Review of easyJet flight Amsterdam Manchester in Economy

Airline easyJet
Flight U21838
Class Economy
Seat 1A
Aircraft Airbus A320neo
Flight time 00:46
Take-off 31 Aug 20, 14:04
Arrival at 01 Sep 20, 13:50
U2   #8 out of 10 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 676 reviews
Published on 4th November 2020


After an amazing week in The Netherlands,it was time to go home ….
And to a 14 day Quarantine.
Luckily (I say luckily) by this time I was jobless so did not need to worry about having to quarantine.
I got the tram from near my hotel to Amsterdam Centraal Station.

TIP * The 3 day Amsterdam Travel card allows unlimited Bus and Tram travel in and around Amsterdam from the first checkin.

Cash Payments were rare throughout my holiday in The Netherlands so to UK travellers I recommend a prepaid contactless card like Revolut.

I bought a one way ticket from Amsterdam Centraal to Schiphol for EUR5.50 which includes a 1 Euro tax.
Colourful train carriage ! 

photo 20200831_111853

Holland no more !

photo 20200830_091834

The Netherlands on the Airshow map on my Turkish flight to Lahore back in March.

photo screenshot_20200607-211026_gallery


Easyjet check in is in Hall 3 at desk row 28.
It was weird seeing Emirates checking in on the opposite row although this may be due to trying to keep all checkin in one place ? Wearing of masks and social distancing was strictly enforced.
Checkin took forever as there was only 1 staff member doing common checkin for all easyJet destinations. She did get up to shout for Milan Malpensa and Berlin passengers to come forward but no one did.
As I got to 1 away from being checked in,some guy tells the checkin agent he and his family are Priority and they get checked in ahead of me.

My Bag was labelled quickly and I hoped to go to the Panorama Terrace for some spotting. After a long walk I got told it is shut !

photo 20200831_113814photo 20200831_113857

As if renovation is taking place. But it is pandemic proof shielding.

photo 20200831_114340


Enter text here…

photo 20200831_114559photo 20200831_114645photo 20200831_120430


photo 20200831_121155

I then went to clear security. The queue moves along steadily. My Passport is checked and I enter the Shopping area.

schiphol shopping heaven !

I am not one to get excited about Airport shopping but Schiphol offers an exciting range at great prices ! 

My Dad loves gardening so I got him some flower seeds. I already had gifts for my Mum ans family.

But my cash would not be accepted in this store so had to go to the Newspapers and Magazines store opposite. I bought my niece a lil gift which was giftwrapped in Gold paper.

photo 20200831_123256photo 20200831_123305photo 20200831_123324


photo 20200831_123349photo 20200831_1236210photo 20200831_123635


photo 20200831_123638photo 20200831_123758photo 20200831_124017


photo 20200831_124030photo 20200831_124111photo 20200831_124321


photo 20200831_124513photo 20200831_124544photo 20200831_124626


photo 20200831_124630photo 20200831_124646photo 20200831_124835


photo 20200831_125014photo 20200831_125534

Pegasus again !

photo 20200831_125944photo 20200831_130013photo 20200831_1256310

schiphol spotting !

photo 20200831_130132photo 20200831_130140

My first ever sighting of an easyJet A321NEO

photo 20200831_130330

SE-RPS A Swedish registered 738 for Norwegian and getting ready for Oslo !

photo 20200831_130345

It is so annoying that you can only go Airside once you checkin but that in itself opens 2 hours before departure. I would love to have a bit longer to discover all of Schiphol's shopping.

