Review of British Airways flight Edinburgh London in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA1443
Class Economy
Seat 15A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 24 Oct 20, 11:30
Arrival at 24 Oct 20, 13:00
BA   #57 out of 87 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 823 reviews
By GOLD 637
Published on 18th November 2020

Greetings and welcome to another flight report! Today I will be flying from Edinburgh to London in British Airways’ Euro Traveler economy class. My trip starts with an Uber from Edinburgh’s New Town, which lasted about 25 minutes until my arrival tab the airport. Self service check in and bag drop weren’t available presumably due to COVID-19 precautions. I waited about 5 minutes in line before I was allowed to proceed to the check io desk. The woman there checked my bag and then offered to check my cabin bag for free though upon my declination, she asked me to put it in the baggage sizer and it was too big by about an inch. Mind you it’s a cabin bag I’ve traveled with on in the cabin on over a dozen previous flights including on my flight there but oh well, a rule is a rule. I then proceeded to the empty security checkpoint which was quick to bypass. And within 15 minutes I had cleared security. I headed straight to the Aspire Lounge which I had access to through my Priority Pass membership. 

photo 0a8422e8-1848-40c1-958d-9a9c5b12984d_1_105_c

Upon presenting my card and boarding pass I was directed to fill out a contract tracing form. I was told the lounge was operating at a table service due to health regulations, so I took a seat and waited for someone to take my order. It took a bit of time to get somebody attention but eventually I ordered my food and drinks-a ginger ale, a cappuccino, and a cooked breakfast. 

photo 292b0a2f-9c39-47f3-a597-b7ecdf73ae33_1_105_cphoto c6cbdf02-d1eb-4914-ba0c-24cce1224f61_1_105_c

The breakfast was fine and the coffee a bit bitter but overall it was pretty decent food. 

photo 2f5ccd21-955b-4c85-8884-ab93f605aeb8_1_105_cphoto 896de3ff-b8b6-40b6-a246-5daa165df2cc_1_105_c

I spent about an hour in the lounge before heading to my departure gate, which I overshot while being consumed with my phone. Boarding had already started so I joined the short line. 

photo 5935dba5-1122-4e9a-a6d3-08d408b4d4e8_1_105_cphoto b7c46bc6-0b81-406b-9e01-1af9da790676_1_105_c

Before long, my boarding pass was scanned and I was heading down the jet bridge. 

photo 985ec5f6-19c0-4716-bbd4-994db0728c58_1_105_c

I was greeted by the cabin crew and offered a sanitizing pack. I proceeded through the underwhelming Club Europe cabin to my economy seat (15A). 

photo 16decf45-5a78-4845-8dda-24e5623b84d5_1_105_cphoto 2062c3a2-40de-4b26-ae46-1e986c80f26d_1_105_c

The seat was comfortable enough with an adjustable headrest but the legroom was terrible. 

photo 1dd60dc7-1ffa-4a59-93a2-06b76c2c5f88_1_105_cphoto 0dbd3ae5-137e-40c3-ad26-57674e59cd0d_1_105_c

This ‘shock’ may have been due to me recently flying first class, and these seats were an unwanted snap back to reality. I was one of the first to board so I sat in my seat for a while as the boarding process continued. 

photo 7863f154-46ff-4766-929e-7924de256a36_1_105_c

One thing to note was that there was the Albanian women’s soccer team that boarded with about 20 people, which was interesting to see. Before long the boarding was complete and the cabin crew shut the doors and we began our push back.

photo 115b28ad-ae5d-45c6-a589-f6e9d1eb5e05_1_105_cphoto 26f44690-6a43-4b7d-9d63-f1cc96e31b9a_1_105_c

 The safety demonstration started while we were pushing back. After a short taxi we turned onto the runway and were airborne. 

photo 3278220a-d25b-4594-a1fd-08214882c158_1_105_cphoto d5e1372f-79e5-41a0-af10-b4a9041ddbb9_1_105_cphoto cf71e918-8d47-4c20-bbfd-4ba05683ce2f_1_105_c

We had a short takeoff into the rainy skies of Edinburgh, with a few minor bumps though it was reasonably smooth. At 10,000 feet the usual welcome onboard announcement commenced in which COVID-19 safety measures were detailed. 

photo 422ae663-2c38-4254-b8f8-964aa9b358a7_1_105_c

As we leveled off the cabin crew started their inflight service which consisted of a snack bag with chips, pretzels and water in economy, which is more than sufficient for a flight of this length. 

photo 9741bbd6-bda3-4bad-8c19-35961d008e1d_1_105_cphoto 1639c6d7-2adc-49a7-a405-c16d1ffc0b4d_1_105_c

I spent the rest of the flight gazing out the window and working on my laptop. 

photo 34541e02-9475-4d95-934a-cc9a701508a7_1_105_cphoto 689ebd4f-5cc9-4e4f-ab06-9206d76caadb_1_105_cphoto 79080bf9-c0ce-4310-9c51-49bd7d1fb872_1_105_c-36178

Before long we were starting our descent. Trash was collected and final cabin checks made. 

photo 1639c6d7-2adc-49a7-a405-c16d1ffc0b4d_1_105_c

We had a long descent on which we entered a holding pattern. After about 10 minutes holding we were cleared for landing. 

The landing was slightly rough with crosswinds. We had a short taxi to Terminal 5, where I collected my bags.

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British Airways

Cabin crew8.5

Aspire Lounge


Edinburgh - EDI


London - LHR



Overall a decent flight will good service but a subpar hard product.

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  • Comment 567158 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5458 Comments

    Hey Jonathan, thanks for sharing this latest Covid-era review.

    This ‘shock’ may have been due to me recently flying first class, and these seats were an unwanted snap back to reality.

    Yeah but also because seat pitch on BA narrowbody fleet the last few years has been reduced by a lot. from 31-32" in the back and 34" in Club Europe to 29" down the back to only 30" in now Club is worse than the worse seats were just 5-6 years ago. Still, I like BA's Pinnacle seats; they're pretty comfortable as they're one of the more padded slimline seats out there...the new-new Recaro ironing boards they've put behind the overwing exit rows on some of the neos are hard as a rock though from what I hear * Sigh *

    It's so ironic that Covid has actually brought an improvement in catering for short-haul since it was BOB before and now free snacks again.

    Thanks for sharing!

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