img_4130

I had a look at the very clean landside area.
Here are some more shots - e.g. of the arrivals hall. 

photo img_4126photo img_4131photo img_4127

There also is a small but nice cafeteria landside and I had a cup of tea that came along with some nice cookie in airplane form.

photo img_4129photo img_4128

The airport even offers a small Lounge for those passengers booking the highest flexible fare of Luebeck Air. This lounge is located landside and was empty on the day of my departure.

photo img_4125

Security control was very friendly and a breeze without anybody else in the area.
Once airside you step into a small but very bright and nice waiting area. Again everything is very clean and the seats all offer modern electricity power outlets which is amazing. 

photo img_4132photo img_4134

There is no shop or cafeteria airside but a small selling machine for snacks, cold & hot drinks.

photo img_4137

I could already see my splendid looking ATR 72 waiting on the apron in a nice evening sun atmosphere.

photo img_4135photo img_4133

Boarding started on time and we all walked directly to the aircraft entrance via the apron.

photo img_4138photo img_4140


photo img_4141photo img_4142

Climbing up the stairs I was greeted by a very friendly female flight attendant. Waiting at the aircraft door was a hand desinfection machine and the flight attendant handed over to every passenger this covid 19 protection kit which contained gloves, a mask and desinfection towel.

photo img_4156photo img_4157

The cabin looked amazing with nice blue leather seats and had this nice brand new car smell. Another friendly male flight attendant was waiting at the front cabin to greet passengers.

photo img_4143photo img_4146

Due to Covid 19 each pair of seats is supposed to just be used by one passengers indicated by small signs on the seats.

photo img_4144

The seat pitch is excellent and much better than on any other short or medium haul plane I have travelled before. According to Luebeck Air their ATR comes with a very comfortable pitch of 89 cm.

photo img_4147photo img_4148

The seat pockets did only contain a safety card and some sickness bag in a really strange design.

photo img_4177photo img_4158

I settled into my window seat and had a nice window view directly against the engine sitting under the wing in the center of the cabin.

photo img_4159


photo img_4149photo img_4150

The captain welcomed us aboard announcing a flying time of 1 hour 40 minutes down to Munich followed by a welcome and safety demonstration from the cabin crew. Strange for air travel: all announcements were only made in German (with a Danish accent by the Danisch crew as the aircraft is wet leased operated by Danish company Air Alsie). In my opinion English announcements are a standard requirement in air travel but I guess to the covid 19 travel restrictions those days International clients for the time being for sure do not end up frequently on this regional domestic flight.

photo img_4154

We taxiied out rolling down the whole runway before turning around and getting ready to start our flight in great sunset evening atmosphere.

photo img_4160photo img_4163

During departure you could enjoy some nice views of Luebeck Airport terminal area.

photo img_4164photo img_4165

We climbed into the evening sun heading south when the seatbelt signs were turned off.

photo img_4167photo img_4170

Load factor on this flight was 11 passengers out of 60 seats. Not great but actually I was expecting less for such a new regional route during covid 19 period. 

photo img_4175

The flight attendants soon started their friendly service which according to an announcement was adapted to covid 19 standards: A small packed evening meal would be served followed by cold bottled drinks only.

photo img_4174photo img_4171

The female flight attendant offered this meal box from a first trolley. 

photo img_4179

Once opened it was filled with a lot of totally fresh and nice tasting snacks - a big sandwich, a salty quiche with salmon and some cherry cake.

photo img_4182

The package also came along with some nice cutlery in environmental friendly wood design.

photo img_4183photo img_4184

This was follwoed shortly later by another trolley from which the male flight attendant offered a huge choice of cold bottled drinks, e.g. water, coke, juices or beer. I decided to finish my evening with a nice beer. No cups or glasses were available due to covid 19 - you had to drink out of the bottle. However strawls were available on request.

photo img_4181

The whole meal tasted excellent and all was prepared freshly by local suppliers.
I really look forward to their standard service in post covid 19 days: According to their marketing material they plan to have Business Class like catering with porcelain dishes on small trays and real glasses.

The flight passed by very nice and quiet and I enjoxed the magnificent sunset views out of this nice turboprop.

photo img_4189photo img_4178

After the meal nice pillows in a funny Luebeck Air design were distibuted.

photo img_4197


photo img_4195photo img_4200

We landed perfectly on time in Munich Airport and during disembarkation every passenger was offered a farewell candy out of a basket by the flight attendant.

photo img_4202

A bus brought us to Terminal 1 area D of Munich Airport.

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This indeed was a great experience: Flying Luebeck Air like flying was back in the good old days - there was a great seat pitch, friendly full inflight service and even a farewell candy.
Hope the domestic routes of this new small airline turn around to be popular and that this airline manages to survive. It is a really nice difference to all the standard airlines out there on the market.



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