At 1256pm ish I started walking to my gate.

gate fate

I went downstairs and had to remove my mask to show me as per my Passport. I was pleasantly surprised when he told me to wait in the Speedy Boarding area ! 
I  think my Coke Bottle got more excited than me ! It splattered everywhere in front of everyone. I apologised to the male agent and asked if there was a wet floor sign and he advised there wasn't. I did prewarn one lady before she stepped onto Lake Cola ! 

photo 20200831_130929photo 20200831_131104photo 20200831_131106

The inbound flight from Manchester then began disembarking and I had a ringside view !
How cleaning protocol is managed I do not know as just 10 minutes later Boarding began !
I got a lovely shot of G-UZHA the first in this series of A320NEOs for easyJet. Her last flight had been from Prague to Manchester before being deployed this morning twice to Amsterdam. On landing at Manchester she would fly to Funchal.

photo 20200831_130654


photo 20200831_131059

Anyway I boarded and the lovely and happy Inflight Manager Alison welcomed me aboard. I got some nice photos as I headed to my seat on Row 27. I settled in and my friend who had been shopping then joined me.

A Steward was directing a group of older guys to ensure they wear their mask at all times unless eating.

photo 20200831_132156photo 20200831_1322290photo 20200831_132254

I hope Traveller will be back !

photo 20200831_132304photo 20200831_132306photo 20200831_132322

There was a lovely Airhostess stood near my seat and I asked if she might mind retrieving my hand luggage. She did so and put it back too. I told her I had been here for my birthday and if I might get a photo with the crew later ?

Well…she comes back with not one but two bits of good news ! The photo is fine and…would we like to move to row 1 ?!
I did not need to be asked twice ! 

My new seat. Talk about ending this trip on a high ! There was a bit of food on the seat which I flicked away and sanitised my hands.

photo 20200831_1340550photo 20200831_1344090photo 20200831_134432


We pushed back at 1348pm and after the safety announcements,it looks like Ms Pegasus wanted more attention from me !
Pegasus have since begun Karachi service with easy connections to/from Manchester and Stansted via Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen.


photo 20200831_135553


photo 20200831_135551

take off

At 1404pm local time it was lift off to head back to reality !

photo 20200831_134614photo 20200831_140429photo 20200831_140440


photo 20200831_140445

Some Flight Info

photo 20200901_180634photo 20200901_180650

inflight catering

The exact same as on the inbound to Amsterdam ! Come on easyJet !

photo 20200831_141815photo 20200831_160739

The Mezze box was opened when I got home ! Very tasty and filling !

photo img-20200831-wa0018photo 20200831_160847

are we there yet ?!


photo 20200831_134830photo 20200831_134918photo 20200831_134924


photo 20200831_134937photo 20200831_135000

David Lloyd Sports Complex in Cheadle 

photo 20200831_135029photo 20200831_135047

welcome back !

 We landed at 1350pm and I filmed the landing and accidentally hit stop a little into the landing announcement.
Had I carried on recording then I would have had a memory of the lovely Inflight Manager Alison making an announcement that I had been away to celebrate my birthday and would everyone give me a round of applause !
I felt so special as we taxied to the gate amid cheers and claps !
As it was Bank Holiday Monday in the UK, spotters were out in full forceat the Aviation Viewing Park ! 

photo 20200831_135342photo 20200831_135344

Pegasus again !

A quick photo with the crew and farewell later,I made my way to Passport Control and Baggage Reclaim. The crews were lovely on both flights despite the pressure they must be under right now. easyJet should really be proud of my crews.

photo 20200831_140400

Last bit of spotting in a while !
G-UZLC on is an A320 having arrived from Alicante and being readied for Paris. 

photo 20200831_140533

G-EZTM is also an A320,almost ready for pushback for Belfast,having arrived from Faro.

photo 20200831_140704


photo 20200831_1406550photo 20200831_140806photo 20200831_140809


photo 20200831_141350photo 20200831_143749photo 20200831_143752


photo 20200831_143754photo 20200831_164940

Irn Bru from Glasgow and Doeito hoops from Amsterdam - let the 14 day Quarantine begin in International style !

photo 20200831_160806

Thanks  so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed my last report of 2020. Stay safe and be kind, see you in 2021. God Bless !

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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Amsterdam - AMS


Manchester - MAN



What a treat to get Speedy Boarding and a seat upgrade - a great way to end my trip !
easyJet have such an amazing crew community.
The catering needs to be a bit more than what is being offered.
Also I am unsure how an entore cabin is being cleaned and disinfected in 10 minutes. easyJet must be using some super strong spray !

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